Saturday, July 23, 2011


Total sidetrack I know ..... but look at these beautiful stairs. I had to share them with you. I found them in a shop in Melbourne. I felt a bit rude wandering in and practically saying, "look, sorry, not the slightest bit interested in your wares.... but I love your stairs". They were fine...actually delighted that I loved their stairs. So here they are. 

I wonder what's up there? Love the wallpaper!... and the balusters stop my heart.

Ooh, and I found another 'lumiere', an industrial number, over HERE.
Ahh lights, the jewellery of the home. Sigh.


  1. They're very beautiful. Have a lovely weekend x

  2. Yes, they are truly gorgeous. I'm thinking - original? It must be so much fun wandering around all these fabulous places. Off now to drool over the lights! ;)Sharyne

  3. Hello Lovely lady

    Well you are a little discoverer aren't you.

    I can imagine the 'fossicking' you have done and the oh wow - look at that' moments.

    They are absolutely beautiful stairs and highlighted perfectly with the wallpaper feature.

    Have a lovely day discovering more


  4. They are so gorgeous! Love everything about them. Also loving your new lights!!! Letitia xx

  5. Love it all especially the wallpaper and would that print not look fabulous made up in a cushion..yes!
    Lights are the jewellery of a home, love that description.
    A-Mi xx

  6. Nearly fell off the chair A-Me for it looks like my comment went through. Are the blog gremlins finally smiling on me :)
    A-Mi xxx

  7. Oh, I love a good staircase. Love the wallpaper on that one and how it goes to beautifully with the banister. When we were in Paris we spent ages at the swarovski crystal store on the champs elysees admiring the amazing crystal staircase in the store. It is one of the most beautiful staircases that I've ever seen. In fact, I ended up buying something there so it didn't look like we were stalking the staircase!

  8. They remind me of the ones in Jo's house from Desire to Inspire. They are heavenly! cheers Katherine

  9. Looking at those stairs makes me want to climb them.......


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