Saturday, July 30, 2011

Soccer Mum Essentials

Can you believe I carried all that?

Saturday morning essentials.....comfy chair ....
.....and spare for the bored child not playing his game at the time.

Stylish skin cancer prevention.

Some light reading....for half time only...
.... otherwise.... "Mum did you see me skin the defender and chip it over the keeper into the top corner!!????" ... "ah, err, yep, it was great son")

Club bacon and egg burger....

... with warmed...err fried?... bun.

And most essentially.... champion soccer players! 


We only had one 'on-the-field tantrum/melodramatic injury' today!

Pity he can't redeem the prize due to his peanut allergy :(


  1. I love the "kit" bag.

    Thank god someone else leaves the house with basically "the house"!

    I guess the bacon and egg burger went down exceptionally well - wish I shared one with you.

    Have a lovely night ahead my friend


  2. PS

    Well done to Kristan too

    bum the allergy - I forgot! Any sorbet etc?


  3. We trekked off to soccer without chairs today but had the obligatory sausage sandwiches so all was well! Very hard to entertain a 4yo and 2yo while big brother plays so I rarely get to see any action!

  4. Am hearing you on all of the above! Must remember everything for the upcoming gala day too...long day without a comfy chair and a 'housey' mag for 'between games'!

  5. You should try being a rowing Mum. Have to be onsite at 6.15am (an hour and a half trek) from Brissie. Not allowed (!) to leave until last race and then have to drive to school to wash boats and get rigging ready for Monday. Home by 6.30pm.


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