Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Image Via My Ideal Home

The perfect pantry?
... and on a side note... I WANT those lights.

Have donned the boots, coat and scarf. I'm off to Melbourne. 
Flying with the non grounded airline. 
And thankful.

Have a great day.


  1. Have a wonderful time in Melbourne, I grew up there and when I go to visit it is just like coming home. Are you going to Zara? Mimi xx

  2. Oh lordy
    I would just die in that pantry.
    It is absolutely beautiful - so neat, so visual, so enticing. One would want to cook daily.
    I love the lights too - I'd need brighter bulbs for my eye sight :)

    have fun in Melbourne secret squirrel - I can imagine how gorgeous you look.

    Travel safe - do you need a dust mask on for the lungs?

    See you soon I hope x

    big hugs

    Loulou x

  3. Oh wow I want that pantry. Who wouldn't?!

    Have fun in Melbourne. Stay safe!

  4. Hi A-M,
    I too am in love with those lights. I saw them at our local Darriwill Farm shop. They got them from France but are unable to order them now. I would have liked them to hang over my bedside tables.
    Please let me know if you find any.
    Have a great time in Melb.

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  6. Welcome to Melbourne, A-M! It's a bit chilly and foggy this morning, but should clear for a beautiful sunny winters day! Have a lovely time here!

  7. Have a lovely time in Melbourne A-M, wish I was there with you.
    Lotsa Love xox

  8. Keep safe & enjoy, ohh love the glass I need to organise my pantry was undesided wether to do none see through or glass containers you have just made me decide thanks so much :)))

  9. Love it A-M, just love it. gxo

  10. loving the pantry although I'm sure that mine would rarely look that neat! the little hands would love everything being visible and on display! enjoy your top secret Melbourne trip !!

  11. When I saw the title of this post in my blog list, my first thought was fantastic, a pantry! Then my second thought was, what does that say about me that I love looking at other people's pantries? Well I do. And this one takes the cake. A

  12. welcome to melb, can you bring some QLD weather, not the snowing kind!!

  13. Gorgeous lights! Have a safe trip x

  14. Have fun in my home town. If you get time visit 'Cote Provence' in Rathdowne Street, North Carlton...for a French experience...or Izzi and Popo in Ferrars Street, South Melbourne for unique French/Belgian goods. Happy shopping! Robx

  15. Now that is my kind of pantry!! Have a fab time in Melbourne - hope it is not too chilly! Leanne x


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