Monday, June 20, 2011

Brief Life Update

Still hyperventilating over pretty things.
Fleeced these from the table at the wedding.
Not the brides table, just the one I was sitting at.

Still mothering.
My beautiful sons.

Still running.
Look at this gorgeous rose I passed on my travels.

Still stalking lovely houses.

Still hanging out at the soccer every weekend.
That's my boy, number 5.
He's playing up a year (so proud) that's why he looks a tad smaller than his mates.

Still hanging out on building sites.

Still sourcing free WiFi wherever I can.
Any excuse for a coffee.
So impressed with the real silver in this place.

And still playing on pallets in my shed.
These just came in for a customer. Brass ship's lanterns. 
Be still my heart.

Now don't forget - 7pm tonight. 
The Block.
Channel 9.


  1. You are a lucky lady to be mum to those handsome boys, what great smiles.
    I just adore the house in the image with the rose. I always wonder what they look like on the inside, they're so mysterious.
    So excited about the Block tonight!

  2. Such a nice snapshot of your life A-Me. Our town has some very pretty houses and I spy a certain lad transforming into a long lean teenager.
    Have emailed re the mirror.

    A stunning morning today isn't it!

  3. I love watching your boys grow up before me. Life seems to going by way too fast. I have not yet found the answer to slowing it down, except doing things that are not your normal routine. This causes your brain to work harder, therefore time seems to take longer, unlike doing the same thing, eating the same thing, ect. I read it in The Happiness Project. Maybe it's true, I don't know. Oh how I would love to have a huge yard sale and become your neighbor right now. I am pretty sure that if I could walk on the beach every night, I would be happy.
    Love ya, Heidi

  4. Oh Heids, have that yard sale, do a 'not normal' and move down under. Just do it. Trust life. Everything would fall into place. It would.
    A-M xx

  5. Love all the images you have posted today A-M. How handsome are your boys? I can see why you are proud to be their beautiful Mum.

    Have a lovely day.

    Lots Love xox

  6. Yes Siobhan, so sweet. Thank you. A-M xx

  7. Some lovely images there A-M :)
    You might be interested to know, but my work decorated the B&B from Montville that you have pictured there. If you want to see interior shots (they're beautiful...) go to our website, click on portfolio, classic folio and it is the job named 'Montville B&B'



  8. Still being the ever so entriguing and adorable AM we all know ; ) x

  9. What a small world it is Lloyd... six degrees of separation! Thanks for the link! A-M xx

  10. Some beautiful images. I am the mother of a thirteen year old boy also. Like your son he is starting to look more like a young man than a little boy. It makes me feel so very proud of the wonderful man he is becoming. (And a little sad that I'm "losing" my little boy.)
    It's such a special time for them.
    Here's to exciting times ahead for our boys.


  11. Hee you make me smile A.M glad you are enjoying life & sharing all these gorgeous things :)) Will be watching the Block!! :)))

  12. just checking in for first time in few days...before heading to tv to watch The Block!!! I love that series!

  13. Hi just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. Could you tell me what type of wood you used on your old house? I am currently looking at whether I will put in tiles or wood in our family/kitchen. Also what white did you use on your kitchen cupboards? Hope you dont mind, as any help would be appreciated.

  14. Leah, Spotted Gum Select 130 x 19mm semi-gloss. Std White 2 pak in kitchen. A-M xx

  15. Hi AM, you do lead such a busy life! But so full and generous. You are a real inspiration to me. You know, in the past, when i have felt a little overwhelmed, there have been times when i have told myself ~if AM can do it - and so much more, then I can manage!~ Probably because we do have boys of similar ages that my mind has thought of you as an example!!! I am not all that great at expressing my emotions too well, so this might come out sounding a bit strange .. but thankyou for being you!
    Laura xx

  16. Thank. You. Everyone. A-M xx

  17. Thaks so much for replying and so quickly! I think it is wonderful that people can be so lovely so thankyou so much I really appreciate your help.

  18. Thanks for the update. Life sounds pretty comfortable for you at the moment.

  19. Dear, A-M,

    The fact that you've not only bounced back, but also to what is likely your best self is admirable!

    All the best to you and your sons, A-M!


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