Thursday, July 14, 2011


No Bill. 

It was cold the night before last..... the coldest night here in 2 years. I hope he found somewhere warm and was still snuggled up when I went searching for him yesterday. He's like the Scarlet Pimpernel. Sometimes he's there, sometimes he's not. I'll find him. And pass on your kind words and offers. 
Thank you. 

Daryl, from Du Monde, said something in his comment on yesterday's post that resonated with me...."The Bill's in our world make us sit up and take notice and enjoy every minute of our life and not take anything for granted. A couple of bad turns and we could be in his shoes". So true, I am always taking stock of what I do have and not what I don't. The secret to happiness is gratitude. How you can not be happy if you are grateful. Thank you Daryl, for this morning's reminder!.... ooh and I just found this little gem, this morning, HERE.

The rest of this post reads like a bit of a news bulletin this morning:

Firstly, a bit of 'Cape Cod Designs' housekeeping this morning, over HERE..... if you are waiting on my Hamptons light, pop over for an update.

Next....more importantly!......did you watch 'The Block' last night? Oh dear, it brought back some building memories. I literally shed a tear watching the girls distress over their tradies letting them down. The pressure. I loved how Katrina kept saying, "we can do this", we WILL do this". I could see her really digging deep. We were all screaming "yeah". We do find ourselves shouting at the TV when we watch 'The Block'. We are fierce members of 'Team Katrina and Amie' so shouting is required. My boys are beside themselves with delight as they are normally NEVER allowed to watch TV during the school week. There will be some mourning when 'The Block' is over. Katrina tweeted that she wasn't watching the show last night, as it was too painful to relive. I don't think their builder will ever get work in that town again! I am sure there will be an update on her blog today. Head over HERE to send her some bloggy love.

I'm off to search for Bill and spend a day doing paperwork. Might do some baking for my hungry, growing boys too.
Have a great day!


  1. Hello Lovely Lady

    I am thankful to be reminded to be 'grateful'

    I hope I practice this, though human nature can sometimes disrupt this practice and we become, well, just interrupted....

    Bill will be back - does he need blankets or anything - can you ask if there is 3 things he needs right away and perhaps we can all compile together. I'm in if that is to be.

    I am going to watch the block today as couldn't watch it last night - I've already gathered there was a rude pig of a tradesman and the nation got to see why he shouldn't be in business.

    have a lovely day baking - I will be able to smell the cooking from here..... Yum...


  2. I hope you manage to catch up with Bill again soon. He will be very touched by the books you found for him. ;-)

  3. well A-M, that was a painful ep of Block for me to watch too, I really felt for the girls. I wrote a BIG blog love comment on her page last night because I wanted to assure her that she did an outstanding job in those circumstances. (and Aime of course). I just finished a reno of my own recently, and so many of those things go on all the time against women, I get on top of it straight away, but sexism is rife. Also, I never had cameras shoved in my face, but hey, like I said to Trina, there was a reason she and Aime were doing that show, because they could. And they should rejoice for getting thru that ep with the dignity and professionalism that they did, I wouldn't have been quite so nice to that drug affected builder (I use the term builder loosely!) xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. So much to grateful for, especially blog friends, family, home, health!


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  5. I loved Darryl's reminder to take stock of our own lives. Very grateful today.

    I watched the Block and was so confused as I watched Katrina and Amie's drama unfold. I couldn't get over the poor communication from that builder and then the nasty attitude he assumed before influencing the other tradies to leave. Wow! What an idiot. I mean, he just demonstrated his hopeless work ethic on Prime-Time TV! It was painful to watch them have no help. They were amazing.

  6. *newbie to your blog spot!

    Just thought I would post a quick comment up to say that I really enjoyed reading your blog post. I think we all forget to be more appreciative/grateful for the things we have sometimes and that can be disheartening when we all know someone else out there worse off than us. So thank you for reminding me today :)

  7. Yep, we could all practice a little more gratitude at times! BTW, if you haven't already, check out The House of Turquoise. You'll love it! They did a Dream Home Tour a few weeks back which is a must see.

  8. Hi A-M, the builders on "The Block" and the other lazy one later on Jamie Durie's new show really puzzled me. I would have thought having the opportunity for people to view their work on those shows would be worth more than gold to them. Instead those two builders that underperformed showed themselves to be lazy and greedy and did themselves no favours! Who would employ either of them?

  9. I hope you have found Bill, A-M...He is a wonderful painter and I am sure he could teach us all a few lessons about life and how to enjoy it....xv

  10. Hi don't get me started about 'The Block'! That chippie just had dollar signs in his eyes. Boy, did I feel for the girls, but you are right:-they handled it so well. Also, you got me onto Brooke and Steve Giannetti last year and I just received their beautiful book 'Patina Style' in the mail. You would absolutely love it A-M. Hope you find Bill soon. xo

  11. I hope you find him soon - and I love that pic! Have the best of days! :-)

  12. I love what Daryl said about Bill, its so true, hope he is keeping warm xx


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