Thursday, June 30, 2011


All it takes is a 'pop' of colour and a rather plain room transforms into 'just gorgeous'.
I'm obsessed with yellow at the moment. Nothing says 'happy' more than yellow, I reckon.

Good morning! Coffee is on. Another lazy school holiday morning. My big boy has been so sick but he is over the worst of it. Took him to hospital yesterday just to be sure. Little one was wringing his hands, "I don't want my brother to die", rabbiting on about swine flu and Hendra virus (I need to temper his news bulletin viewing). He is just so grateful his big brother got the all clear. He is currently lying in his big brother's bed, rubbing his back for him. Heartstrings.

Have a great day.


  1. i could definitely go a bathroom just like that one! Glad to hear your big Boy got the all clear. it's so horrible when they get sick. enjoy the holidays. we certainly are :)
    Kate x

  2. How sweet your boys glad the worst is over!
    I absolutely loved seeing ths yellow clawfoot...can you imagine how happy bathtime would be in this...always!
    Needed to see this shot of sunny yellow here in Seattle...our June Gloom has been abundantly gloomy this year.
    xo J~

  3. So sweet - both the image, and that word picture of brotherly love.

  4. Yes,A-M.
    Sarah Richardson 's bathrooms are always heart stopping. I love her use of marble as well.

  5. I always used to hate yellow .. but somehow I got into it as well a bit. not to much but still a little yellow cushion is on my couch and a yellow bird is singing!

  6. You find the best windows! The yellow works a treat in all that cool grey and stone. Lovely.

    Hope B1 is on the mend. No fun having your best playmate down for the count in the holidays!

  7. Yellow is one my favourite colours - the really bright yellow. Orange too... love it.

    Glad your gorgeous boy is okay xx

  8. I'm loving that yellow tub and those curtains! And I'm glad that your big boy is feeling better and that he got the all clear from the hospital. Back rubs make everything better!

    Kat :)

  9. I've told the mister this is my bathroom.

    Seriously stunning except I'd have a massive chandelier!

  10. Gorgeous bathroom - love the tiles, and use of yellow, grey and white throughout in all the perfect quantities and combinations.

  11. Good morning - I´m drinking coffee right now and am slowly coming alive..! :-)

    I agree about yellow - it´s a happy, happy color! :-)

  12. yeah you can pick a sarah richardson bathroom a mile away - she does heaps of things in yellow if you're still lovin yellow!

    shame about your boy's trouble,s, I reckon nothing worse (or more stressful) than a child not well... hate hospitals too!!! specially with kids.

  13. I love this bathroom... but I am a sucker for all things Sarah R. :)

  14. Hi A-M, I have just looked through your pictures of The House again. It really is perfect... *sigh* I hope everyone is back on deck! Best wishes, Lindsay

  15. Hope your big darling is feeling better soon, and what a treasure Little One is! Enjoy the holiday weekend. Emma.

  16. those two. read this one twice. xoxox

  17. Oh I do remember the episode of Sarah's house when they showed this bathroom - fell completely in love.

    Hope your big one recovers quickly!

  18. I love Sarah Richardsons work! Although, could you imagine the damage tow energetic boys could do to those stunning yellow drapes with a mixture of water, bubble bath and football mud!

    Lucky's, we have to wait three more has been a very long term. Hope your boy feels better soon. We did the flu jab this year so keeping fingers crossed we will avoid the worst this winter.

  19. How in the heck did I miss this tub? Just pinned this one pintrest. I tell ya, Pintrest is like my heroin addiction. Blogger has taken a toll from it.I'm so sorry to hear that your baby is sick. Get well soon Buba. Love, Auntie Heidi from Texas

  20. This is just a perfect, sunshiney bathroom and would make me want to get out of bed any morning and get going... Well, okay, maybe not THAT sunshiney, but it's pretty darn awesome.


  21. I have been on a weeks holiday to the ocean and am just catching up. But have to say I love love this bathroom. That little bit of yellow pop is just wonderful. And of course the claw foot bathtub is wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing A-M.
    Glad to hear the big boy is getting better. So hard when they are sick.
    Hugs to you.


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