Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Found Bill, busily drawing away the other day. I chatted to him about selling a few of his treasures.
I told him about you, my readers, and your generosity and how you love to help and give. He agreed that giving is good and that people love to help and be needed. Ah, can't you tell I used to be in sales... leading up to getting him to agree to your kind offers! He agreed to a price of $50US per drawing. They are his life so I could see some hesitation. Here's another:

Isn't it gorgeous!

I tried to glean what he would like from those who have offered. It's a fine line between treading gently and beating it out of him. 

In the end, I beat it out of materials. He would love some new art materials. He is pretty right for food... has a 'breakfast arrangement' with a local business.... but I swear he is more worried about the birds and ends up sharing his cereal with them. Blankets, he has two.  

So art materials... Bill does mixed media. His textas have dried up, he could do with a new set of beautiful coloured pencils, some graphite sticks, coloured graphite sticks? .....a decent set of crayons and A4 sized drawing pads. This is just from what I could see. He didn't want to ask for too much. So the list is mine.... for him.

Let me know if you would like to send Bill a gift of art materials. You can send them to my PO Box and I will pass them on.

Oh, he loved his poetry books. I looked back after I had said a thousand farewells and this is what I saw.

A smile.
He particularly liked the waterproof packet I had put them in. He said I was innovative!
Thanks for your help. It's nice to make people's lives just a little bit better.
Bill is a nice person.


  1. I'm so glad you found Bill and gave him that wonderful gift of the books! Giving truly is the best gift!

    Kat :)

  2. A-M
    I would love to send a gift! Let me know your email and I will send through. Thanks :)

  3. My email is: Thanks!

  4. Sharing a little caring and love is such a miraculous thing. I am sure his heart warms just knowing you want to spend a little time with him. And that costs nothing.
    To be able to gift him with things he loves, not just necessities makes it even better.
    Just think if we all found just one person like Bill. We could be helping hundreds of people have something to smile about.
    You are just the best A-M. I wish I lived out there so I could give you a great big hug. A spiritual one will have to suffice.

  5. OK

    listen here lovely lady

    I rarely choke up at reading blog posts - but you won this morning.

    that is honestly the most beautiful post for human kind

    love your spirit and your kindness to eternity

    thanks walking angel



  6. Some art materials are winging their way to Bill today. From one "wannabe" artist to the real deal! Love your work A-M. ;)Sharyne

  7. You are an absolute Sweetheart A-M!
    How lucky we all are to have you amongst us. Could I send you a target voucher for Bill or would you prefer we post supplies ? A beautiful post from you this morning. Thank you.


    p.s. I am emailing for your post box

  8. There should be more of you in this world A-M. I've been thinking of Bill since you bought him that book, so pleased his day was lifted by it.

  9. YOU are a nice person A-M. You are not only making a difference to Bill's life, but your generous spirit makes a difference to everyone who reads your blog - your actions encourage everyone to be more generous in spirit and action. What a way to make the world a better place.

  10. Hi A--M,
    I would love to provide Bill with some supplies, stories such as Bill's make us stop and evaluate our daily lives.

    You are a true angel in your actions and be assured you inspire daily!

    We are on the last week of our 5 week trip so will arrange the gift upon our return to Perth next week, please let me know what you would prefer for him.
    Bye for now, Christine xo

    P.S I did say "bonjour" to Paris for you!!

  11. Hi A-M. Have heaps of art material home in Townsville. I'll ring you this week (finally out of hospital yesterday and now at Rainbow Bay), and organize posting it all.
    Ouchy, ouch at the mo!

  12. Hi A-M. Have heaps of art material home in Townsville. I'll ring you this week (finally out of hospital yesterday and now at Rainbow Bay), and organize posting it all.
    Ouchy, ouch at the mo!

  13. "Bill is a nice person" you said...
    so are you... a very beautiful person.
    I wish you the best.
    Maria da Conceição

  14. Hi A-M, would love to join the band of ever-so-willing readers that are happy to send art materials for Bill. Please let me know how to get them to you.

  15. You truly an angel walking amongst us A-M! You do a heart so good. Thank you for continuing to share Bill's story with us!

    XO, Andrea

  16. Hi A M I think you are a true angel, sorry so late in replying to this post I have been so busy with home & setting up my new blog so all got a bit hectic what if I made a denim case with pencil sections to keep them all nice & tidy do you think? Let me know if not I will send what you are missing from the other gorgeous lady's sending things. Lainey x


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