Monday, June 6, 2011


Image Courtesy 'Wish You Were Here'

I think this is just beautiful. I would love to know it's history. 

I AM going a bit industrial/'science lab-ish' I think!

This reminds me of the library catalogues we used to look up journals in at Uni. Before computers... well computers were around in the early 80's but they were out of sight in the library (and CS101 consisted of marking off little cards for Pascal and Fortran)..... you had to pay the librarian $10 for a 'Medline Search' if you wanted to do any research and it took 2 days to get the results. Then you had to bus it to all the different Uni libraries to hunt down your journal articles. 
I wonder what was catalogued in this beauty?

Happy Monday!
PS. Head over to 'Vosges Paris' for more 'Industrial Inspiration': HERE


  1. It's a gorgeous piece. Now days it would probably make someone who does crafts happy!

  2. I'm having a hard time figuring out what it might have been used for --- but I know if it was anywhere near me I would HAVE to have it!!!!! I have always been drawn to anything with lots lof little drawers.

  3. Are you a bit stiff today after your training session?

  4. ahh, we are definitely in the same age bracket if you remember doing that too! I think you are certainly going a bit industrial at the moment- it is gorgeous and reminds me of a set I have here at home that people always comment on. great for storing all sorts of odds and sods. Having severe Monday-itis and should be getting ready for work...have a great day.

  5. It's pretty gorgeous!

    What did you study A-M?


  6. Lucky Holly, I did a Bachelor of Science - Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry and then a Post Grad Dip in Nutrition and Dietetics so I could work in Paediatric Genetics, Inborn Errors of Metabolism - PKU, Cystic Fibrosis and Galactosaemia, renal, liver, etc.

    Just Martha, legs are a bit sore, so are the toes. I need to practice kicking with the top of my foot and not my toenails! Ouch! A-M xx

  7. I remember going to work with my Aunt at one of Melbourne Uni's libraries. Lots of little drawers and no computers. At school we had to look things up for school projects in hardcover encyclopaedias! How things have changed.. Rachaelxx

  8. Oh wow, i just LOVE this!!!! I wish I could adopt something like this but have noticed they've become very collectable and therefore rather costly. It is divine though :)

  9. It looks beautiful.. I just made a post with some industrial beauties ;)

  10. HI A-M, and do you remember the days when we used Encyclopaedia as well?

  11. Yes these young whippersnappers don't know how good they've got it with today's technology!!!

  12. Hi A-M,
    I really love this one, would look great in our store,
    I can barely contain myself from rushing over to "Vosages Paris" site right now to check it out in detail and not comment on your post, but first a big thankyou for putting it out there in cyber space.
    This would look great in a open plan study, pilled high with books, in a huge stair well on a landing topped with a little taxidermay collection, (dont get me started) or in a library behind a desk filled with treasures.
    great find,
    warm wishes

  13. It belonged to an old (19th Century) Apothecary?


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