Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Virtual Gardens

Well, this is it for me, when it comes to having a garden/foliage, now that we live in an apartment.... weekly cheapies from Coles. I am rather drawn to yellow these days. 

No, I lie. I do have this rather bedraggled orchid in the corner of my balcony. 
But that's it. That's the extent of my garden these days.

Thank goodness, some of my most favourite blogs happen to have some of the most beautiful gardens ever. I thought I'd share them with you today. These are the 'virtual gardens' that I delight in daily.
My future garden is out there, somewhere..... being 'minded for me' I'm sure..... until I have the time to love it and tend to it.

Enjoy! (links under each photo)

Deep sigh.... click on all these beauties and I guarantee your blood pressure will drop at least 20mmHg.

For now though, while I sip my morning coffee, I will just bury my head in my yellow lillies.

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Wow! How honoured do I feel to be included with such illustrious company. These are some of my absolute favourites as well A-M. Thank you so much for including my tropical jungle - makes all the scratches and aches and pains worth it!
    Just on another point. Is that the Brisbane River I can see from your patio? Please assure me your new abode is well above the recent (and '74) flood levels. I am feeling slightly nervous. ;)Sharyne

  2. Yes, Sharyne, it is the river in question. It's the lowest point, the first part that went under in the January floods. Am I mad? The river came up to the balcony (but not over it) during the floods and completely engulfed the pool and recreation area. It came up the lift shafts and through all the units on the ground floor. I was living in my other aprtment at the time. Looking at how high I sit in my current apartment, I can't believe the volume of water that went through here and how high the river got! I have changed my contents insurance to cover 'flood' (my last insurer now has a reputation for leaving flood victims to suffer based on terminology and the 'definition of flood'... I would not have been covered if I had lost my stuff...unbeknownst to me at the time). A-M xx

  3. Love lillies but you have to be careful of the stamens. They stain something shocking if you get them on your clothes and even your hands. Take a tissue and place gently over teh middle, then pull closing the tissue. The stamens will come off and be wrapped up in the tissue ready for the bin. And the nobbly bit in the middle stays in tact. I see some people just cut them all off but they look awful without something in the centre.

    Enjoy the flowers and the happy colour.

    Jennifer xx

  4. Will enjoy looking at these links i need some inspiration as just starting on the landscaping I must get my act together & start blogging more about the house & garden!!

  5. Your blooms make me smile on this rainy day....and cold. Take me back to the Pacific!

  6. Sigh. Do you have room in your apartment for one more? The view is gorgeous! Thank you for the beautiful blog post A-M, have a fantastic week :)


  7. I would love to live in an apartment with no garden. Our garden gives us allergies and is so time consuming. I would rather be out shopping, having coffees, visiting display homes... If you need some time in a garden feel free to drop by anytime A-M. Just be sure to do the weeding whilst you are out there lol.

  8. if that is a bedraggled orchid, then please do not look closely at mine;) I think it looks fabulous. I buy my weekly flowers from the grocery store too- knowing which days they are delivered helps me keep them longer. love having fresh flowers in the house.
    thank you for including our humble abode A-M!! sweet Ella sends you and the boys a wag and a wiggle!!


  9. Lovely pics, especially the autumn one, love the colours. I so want a garden of my own again. With building a house it is the downside, that it takes so long for a new garden to take off. Especially in a new estate if not everyone is in to gardening it will look so bare.
    Have a good week!
    Anette :-)

  10. Hi A-M, these are lovely, and many new finds for me. I love a beautiful garden. Enjoy the rest of your week beautiful. Emma.

  11. There's something about fresh flowers that make a home...

    We have a big bunch of jonquils sitting on our hall-stand and they make my day, everytime I walk past them!

    Happy hump day...

  12. A-M,

    Great inspiration, thank you. My front garden path has now been sorted - paving with the grass lattice, lovely.


  13. Hi A-M! Like Sharyne I feel so honored to be included in this group! Thank you! And at least your orchid is blooming, my blooms keep falling off before they open and I can't figure out why?!

    Thanks for thinking of me when you think of gardens, now I better go weed so that I don't shatter the illusion! ;-)

    xo Kat

  14. How did I miss this post? I never miss a post. Thanks for including our little side gate.
    Reading through the comments just gave me a terrific tip. I have a large bunch of white lillies from aldi and I have had to shunt them into the laundry as I can't stand the smell. I will attack them with a tissue and see if I can live with them. Otherwise, I have a lovely neighbour who loves the smell of them and is happy to take them off my hands.


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