Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Ponderings

I'm thinking of doing the accelerated Coco Republic Design School Thingy. Have any of you done it? Feedback? Gossip? I need to do something that scares me. I think that should do it. Oh, besides bringing up 2 boys!


  1. Hello Design Queen,

    no, I don't now of anyone that has/is doing it.

    I could imagine it would be fantastic.

    I'd love to do it in a few years time too.

    Go-one, you'd be great at it and I am sure you'd teach them a thing or two.



  2. I don't know the Coco Republic Design School, I'm from Portugal, across the worl. BuT go for it! A new challenge makes us feel alive.
    Your blog gives me so much courage to go along with my life! So far and so near. I suppose we all are alike anywhere in the world. I have two boys too. On my bad days, reading you is like the rising sunshine after a dark, dark night.

  3. My friend David has just done it !!!
    Loved it - topped an assignment and won a trip to Paris with the Coco Crew to Maison Gift month
    "Nothing comes of Nothing" (King Lear) give it a whirl !!!

  4. Oh AM I have been thinking of doing the same course for ages...but am playing chicken at the moment ; / just worried Im adding a bit too much on my plate??

    You will ace it ace everything you put your mind to...your a clever cookie! x

  5. Yes A-M do it! My freind Emma (White & Wander) did it and loved it. I am doing a colour master class there in August as I can't get away for the week just yet!! Letitia xx

  6. I don't know anything about the design school but if I die and don't get to heaven, then I'll haunt the Coco Republic Showroom as the next best destination! It's good to get out of your comfort zone occasionally. I'm sure you'll both enjoy it & do well!

  7. Go for it! You have to channel all that design energy somewhere :)

  8. What is it?
    Do you need a STRONG back?

  9. Do It! Emma did if for her 30th birthday and loved it. Had a ball and learnt lots xx

  10. Hello hello - yep, loved it but to be perfectly honest I felt like the people on the longer weekly course got more attention and more out of it. It was great to be submerged but if you aren't living in the same state there just isn't the same opportunity for exposure.
    Certainly was fun designing in such an inspiring space though. Antler chandeliers... need I say more!
    Happy to answer any more questions!

  11. Go for it A-M, it would be playing to your strengths as you are a natural.

  12. I've been emailing them! Jenna did it last week! I'll do it with you!!

  13. I did it last year and had plenty to say about it at the time. If you want to know what it was like, email me and I'll give you my honest opinion.


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