Friday, June 3, 2011


Image Courtesy 'A Very Story' Etsy

Wow, didn't this week go fast! 

I'm just heading out the door... to the boys soccer practice tonight...more soccer games tomorrow and then we thought we'd squeeze in a picnic on Sunday while the boys teach me a few moves in the park.... serious stuff... they are so patient with me!  

Got my new soccer boots. They're electric blue (blue is my favourite colour, even though I was tempted by the pink).... breathtaking. Will take a photo of them in situ.... before the scrapes and scratches.... this might not be pretty.

Have a great weekend my friends.
See you next week.


  1. Lookout, its electric blue on the field! Take care. ;-)

  2. Have a great weekend. Shin pads can't be rated highly enough - I hope you got some for all those tackles.

    TDM xx

  3. Can't wait to see the photos! Sounds like you have a great weekend planned - enjoy! ;)Sharyne

  4. Have an amazing weekend A-M :)

    Look forward to seeing your new soccer shoes. Blue is my favourite colour too :)


  5. lovely picture A-M, let's hope the weekend stays as sunny as today! Gorgeous weather we are having in Brissie.


  6. Four words A-M:


    What a great thing to do with the boys x

  7. have fun darl, i bet you have an absolute blast xx

  8. I can imagine you in them AM. Have a great weekend.

  9. Yay for you!

    Ditto to previous comments... don't leave home without shin pads :)

  10. Well aM, I've known for awhile now that you are one seriously good mother! (Particularly of the boy variety!). Now I'm shamed! The absolutely LaST thing I'd do would be join the soccer sport. I can cheer pretty enthusiastically, car-pool and stand in the rain (Sometimes if I cant get out of it - but with much under breath muttering). But p.l.a.y.?!!!!
    Your boys must be so proud. I agree with the Desperate Mother's comments though... Shin-pads are essential! as are ankle guardy things.and mud rooms!!!! Congrats and enjoy, but please don't tell my son!
    x KL


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