Sunday, June 19, 2011

One More Sleep, Who's Excited?

Ha, I'm seeing it everywhere!
One more sleep.
Go Katrina.


  1. Oh yes, I can't wait!!!

    Love The Block Arcade too! Hope you enjoyed your trip to Melbourne!

  2. Isn't it divine Stormy. I had a magical night in a little Italian place there last week.... complete with the best live music I have heard in a long time.... on a Thursday night! The waiters in all the restaurants in the arcade were dancing to the music... magical. A-M xx

  3. Hope you had a lovely time in Melbourne A-M. There are a lot of little "blocks" to walk down, they are all magical.

    Love you lots. xox

  4. Oh Yes, very excited!!! What with the Block, masterchef and Offspring I am in tv watching heaven! Go Katrina!

  5. I've just been over to visit Katrina and wished her well...looks like it's going to be hilarious and a bit different to the previous formula. Isn't the Block Arcade great...or it used to be...I remember shopping at Prue Acton's shop when I was a young woman and bought a hat from Stella Long who had been there for years (and I think went to God a long time ago)...are the Hopetoun Tea Rooms still there...if so...a little bit of Europe for you. Have fun. Robx


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