Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bricks And Stuff

Image Courtesy Anthropologie - love the whole vignette.

Ok, I think I have been seriously bitten by this 'industrial bug'.... I'm starting to drool over exposed brick walls... and cage lights and what not.... who'd have thought.

And not just in rustic, earthy tones either.....

Image Courtesy 79 Ideas

Just love it. I find myself pouring over real estate listings in the southern states, dreaming of how I would rip out walls and expose bricks. You have such beautifully boned houses you 'southerners'.

Speaking of southern states, I was meant to be heading to Melbourne this week.... but there is this Chilean ash cloud that is grounding flights left, right and centre. Now I am reading that the Qantas grounding of flights was all just a big publicity beat up to improve their public image wrt safety. One can't make a travel decision reading the newspapers that's for sure. I might have to wing it later on in the week. I'll let you know. We could meet for coffee in some cosy little coffee shop somewhere.

Back to the bricks... do you like or loathe? I think if they are done well they can be a stunning feature in a home....especially in a heritage home. 

I'm off to do 'rug stuff' today for a customer. Every day is different.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love bricks, but I think the context is important - not an isolated brick 'feature wall' in a frame house.

    Actually handcut sandstone convict block would do me - just saying...

  2. You really have been bitten! My sister flew out yesterday o/s so it can't be that bad. Have fun in Melbourne my hometown, there are plenty of fantastic coffee haunts there. Take a scarf and gloves though - brrr... ;-)

  3. Loving it, I love the Manaquine I would love one like that, did find one once but it had a huge price tag on it :( I will keep searching for my price range, hope you make it to Melbourne :)

  4. Love, love, LOVE exposed brick!! Both pics are lovely but that second brick? Ugh! So divine.

    I'm enjoying you being bitten by the industrial bug.

    Have a great day A-M ;)

  5. Our house was built early 80's and we have exposed darkish brick. We find that whilst it is 'cosy', it does tend to really darken the place far too much so we are looking to either render or jsut paint them soon.

  6. I'm rather over the industrial look in general and I don't think it's at all timeless or long-lasting. It's been done to death in retail and hospitality, kickstarted by all the urban renewal projects ten years ago.

  7. Great shots...love industrial...love the fact that utilitarian objects can work in home decor. Robx

  8. Rug up if you come down to Melbourne this week A-M it is freezing. And, remember to pack lots of black. Melbourne is the capital of black clothing. If only I was going to be in town I would for sure love to have a coffee and a chat. Enjoy your trip.

  9. I love industrial too, it's very seductive. It wouldn't fit in much here though, maybe the study. Always free for a coffee if you make it to Melbourne..Rachaelxx

  10. I love the look of exposed brick in a home. But it has to be authentic - none of that peel & stick brick! I especially love the juxtaposition of a glam crystal chandelier against a rustic brick wall.


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