Monday, June 13, 2011


Via one of my most favourite tumblr sites ever. Big statement but true.

It's even better when you read it with birds chirping in the background. The birds are going off here this morning. Unusual for this sort of overly concreted complex in which we live. Didn't think we had that many trees for that many birds!

Hmm, so the bit where it says, "you are exchanging a day of your life for it", sorta puts the pressure on a bit. It's a public holiday here today. Boys are home. Nothing major planned. We're going to sort through hand me downs and find some warm clothes for the little tacker. Still important stuff. I'm sure the boys would rather stick pins in their eyes than sort through clothing and be forced to try things on. I'll make some cupcakes to soften them up a bit...

......and then I'll do some ironing and wash the floors. Family nurturing. Still worth exchanging a day of my life for I reckon.

Happy Monday!

Oh PS, do you like my $2 tulips?..... from the chuck out bin at Coles (I beat them down). Best $2 of happiness I have spent in ages. They have been beautiful for days. 'Instagrammed' of course. I am addicted.

Happy Monday.


  1. Wonderful sentiment, especially for a long weekend. 'tis why i'm in gum boots & jammies, turning out the garage to store my market stock & create a store room for my bulky materials so my eldest can finally move into my other-half-of-the-studio-space as her new bedroom to see out her time in this house before we build a proper sized house with a room for everyone. Phew, hard work but the day is certainly not wasted. Love Posie

  2. Ohh love the tulips AM I just feel glad to be human again & can stop wasting my days of being ill on the sofa, boy do I have a lot of bloggers to catch up on, just wating for the shed to be finished so I can not waste any more sewing days that have passed me by to set up my space :) x

  3. Instagram is additive! I have it on my phone, and I am hooked! Love to see the world through others eyes.

    The tulips are beautiful-lovely color.

    Enjoy the week! May it be fruitful!

  4. Love those sort of gives you 'permission' to do anything really as long as you feel that it gives you some pleasure?
    My droopy tulips are over a week old and still lovely - beautiful flowers.

  5. hhmm, maybe I should have read your blog at the start of the day rather than near the end! still, clean floors and ironed shirts are the tulips, next to peonies, they're my favourite flower. Also, lovely to spy Kate Knapp's cards in your arrangement- full of beautiful drawings and sayings too! K

  6. After a slow start and what looked to be a wasted day, i decided to mobilise the boys and visit my 95yr old Nana and my Aunty for lunch then my parents for afternoon tea. The boys were happy as they had enough cakes and biscuits to keep them going for ages and I got to see lovely family I haven't seen in ages.

  7. I loved the poem! I will save the words in my mind and use them in my thoughts to always remember not to take life for granted but enjoy every day and appreciate all little things, and hopefully have good memories to leave behind.


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