Saturday, July 30, 2011

House Stalking

Oooh A-Mi did not want her photo taken. She's like me. Must be the name.
Now isn't that a cute photo? I made her laugh. 

I went 'real life house stalking' yesterday. Not just from a hire car with an iphone in my hand... no I actually got inside and took photos. Ok, so it was my friend Anne-Marie's home. We met through this blog.

Anne-Marie (A-Mi, as she spells with an i as opposed to e like me), and her hubby Neil, found this magnificent un-renovated 20 year old home up in the trees and have done a rather spectacular transformation over the past few months (boy they did it fast!... Neil is a 'handyman extraordinaire'. He's always doing something. Large-ish. Like yesterday he was knocking up a desk for the study.... as you do. He would give 'The Renovators' a run for their money let me tell you).

A-Mi removed the work boots so I could take this shot. I love the curves with the gables. It just works.

So, this house, it has lovely curves and corrugated iron exterior walls. Inside it has the most divine ceilings. There is a bulkhead in the front entrance so it feels nice and cosy and cottage-y when you walk in but then on either side of the entrance each room opens up with magnificently high ceilings.

This is in the 'pretty' formal room to the left of the front entrance. It's like the formal wing. The house is high up in the trees so the light that is thrown in each room is beautiful  ....mottled light due to the's just heavenly. Every window reveals greenery.

Check out those ceilings. Sigh. Yep, painting?..... Neil.... every bit.

I would have taken 'room panoramas' but A-Mi and Neil are still unpacking so I will save them for another time..... when I do the before ('1980's student den') and after ('gorgeous cottage in the trees') post.

Aren't they the cutest stools?

I did snap A-Mi's kitchen. Beautiful stone benchtops....white 2 pak wooden floors. Out of the picture is a whopper of a freestanding stove... induction top... I so want one of those before I die. Should have done a close up of the taps... a traditional accent in a modern space. Fabulous.

Another traditional touch..... so lovely! 
There are 3 of these lights in the kitchen/open plan living space. The others are out of shot.

Ok, so A-Mi doesn't know this yet (but she will after she reads this post ....... and changes her IE browser to Safari or Firefox so she can comment back on this post. Have you done as suggested A-Mi?) .... but she is going to look out some 'before' photos and we're going to do a 'Before and After' post on her home.... after we get the bathroom mirror up that we sourced together. It's on backorder so she has a mirror the size of a compact mirror smack bang in the middle of the bathroom. It's hilarious.

Thank you A-Mi. I had a lovely morning yesterday drooling over your little piece of paradise, up in the trees. Look out those 'before shots' for me and we will meet for cake again soon!

Well, thermos is packed. We're off to soccer this morning. No surprises there. They better have those bacon and egg rolls ready when we get there. They ran out last time. I did not know what to do. I dream about those things all week. Gotta love sporting club burgers... they're the best!

Happy Saturday!

A-Me xx


  1. A-M your friend A-Mi has a gorgeous home, how special would it be living amongst all the trees.
    Have a wonderful day, I hope you get to have your bacon and egg roll.

    Love you lots. xox

  2. Great post. I so want that kitchen. I feel so cramped in mine. Have a great weekend. x

  3. Hello A-M

    What a great morning it looked.

    A-Mi is such a lovely friend to welcome you / us into her beautiful home like that.

    gorgeous celling line and love the white lines.

    Look out Barbecue - I can see 3 very hungry people running towards you - forget the soccer they are only going for the bacon & egg rolls (apparently).

    I understand your love of a barbeque at sporting - I have always love a good sausage sizzle anywhere I go (Eg: Bunnings, officeworks etc)

    take care
    I have a huge packed weekend ahead of me.

    See you on your next beautiful blog


  4. I would never nag my kids about leaving stuff on the floor if I had ceilings like that - I would be too buys gazing up and admiring them to notice! Not sure my hubby (wonderful though he is) would have willingly painted up there though... vj's were quite enough of a challenge for him. A-Mi - your house looks just beautiful and I can't wait to see more photos so make sure you invite A-M round for another cup of tea just as soon as you unpack.
    Clare x

  5. Twas wonderful having you visit yesterday A-Me and so lovely to see our house featured on your blog.
    We girls can talk under water can't we?

    I don't think you realise what an inspiration you were as we set to giving this home a face-lift. I'd often ponder..'would A-M do this'?

    Oh yes I have tons of interesting before pics to tell the story of this transformation. Hopefully sorting out computer issues today..yay.
    I swapped the butlers table to the opposite wall so I can see her from the kitchen. Perfect.

    Have a beaut weekend darling.

  6. How wonderful to see a pic of the lovely A-Mi and her stunning home! What an amazing find for her and her husband and it looks so beautiful....those ceilings and light fixtures...*swoon*! Thank you for sharing her beautiful home... and thanks to A-Mi too:)

    Wishing you both a wonderful weekend ~ xx

  7. I love their style. They are really making a beautiful home. I can't wait to see the before pictures - I can imagine that it would've been dark and gloomy. xx

  8. How lovely, I can't wait for more photos. I love a before and after.

  9. Ai-mi's home is looking divine! Looking forward to seeing more pics. Swooning over the freestanding induction stove: definitely on my 'dream kitchen' list. I adore the first light fitting - so pretty.

  10. Lovely! As much as there are advantages to apartment living (and I'm in NYC so there's not much alternative), a house like that makes me feel house envy!


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