Monday, July 18, 2011

The Bathroom

Images Courtesy Channel 9

Oh boy, 'the girls' have had a week on 'The Block', haven't they? 

What was with the 'builder' and his pure delight at seeing Katrina and Amie so distressed and falling behind schedule??? 

I couldn't watch.....well I watched through my fingers..... with my mouth open in shock! A little bit too close to home for me.... memories of my builder telling me I'll "get what I'm $%#* given", when I questioned why we weren't following the 'council certified plan'? At least I didn't have a one week deadline and the whole of Australia watching my despair. Even my boys said, "you shouldn't be watching this Mum", with alarm in their eyes! Oh girls.... we felt your pain, we really did....the whole of Australia did.

But yay, they rose from the ashes and produced this beauty... with a gorgeous basin, stunning tiles... and a real sense of space. Remember who their target market is.. DINKS..and remember this doubles as a downstairs powder-room too. No need for a bath. There was a bit of stress around not being able to fit a bath in. Girls, the bath was not an issue at judging was it! Yay!

I like the black wall... it's bold and brave.

I'm sorry but those wall tiles.... stop. my. heart.

Great use of space with the overhead cupboards. Grey glass spash-back...beautiful contrast and very innovative. And I'm totally the floor tiles.... same colour as mine. Fabulous taste girls!

Head over to Katrina's blog HERE. I'm sure she will load up some 'Block goss' today.

Happy Monday!

PS. I found Bill. Tell you all about it tomorrow.


  1. Thank lovely! This bathroom of ours rocks I think! Those bathroom 'jewel' tiles are actually a blue/green...just heavenly! Thanks so much! We should have won... :)

  2. I totally agree A-M. What a piece of work that builder was! I almost wanted to jump through the screen and hit him with his hammer. The bathroom however is a real triumph and absolutely perfect for a second bathroom/laundry. I can feel a win just around the corner for the girls! ;)Sharyne

  3. Good Morning AM

    Well - just aghast with what a human being can turn into.
    How can someone decide in life - I want to be the ugliest person, I want to be a mean person and I will turn on my fellow man!?!

    The bathroom was beautiful. (We are kind of in bathrooms here for business and I can tell you larger showers and no baths are very popular AND very very functional!)

    Love the floor tiles and Love the storage AGAIN - give me cupboards and I am a happy chappy.

    PS - you also sounded like you endured a revolting time and a revolting human being with your builder not sticking to council plan.

    have a lovely day ahead.



  4. I LOVED their bathroom and no mention of no bath justified their decision! As I am currently using an old laundry with plumbing from about 50 years ago (i.e copper piped running everywhere and peeling paint- anyone who owns an old Queenslander knows what I mean) I loved the swish laundry...and to think I used to swoon over a killer pair of stilletos and now it's laundries! Go girls!

    And good to see A-M that you're back in the world of mag perusing! Country Style is one of my favourite...I bought the new Donna Hay Kids last week and enjoyed pouring over kids party ideas- too cute! have a great day, K x

  5. PS. where did the girls get the checked bath towels as contrary to the judges, I really liked them??!!

  6. I LOVED the tiles. They really made the space look inviting and just astonishing that they came back from the edge of failure like they did.

  7. Hi A-M..I really didn't think they were going to get it done for a while..thank God for that builder that did things properly and got things going again. They did a great job with the design in that space!

  8. Love, love, love this bathroom - I can't understand the judges (yet again!!) Great idea to go without a bath - absolute bane of my life, complete waste of space!!

  9. The girls definately should've won they put such personality into their rooms amidst all the mucho manly troubles. I can't wait to replace my ghaustly retro purple tiles with something like these gorgeous statement tiles. Be still my beating heart!

  10. I liked about 3 out of the 4 bathrooms last night. I would hate to have to judge them. But as I posted on Katrina's blog, even my hard headed husband was shocked by the original builder. He deserved to be sacked. On the up side though....I wanted to reach in and hug the new builder. I hope he stays that lovely and helpful throughout the rest of the show!

  11. I just was so pleased for Amie and katrina the fact they finished the bathroom. They should have got a medal just for that! As for no first I was concerned but at the end made no difference what so ever to the judges. A beautiful bathroom, I love the flowers on the footstool.
    I am cheering them on all the way, to the point I want them to win that wrong?

    Mrs B xxo

  12. Love those floor tiles and the vanity. The real estate guy was a bit perplexed by the mirror kickboard but I thought it looked pretty awesome. Wasn't a huge fan of the black wall. The winning bathroom was my least favourite. Hated that dark brown sink/vanity.

  13. Love those floor tiles and the vanity. The real estate guy was a bit perplexed by the mirror kickboard but I thought it looked pretty awesome. Wasn't a huge fan of the black wall. The winning bathroom was my least favourite. Hated that dark brown sink/vanity.

  14. Absolutely addicted to the daily updates via your blog A-M ~ and I don't even live there. What amazing bathroom and laundry spaces.

    Hope you and the boys are well. We're sweltering in hot, humid heat at the moment.

  15. Yes it was totally my favourite. Iam really starting to find the judges so annoying especially the real estate guy.The black wall is fantastic and the tiles are all HEAVEN!! No offence to the couple that won but their bathroom was tacky by compared to Katrina and Amie's. They really should have won by a mile.

  16. I thought K and A's bathroom was the best too and I am not just saying that. I don't understand the judge's decisions at all so far. It's all a bit LCD don't you think?

    All the contestants are really talented and hardworking but that winning bathroom? All I could think about was how quickly that organic basin thingy would date and what a waste of space the bath was.


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