Thursday, June 16, 2011

Well, Well....

.... look who's on the cover of The Green Guide in today's Melbourne Age!

Katrina Chambers... you go girl. You have the whole of blogland behind you and 'sister Amie'. We will be screaming from the sidelines.....AND... my boys are even allowed to watch TV during the school week... just this once.

'The Block', every night at 7pm, on Channel 9, starting next Monday. Renovation heaven... well for the viewers.....maybe not the contestants!

We have started the countdown... 4 more sleeps!
PS. Dear Anthony Warlow, you rock as Dr Zhivago. I can see why the musical was written for you in the role. I feel so privileged to have seen one of Australia's National Living Treasures and frankly you bring me to tears as soon as you sing your first note. Big statement but true.
Yours Sincerely, your biggest Brisbane fan, A-M xx (it's coming to Brisbane, in 3 weeks!!!!..... still in Melbourne until June26th)


  1. I wondered if the THTAMB TV was going to get switched on for the series!
    Having lived through a six month reno I'm now keen to see how others do it.
    Good luck girls.

  2. I'm excited about The Block this year too! We're in the midst of renovations, and have renovated our previous house from top to bottom (complete gut of the insides), so I'm keen to see how they go with houses as opposed to apartments!

  3. Oh yay, how exciting! Will be so different watching a friend competing on there this year and having someone I genuinely want to win. Will definitely be counting down until next week!

  4. Thank God that some of my favourit TV series have finished so I can squeeze a new one in, in between watching Master Chef. This is a must to see, love to see what they do to the old houses. Can't wait!
    Anette :-)

  5. Looking at the latest commercial it appears that Channel 9 have worked out what a superstar Katrina is. Have you seen the ad with her singing to herself? Absolutely hilarious:). Fingers crossed she does well.

  6. Oh yes J-A, seen the singing. My boys think she is hilarious! She's going to be a star!

  7. Pretty exciting stuff about The Block...and my Dr Zhivago ticket has been on my pinboard safe and sound for ages, can't wait!
    Hope Melbourne is not too cold - lovely bright blue sunny skies in Brisbane today 18 degrees.

  8. I just cant wait to see our girls in proud of them both...and at least I will have some decent telly to watch whilst sick in bed ; ) x

  9. our house rules have changed here too to accomodate 'The Block'!!!!
    While in Melbourne do yourself a favour and find HAIGES CHOCOLATES in a little shop in an arcade off the mall across from Myer...ask anyone, they'll know it...just delicious chocolate... you're in my home state and i hope you enjoy the best capital city in Australia!

  10. I can't wait for the show to start and how cool that we know someone on it! So exciting!! X

  11. Very excited about The Block, go Katrina! Rachaelxx

  12. Ohhhhhhhh I love the block! I think the 5th years is starting her soon in the netherlands!

  13. Oh am I going to watch it from the U.K. I'll find a way...if hubby can manage to download AFL footy every week I'll make him find a way for me to view The Block. Robx

  14. Cant wait for the block to start, I was following katrina's blog but it seems to have booted me out!! LOL Oh well will just have to watch her on tv and cheer!! LOL Love seeing people I feel like I know prosper!! LOL


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