Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Early Morning Ponderings

Image Courtesy Country Living

What a great way to fill in a little corner near some stairs. 

Look how the sun streams in... ooh I would so enjoy curling up in that spot.... oh yes there's even a pot of tea there. Love the ceiling too and the windows. I'd have to change the pine sofa base to white wainscot though.... just have to.

Practically wise, if this arrangement was in my home, guaranteed my boys would dive off the stair landing and onto that sofa, probably taking a window out with them.... and some teeth. Have you noticed that with boys? They always take the 'scenic route' to anywhere. Just yesterday, coming home from school, we had to swing/hang from every bar, climb up on every log, smear our hands on every surface... scenic route. The antibacterial hand wash always makes an appearance when we finally get to the car.... as they spend the trip home with their fingers in their mouths... yes even teenagers... it doesn't end at the toddler phase. I spend my life scheming their 'wellness'. I'm waffling. It's early.

Having lunch today with some bloggers, some I have never met. Can't wait! No longer just 'imaginary friends'! Some of my nearest and dearest friends I have met through this blog. Met a lovely new friend just yesterday from contact through my blog. It's a beautiful thing. 

Thank you bloggy.... you enrich my life.

Happy Wednesday.


  1. Beautiful corner nook for reading AM, loving the sun shining through.....

    Would love to be there with you today enjoying lunch with you and your bloggy friends. Have a fantastic time.

    Lotsa Love. xox

  2. Ah boys will be boys :) Looks gorgeous, I would probably change the pine to Jarrah though rather than white - just to add extra dimension... Have fun with your bloggy meet! How exciting!

  3. Mums everywhere must think alike. I took one look at that photo as pretty as it is, and even before I read what you wrote had visions of my own boys launching themselves from the stairs and onto those cushions.

    I took my boys to get their flu vacination yesterday, straight after school....big mistake! I don't know what the doctors office thought, these two waifs who were covered in mud from head to toe...what do they get up to at school!

  4. Oh A-M I hear you. My boys take the scenic route from couch to couch and chair to chair. I try and channel the Sound of Music and find my happy place... but sometimes I snap!! This week there is no happy place, our house is on the market and there are vases and breakables on the scenic route. Cue much shouting! x

  5. My biggest boy freakout was when my eleven-year-old leapt the last five steps down to the kitchen - carrying the new-born...
    Both survived.

  6. Gotta love the antibacterial handwash. My friends think I'm a little OTT with the handwash. Should have shares in the company and all that. They can't believe I have it in the car, handbag, kids school bags (well there's never any soap in the school toilets). We went camping with close friends (real camping, no running water, bush shower, dirt everywhere. I'm so not a camper) and I whipped out the handwash every chance I got. Nice to know I'm not alone. Hope you had a great lunch.

  7. That is a lovely little sitting nook, and the fabric looks great too. I agree about painting the base white though. And yes, my son would be diving off the stairs as well!

  8. My son and daughters too would do exactly as you spoke about and did when they lived at home. We have a very long area that they could run along, hit the soffit with their hands as they jumped down two stairs. This continued through college years I might add. Here in the States those windows would be required to be safety glass by code. Gorgeous set up! I love everything about it.

  9. The joys of social media making the world smaller! Enjoy :)

    At least if your boys are getting dirty and germy they'll have healthy immune systems!


  10. A-M,
    I would jump off the landing onto the sofas as well.
    As soon as this back is fixed, that's just what I am going to do, jump off things.

  11. That image is stunning! I would love to have a coffee with you there A-M. =0)
    Ness xx

  12. It's not just youngest daughter Bridget spends her days diving off everything she can balance on and running at top speed wherever she needs to go.. Rachaelxx

  13. A-M, got to build me one of these, beach or mountain either would work, but which shall it be??
    All comes down to $s.
    Been looking now for a while to find the perfect place, will add this great photo to my file, thanks A-M for inspiration,
    regards Daryl

  14. I'm loving it & would have happily laid there all this week with my tissues & blankets! :) x


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