Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Hello

A corner of my kitchen

Good Morning! 

I slept in! Is 7am classified as a 'sleep in'? I would have slept longer but the construction noise finally broke through my dreams. Yep, still living on a building site. Come to think of it, I have always lived in or very near 'construction zones'.... which means it's always an early start and I am always pulling nails out of my car tyres.

Later soccer games today so a lazy start. Delicious. I am sitting here, at my kitchen table, waiting for my Nespresso machine to warm up, watching some 'dude' apply some gorgeous black tanking to a block wall. It's quite soothing to watch. I was some sort of chippie or construction worker in a previous life. I am sure. I took the above shot the other day, playing around with the instagram app on my iphone... as you do when you have an in-tray beckoning and procrastination plays a significant role in your life when you work from home. It's the view from my kitchen table... complete with workmen's utes. I do have a beautiful view of the river... which I sit and stare at ..... like for hours every day, especially at sunset. It stops your heart.

Well, we have had a wonderful week.... A+ for Japanese, A for Maths, A+ for Science. Proud Mum. He's working so hard.... for him... and for me... I know it. I never got an A for Maths.. ever... so he's sharing his with me.

Ooh, my coffee machine is off and running and so is my day.
Happy Saturday my friends.... have a great weekend!


  1. Have a wonderful day..My youngest is sick,so he has to miss his soccer match today...He's not impressed!!!..xx

  2. have a lovely weekend- the grey skies and cool weather are a nice change for Brisbane! I'm going to turn my coffee machine on now too and peruse the real estate pages just to check out other people's houses!

  3. PS. have you been to check out Hamptons Home Living yet in Paddington? it's worth stopping for a coffee and a poke around- lots of things you'd like

  4. I tried to sleep in but the body clock kicked in! Still it's nice to have a lazy start and no soccer today - yay! Off to have morning tea with my cousin. Enjoy your weekend too! ;-)

  5. Congratulations on sleeping in at last. I'm proud of you!
    Ha procrastination, this morning I could write the book. You know those days when your brain is about to burst with making decisions so you just phoof around instead.
    Well done B on those brilliant results. Have a great time at soccer boys (and Mum), hope you win.

  6. Your sons are clearly excellent students. Congratulations on the stellar results.
    7am is a sleep in these days, although in this weather I'd love to still be under the covers.
    Have a great weekend!

  7. That´s great - and japanese sounds so interesting!

    Is it common to have that as extra language? Here in Sweden the most common language studies includes english, german, french and spanish. Kids begin with english in second grade (age 8) but the other languages comes when they are 13.

  8. Christine, I got your comment. I tried to publish it via my iphone but my fingers were too fat for the tiny little publish button and I accidentally rejected it! I'm so sorry! Have a fabulous time in Paris! Enjoy the food and the beautiful weather... oh and every other gorgeous thing about it. I will need photos you know! A-M xx

  9. Thx A-M, photos will definitely be plentiful, yours were such an inspiration! CMM xo


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