Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chilling Out

Yes, that is two Nintendos he is playing at once.... spot the game junkie. Serious moderation tactics required with him. 

Am I alone in not wanting these school holidays to end?

They go so fast.... even when you do 'nothing'.

Despite my boys being sick for the first 2 weeks of their holidays, we have still cherished our time together with no school routine pressures. School reports came out just after term finished but we didn't get around to clearing out our post office box and fetching the reports until yesterday. We did a lot of 'high fiving' after opening them... both my lads did so well. Little one was slightly distraught though as his art mark was a disappointment to him... it was his only 'non A' as he calls it. "I just don't think she likes me. It's very subjective you know" (hmm, since when do 8 yr olds know about subjectivity?!!). 

Big son put it all into perspective. "C'mon, we're not going to need art to be good surgeons, just get over it". 

They've got it all worked out. 

Happy Thursday!


  1. I always loved these holidays when kids had ended the school year and all the pressure was of ...your boys are looking cute ;)

  2. Morning Lovely lady,

    NO I AM WITH YOU - I love school holidays.
    I want to hold on to moments and inhale them for a very long time.

    Look at your gorgeous boys - so calm (or at least the photo reflects that). 8 going on 18, 12 going on 22!

    We have had a school holiday with snuffed heads and sore throats too.

    Now I think it could be my turn :( I am so hoping it's not.

    Have a lovely 5 days remaining (I also understand the 2 consoles at once - I have "one of those").

    have a lovely day



  3. Dear A-M, I have been around for over a year, always coming to your blog for decor inspiration, soothing words, and inspiring family moments.
    You are so good, I just wish we could be friends in the same city.
    Take care my dear!

  4. Holidays are great - I really enjoy the extra time we get together. Love the pic - and his clever comment..! :-)

  5. Nothing better than no schedule!!! Your boys are gorgeous!!! xoxo

  6. Ha ha, appreciate this image - my 8yr old DD would fit perfectly right there on your settee...throw in a horse and she has her three best things in the world...horses, her quitar and nintendo..! enjoy the rest of your holidays, -same here, just goes to quickly- specially like the lie in on the cold winter mornin now!!
    xo Colette ~ Afrique du Sud

  7. Such wonderful got-it-together boys, A-M. What a joy they are.

    I've just had a long kiss & cuddle with my 12-year old.....moments to treasure. sigh.

  8. Yes AM your right holidays and no school routine are the best times. Congrats to your boys for their reports leexx

  9. A-M, I am with you, love the school holidays.

    My little cheribs are lounging in thier pj's until about 10am and are enjoying the freedom of home - no routine, no hurrying, no homework! All good.

  10. We are really looking forward to the school holidays here. Because of the rugby world cup they have pushed back a month so with the earthquakes and two longer than normal terms it has been a long half school year.
    My daughter wants to be a surgeon as well. I hope she changes her mind. It comes with a hefty price tag both in terms of the study required and the fees!

  11. Bless! They are so sweet A-M. Can I make you a deal? If I have a little girl one day can I betroth her to one of your boys? hehehehehe.

  12. Love it! We are also enjoying our 'jamie days. :-)

  13. We are also enjoying the relaxed holiday routine, plenty of crafting & cooking going on here as the weather isnt good for the out doors fun we have planned. Good on your boys for thier fantastic reports!
    Enjoy the rest of your break xxx

  14. What great attitudes your boys have :) You must be very proud of their great reports. Your big boy looks SO grown up in that photo!! x

  15. ha ha so true! Of course you don't need art to be a good surgeon. No worries! I love how that just puts everything into perspective. They could certainly buy a lot of supplies though...

  16. Absolutely loving these school hols. We've had nothing planned yet still managed to fill the days with just stuff!(I've just been to a mock funeral that my 8 year old and her friend conducted for a bird that was found in the garden...very moving it was!) Our children are just so precious and growing up so, so fast. Cherish these times.

  17. Brotherhood! Your boys make me smile A-M - actually, I think I am proud of them! Vicariously!

  18. Hi, I'm Hungarian girl, I like your blog.
    Beautiful boys, happy summer:)

  19. I wish you would write some 'parenting' posts. Your boys seem so delightful. You allude to your strictness, but I would honestly love to hear your opinion on how to bring up children to turn out like that. I have a 5 year old and a 10 month old and I can only hope I am steering them to be like your boys.

  20. So handsome!!!

    And smart too! You are one lucky mum :)


  21. Your boys are adorable. I want to smooch them! Wanna swap? Mine are being little monkeys today!

  22. Surgeons? Couple of high flyers there then. :) You'd be surprised how well an 8 year old understands subjectivity. I remember my daughter making a very similar comment about her maths teacher at a similar age and as an adult, I could see she was spot on.

    It's lovely to read that you enjoy having your children around and don't want the holidays to end. When my children were young I felt just the same yet every other mother I knew couldn't wait to pack them off to school again. They thought I was weird and I thought (and still think) *they* were weird. Time with our children is fleeting and precious.

    Lovely photo - You've a couple of little smashers there.

  23. Reminds me when my kids were that age and having school breaks! Enjoy!!

  24. Hiya A-M,
    I seriously LOVE yesterday's kitchen.
    Mine is now stuffed, and turns out that has to be replaced as well. It got wet int he cyclone and all the fixtures are now swelling.

    Monday's the new back day for me, can't wait.
    Can you believe my back will be fixed before the house? Insurance companies. (I posted a photo of the bedroom today, it will give you a laugh).

    I'll give you a call next week, I'm down the Coast for 3 weeks after the surgery.

  25. Oh my gosh A-M. Look at how much your young lads have grown. I hardly recognize them. I hope you're all doing so well!


  26. Loved the kitchen on last post the boys looked like they had a good break my son is the same I have to hide his DS he didn't want to go back to school moaned all the way when I collected him he had a huge smile & had a great day he said hee hee!!

  27. ohmy A-M... oldest looks so mature!! like a real teenager. seems just yesterday he looked like a little boy! enjoy your time with both of your loves!!



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