Sunday, July 3, 2011

Now, That's A 'Shed'

I can only dream of having 'a shed' this glamorous! I'd forever hang out on that church pew, feet up, computer on lap. That would be my spot. 

Letitia runs her online store and interior design business, 'The White Shed', from this gorgeous shed on her farm outside Maitland, on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia. 

Cool concept hey! Letitia also has a bloggy HERE. When you pop over, check out her beautiful farmhouse too. Sigh. Say hi from me!

Happy Sunday!



  1. oh yes please!
    I love her style and can't you imagine what the house is like.
    I want a pair (and am going to buy them) those special gum boots that you wear on a farm with your jeans tucked in. The glamourous ones.

    Ok now off to plan my imaginary shed.


  2. I've been following Letitia's blog for while now. Her shed is nicer than my house!

  3. Ah yes Thea. I can say the same thing! A-M xx

  4. Oh thanks A-M! Would love you to visit one day. Your boys can play out in the paddocks with mine. Letitia xx

  5. Beautiful Shed... better than my house too.. I can spy so many things to love in this image... Thanks for the link..

    Have a great weekend. ciao xxx Julie

  6. Letitia has a gorgeous shed A-M.

    Have a beautiful Sunday.

    Lotsa Luv. xox

  7. i love her things to bits - just my style!!! perfect (to me!)

  8. I need to plan a trip over that way and visit. I looks gorgeous.

  9. Gorgeous, really love the black church pew, the clock, the black lamp shade, actually all of it. G

  10. Just gorgeous, what a working space!

    I have my eye on an English Shepherd's hut for my garden, and these neutral coloured but beautifully textural furnishings would be really lovely! x

  11. Wow what a shed its gorgeous I have just finished building ours it was meant for my work space but my hubby has won & he has all his stuff in there :( I am trying to claim half of the garage now wish me luck!! :)


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