Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh Dear....

Katrina and Amie's House

... did you see the state of the houses the contestants moved into on 'The Block' last night!!!!!

I did not imagine they would be that bad. And they only have 8 weeks to renovate them.

Images Courtesy Katrina's lovely publicist (yes, she has a publicist!)

"If only you could smell these images" .....the title of the email in which I received these photos! 

Kudos to Katrina and Amie for removing those floor coverings without gloves. I would have had a Norsca towelette shoved up my nose and at least 4 pairs of gloves on. 

Katrina and Amie are so entertaining to watch and come out with some absolute 'pearlers':

"Smells nice. It's nice, it's unusual, it's different"
"Is that... like.... poo?
"It's freezing" 
"No, no, no"
"This is a thousand times worse than I ever imagined"
"I mean, there's no walls"
"Where's the... umm.... bathroom?" Ok, where am I going to brush my teeth?"
"There's a shower head?!"
"What about the toilet?!!!"
"Ohhhh, yippee, yi, yey"
"I'm back at a B and S"
"Are my earrings ok, should I change them or do they match?"
"This is a shithole"
"I kept thinking last night, how can I get out of this"
"You need your Mum to sign you a note to say you're sick"
"If I was doing this at home, I have a husband..... I'd say pick it up and he'd carry it"
"We're country chicks but not country hicks"
"'Treens' doesn't know how to cook, she doesn't even know what a sifter is"
"At the end of the day, we're just normal Australian chicks"
"Inconspicuous. It's a good word. You sound really smart when you say it" 

Makes for absolutely GREAT viewing. That's it... this family is now officially.... totally.... addicted.

See last nights episode HERE. 



  1. They are fun to watch! I just feel like jumping in and helping them. It is strange watching and knowing it is all done and dusted weeks ago. ;-)

  2. The girls are definitely the most likeable team on 'The Block' and it was totally endearing watching Katrina's excitement about meeting Shelley Craft.

    Love your summary of their interactions A-M, somehow I think this is going to be a growing list.

    x Felicity

  3. My heart sank when they walked through the house. Utter dereliction!!!

    I love the sisters and the Wagga accent is a ripper!

  4. They really are so entertaining! That poor house - what a disaster. I have to admit I was a bit sad when they ripped out the fireplace as I loved it, but we'll see what they do :)

  5. Katrina and Amie crack me up! They had me laughing out loud at their pearlers last night - too funny xx

  6. I'm addicted to watching them as well! The other teams are boring in comparison (although the non-experienced couple trying to remember what 'cornice' was had me laughing too - why would you sign up for a renovation show if you had no idea?!).

    I'm cheering for the girls - they rock!

  7. Oh my, I would not know where to start. No wonder they are holding their heads!

  8. Yes. Hook line and sinker! My schedule now revolves around this show!KL

  9. Yes, my boys spent the weekend saying, "is 'The Block' on tonight? Is 'The Block' on tonight". Makes it ever so much sweeter knowing Katrina ....seeing her make it on to the show and shine her beautiful personality.. the one we have grown to love over the years through her blogging. It's lovely seeing 'the sisters' working so well together and supporting each other too. Makes me want a sister! I am so happy for their success! A-M xx

  10. I agree, they were great to watch - I'm really getting into this series :)

  11. Having never watched an episode of 'The Block' before in my life, I am now shamelessly addicted. Possibly to watching Katrina and Amie as much as the show itself...

  12. They are brilliant viewing!

    Loving it now we're finally in the houses .. let the good times begin! x

  13. They have so much personality and the camera's love them! Goood luck!!

  14. Love watching Katrina and Amie!!

    And http://bisbuildingahouse.blogspot.com/ was my favourite quote of the night =)


  15. A-M, this is for Siobhan,what Wagga accent???? we don't have a different accent lol

  16. My Favourite is from Amie....Stop...Stop..Stop it...No...Stop it ! lol x

  17. Wagga accent? .... sounds just like my Brisbane one, without the 'ay?' A-M x

  18. I must admit i was a bit worried about the bathroom/toilet situation!! Don't think i could do it.

    Yes those houses are absolute dumps. I look forward to seeing the girls weave their magic!

  19. I stumbled across a forum this morning, featuring pics of The Block...so annoyed because there were pics of what the houses look like now!! It's quite incredible what they end up looking like, but I wish I didn't know...

  20. Another addicted family here. The show would not be the same without them. They are soooo entertaining.
    They should get their own lifestyle show. I'd watch.

  21. Oh no, I meant no offence at all with my remark about accents! I heard it and was reminded of my years growing up there - I should have explained myself better (so sorry girls lol!) x

  22. We are addicted too. Kids all sigh at the end of an episode..and not just because they have to start getting ready for bed! I'm hoping that it isn;t going to scare them all off our upcoming renovation though. There's no way I am living in this house without a bathroom!!!
    Can't wait to see what the girls do with their first room.
    Clare x

  23. My sister used to come out with hilarious comments like this. We called them Kerri-isms. Maybe we should call these classic comments Trina- isms lol. Loving the show and especially the gals:)

  24. Sweet Siobhan, no offense taken. I cringe at the sound of my voice on videos.... I have the classical Aussie twang! .... very useful in Paris..... they pick up that you're a 'Skippy' straight away! A-M xx

  25. Yay go girls thanks A.M I recorded it but ran out of time with staying at my mums so missed it just watched on your link loved it!! :)

    So looking forward to seeing the house finished :)

  26. The girls have such a task ahead of them. I'm completely additicted. So glad they get houses in Richmond rather that flats in Sydney.


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