Monday, June 27, 2011

A Rummage

Had a rummage in the shed on the weekend, as you do..... and despite my plans to keep my life boxed up, in storage, ready to move (for I don't know what)... I caved and dragged a few things home.

This little number is now at my front door entrance, near the piano, positioned where the power points are.... so I can use the lights.

There it sat, in the corner, weighed down with 'plonk'.
Look PAMELA, there's your gorgeous cushions. I still have them and love them to bits.

The stand used to the be in 'The House' study holding 'the grog' and the lights and urns were on the hall commode, which stayed with the house.

Where are they now? 
Commode and mirror stayed with the house, orchid died a slow death, tray sits on my breakfast table, lights I kept, urns, no-one would buy at my 'bloggy house contents sale' (they bought everything else except those damn urns) and that darling little pewter box was bought by a bloggy friend at the sale.

Look! ... and in the time it took for me to take these photos, 
little one had dumped his violin case near big one's guitar, hung up my umbrella and straightened a book. 
He's goin' places that kid.

I prettied it up a bit with the old 'instagram' so it didn't look so stark. It's nice. The boys keep saying how pretty the lights are. Hmmm, should I unpack some more goodies? I might get too settled. I sort of like living only with what I need (plus a few pretties!).... although it has been a year now. Can you believe it. I have been living boxed up for a year! Shows you what you really don't need in your life doesn't it.
I do miss my teacups but they are way at the back of 'ye old shed', under lots of heavy boxes.

Soon :)

Happy Monday folks. Hopefully we are going to get some rain here this week.


  1. "Boxed up" or not - you still have managed to make a beautiful family space. Can't help but think what a logistical nightmare it must be shifting that baby grand however! Enjoy the holidays. ;)Sharyne

  2. Sharyne, professional piano movers who take it apart and move it in a millisecond... we're on first name terms now! A-M xx

  3. That Baby Grand makes me manages to squeeze in everywhere! Rachaelxx

  4. OMG is all I can say
    OMG - I'm speechless girlfriend!

    you do it so well

  5. Yes Rachael, me and my piano, we go everywhere together!... even if I have to climb over it to get in the front door.

    Thanks 'LouLou'
    A-M xx

  6. You have great style and it always looks amazing. I say bring out what you love and enjoy it! Life is too short. ;-)

  7. It looks lovely :) Has it really been a year? Wow, doesn't time fly? Have a great week!

  8. WOW! A year has passed? I blinked and somehow missed it! It is very liberating to pack away and live more simply (I've been doing it for two years), but I will often 'miss' something and retrieve it too. It's like welcoming home old friends!!!I have founf that wherever you are if you have things you love around you and your children close, you have home. Home is MUCH better than a big, well decorated house!(Although the two do co-exist LOL!)
    How are your soccer skills going? Everytime I watch my son play in the mud I've thought of you!!! KL

  9. Sometimes revisiting the treasures, even if they aren't needed, is a good thing. Perhaps it's just to decide if you still want to hold on to them or if it's time to let them go. Lovely way to spend Monday though!


  10. AM I think its nice that you have brought out some more pretties..if they make you smile then why not! Having said that I think I would happily live in your shed amongst all your hidden treasures : )
    Cant believe it has been a year already have done an amazing job x

  11. Love the piano - its on my wishlist! So excited for Katrina xx

  12. I really love its new incarnation, minus the plonk (never thought I'd feel that way!), as it has a totally different energy now.

    How could the boys not have an eye for detail?

  13. Amazing beautiful, wherever you lay, Lady AM.

    It's just shame, I am million miles away. But, if you're still in the mood of selling those urns, Are they heavy? Can you send them to Sweden?

    Let me know.

    Happy blessed week.

    Hugs to U & Mr. AM's

  14. hello A-M,
    I agree, live for the moment..carpe diem...
    i do like the direction your styling is going, I detect that sortie to France influence...mmm comme ca!
    We are really mid winter here, and I love the cold weather, more indoors now with rearrange, sorting, having time to get to the boxed "stuff" yes same here after move over 2 years ago, still "unpacking". have a lovely week. Colx ~ Afrique du Sud

  15. It's amazing what treasures you can find among your "stored" things :-)
    Here is the opposite, it looks like we are having a really "warm" and sunny week here outside Melbourne, +17 the whole week!! That is really good building weather.

  16. I agree with Anna, A-M - please dust off some more pretties. Those lights are just divine. Hmm, if only I could find some for Planet Baby HQ...J x

  17. Sunday, we dove into the depths of the garage to make room for the stuff out of the cottage. It was a treasure trove of things I had completely forgotten we had!!!!! When the places sell I think I may well sell all the furniture too and start again with very..very little!!

  18. Totally agree A.M half of my boxes have been in storage for 2 years it was like christmas opening them :) I forgot I had half of it shocking really!!

    I so love you baby grand its gorgeous wish I had learned piano I can only play chopsticks which would be a crime to play on that!

    So glad to see you are settling in with exquisite items too! :)

  19. your place looks beautiful A-M. the piano makes it look and feel like your home. as someone who lived with every single thing boxed up for a year and 4 months I have mixed feelings about the unpacking... on one hand you want your comforts around you, but on the other (and since they won't all fit in the current apt) you want to wait to unpack them in your next home. I missed my treasures and was so happy to "see" them again when I unpacked. I love that the boys commented on the lights... you are raising two boys that will become men that your future daughter in law's will love YOU for the men they are!! such a good mum.



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