Friday, July 22, 2011

Lighting Heaven

Am tripping the light fantastique down here at the Design Fair in Melbourne. Well I am not really dancing but I am almost skipping.  Found some gorgeous, gorgeous glass lights. Available over HERE. Meeting lots of lovely new suppliers too.

Check out this fabulous modular bar. Made in the style of a turn-of-the century-travel trunk. 

Couldn't you see this in a gentleman's study?

From one extreme to the other, from feeding the birds with Bill to swanning around all these beautiful things. Life is surreal sometimes. Do you know what I noticed here yesterday, at the fair? No one smiles. Everyone is so serious. C'mon people, you are surrounded by BEAUTIFUL things and happy exhibitors... smile, enjoy yourselves. I know retail is tough at the moment.... but...

I am off again today and meeting my 'Melbourne solicitor cousin' for lunch. She's crazy busy but she is dropping everything for one whole hour so we can gasbag and catch up. My brother is down here for business too.... so hopefully I might see his smiling face today before he heads home to his babies tonight.

My boys are ensconced down at their Grans for a few days. Besides school, they're finishing off their tree house, bouncing on trampolines and looking for fauna... please, no snakes boys. Guaranteed, I'll need the Napisan when they get home!

Thank you for all your wonderful, generous offers of art supplies for Bill. I am working through my emails so I will reply as soon as I can. Just want to make sure we don't double up. I took him some new graphite sticks last time I saw him. He couldn't get the packet open fast enough. He is going to faint when I bring him all your goodies.

I also want to make mention of the fact that I am so grateful for all your emails to me about your lives, your beautiful homes. I am sorry if I do not answer them immediately. I work on my emails whenever I get a spare moment. Slowly making my way through them so if you are waiting to hear from me, I'll be in touch very soon.

I'm off to scavenge for more pretty lights.


  1. Hi Miss Style

    I could imagine there are no lights needed at the fair.

    You could just flash that radiant smile and you would light up the room

    Can't wait to see more pic's too

    travel safe and have a lovely lunch


    (PS will talk when you are back re what Bill needs - I wish to help in what ever way I can too)

  2. Boy are you a gadabout or what?
    Have a great time in Melbourne,
    Dropped my bundle and cleaned up this unit, could not STAND the disgusting mess any longer.
    Not telling Dr or Physio, but looking at it as slightly illegal therapy and back exercises.
    PPS. The Block seems very unfair to me - does anyone else think this?

  3. *sigh*.... I could see that beauty in *MY* study or my drawing room! *wistful sigh*

  4. Oh A-M
    I know why nobody smiles at the trade fairs...its because they dont let people like me in !!! Please let us all know what a wonderful time you are having at the fair and I can just sigh at all those beutiful pictures you take. That light is stunning, do you think it will go in a modern home like mine?

    Mrs B xxxooo

    ps How are you enjoying the melbourne weather!


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