Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Ate Melbourne

In the tradition of my brief sojourn in Paris, I am endeavouring to eat my way through Melbourne too. I took your advice my readers and found my way to 'Laurent' where I enjoyed this delight. I made sure I spent the rest of the day walking fast.

I couldn't get a front on shot of the beautiful front gate as I was scared I might side-swipe the Maserati parked out front.

I suppose I also stalked Melbourne too. Yesterday, I hired a little car and staked out the peaceful precincts of Toorak and Kew, drooling over gables, French doors, chimneys and gardens. I did stop to explain to some puzzled residents what the lady with the iphone in the little red car was up to. Met some lovely people! Is it wrong to desperately want live in Toorak and Kew?

So this morning I am meeting up with Julie-Ann from the Decorating Forum for breakfast. Very excited as we have been cyber friends for ages and have never met. I tell you, this is the year of 'putting faces to names' for all my blog friends and colleagues. It is wonderful to meet in person. And it always feels like we have known each other for ever.

I am rescuing my Mother from my 'tree-climbing' boys tonight. I have missed them. And they me (from the secret, 'way after bedtime', 9.30pm, "Nighty night-Mum, I love you more than anything in the world" text messages I have been receiving!!!).

Happy Sunday!


  1. Hello AM

    What an experience you are having.

    I think I would have had 2 of those layer chocolate thingys - you never know when you mightn't be able to get back :)

    I can picture you photo stalking - you may have looked like a classy PI.

    Say hi to Julie - I wish I was with you girls - you won't be able to eat breakfast as there will be so much chatter.

    have a lovely day and can't wait to see more photo's


  2. You have done well, Laurent is a favourite when visiting Melbourne too. Don't you just love all of the laneways with gorgeous cafes. Another is Koko Black at the top of the Royal Arcade for a hot chocolate - devine! Kew and Toorak have some lovely old homes. I always loved Kew when I lived in Melbourne. Enjoy! ;-)

  3. Being a lover of all things French-we have been watching the tour de France and would like to give special mention and praise to the mighty Cadel Evans who's about to win it! Me being from Victoria, the sporting capital of Australia- and u being there A-M I thought this rated a mention!!!! Did u know?

  4. Yum that looks delicious! Sounds like you are having a great time. Enjoy your Sunday :)

  5. HMB, I just read it in the paper this morning! Unbelievable! A-M xx

  6. Lovely cake! What was it? Looks Tiramisu inspired.
    Have a lovely Sunday in Melbourne
    Anette :-)

  7. I was recently in melbourne for a girly weekend and we found our way to laurent - only had to squint with one eye to pretend we were in paris! - and THEN our coffees and treats were delivered by a french waitress - ooh la la - the scene was complete!!

  8. Oooh, Love Laurent! And Koko Black is a huge favourite for me too ;)

  9. yeah you love Kew/Toorak, take a drive down to Brighton!!!

  10. Oh my goodness - that cake looks delicious, could you send some over please? :-)

  11. I could live anywhere stretching from Kew to Malvern (lived there) to Brighton & Hampton, from Eaglemont to Elsternwick, Middle Park & Canterbury ... heck, I could live anywhere in Melbourne that has old homes, a tram line, a formal park & strip shopping! Next time you're down there you should visit some of the good strip shopping precints; Maling Road Canterbury, Hawksburn Village Toorak/Sth Yarra, Glenferrie Rd/High St Malvern/Armadale, Glenferrie Rd Hawthorn & Glen Huntly Rd Elsternwick (Aviv Bakery ... yum) just to name a few.

  12. Hi A-M,
    Glad you are enjoying trawling the burbs with your iphone - I did the same in early 2002 as I prepared the design for my "dream home", altho it was a camera not an iphone!!

    I got some very strange looks at times however it was worth it as my Kew home came to fruition in 2004! Despite living in beautiful riverside Perth at the moment, Kew is still "home"......

    Best wishes,
    Christine xo

    P.S So glad to be back in Oz to catch up on The Block!


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