Friday, June 10, 2011

We Never Do This....

I know, full school uniform at dinner time. 
He's dedicated. 
I pick my battles/nagging. 
If he wants to wear it right up to bedtime.. so be it.

... but we did last night.

After piano lessons, while big brother was at soccer training, we 'junked it out'.

'Little one' sat and savoured every glorious minute of it. After every bite, there was a comment, "it's the sauce that makes it so tasty Mum".... "oh, the meat is so tender". He visually studied that little burger after every bite, after every superlative muttered.

It stopped me in my tracks, after such a hectic day. 'This kid is so living in the moment.... nothing else matters but the savouring of this burger'.

Boy I learn a lot from my children.

It's simple really: living only in the moment = gratitude = happiness.

Happy Friday!


  1. now that is food for thought-no pun intended- to live in the moment, let's aspire to do just that... have a lovely weekend A-M Hugs Col~ Afrique du Sud

  2. If Maccas doesn't sign that little fella of yours up on the spot, they're fools! I can see him now, in their next ad....maybe sans school uniform though :) A tv star in the making, that one! K xx

  3. He is SO cute A-M!!!
    My Grandma used to die of shock everytime, she'd give us $5 to spend on lunch in the food court and my sister and I would run straight to Maccas for a Happy Meal... the sauce is the yummy part and when you get a toy AND change from your $5 there's really nothing better as a kid :)

  4. Aw how cute is that pic!
    That is junk food as it should be - a genuine treat.

  5. Very true, I look at my kids and admire the way they see things and the world, I would love to get the simplicity back.

  6. So funny. It is obviously such a treat when you don't have it all the time. xx

  7. Sometimes I think it's our children who teach us, more than the other way round!

    Kat :)

  8. Awwwww. That is the cutest story/photo ever!!!!


  9. My kids are such big fans that it has achieved cult status, which totally defeats the purpose of me avoiding it :D

  10. What a gorgeous face! I love seeing the kids like this. You are right, they have that wonderful ability to live now. Classic grin.

  11. Thank you A-M for reminding us to be...grateful.
    Have a lovely long weekend.

  12. Oh how cute....Love a good burger, but not evry day....mums...

    Hope you and your boys are alright, lots of weather lateley...what's happening in the world?

    I'm still waiting on summer, too cold at the west coast of Norway, want summer NOW!

    Have a nice weekend!!

  13. Once in a while wont hurt though. He looks like he LOVED it.
    Have a wonderful weekend A-M.
    Ness xx

  14. Hi glad you stopped by the other day! The kids are out now for the summer here....I guess over in Australia right now they are in session? It's so neat to learn about whats going on in other parts of the world!

  15. a sweet, dear lesson to remind me to live in the moment today... so thank you A-M and the 'little one'!!

    happy weekend to you three!!

  16. And the beauty of McDonald's is: no matter where you travel or live in the world, it all tastes the same! Have a lovely weekend A-M!


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