Friday, July 15, 2011

Some Days You Just Want To Escape

Image Courtesy Haven In Paris

Do you have those days? Where you start somewhere in blogland and you end up in a beautiful place and you don't know how you got there? Some days I just want to travel and travel through this medium in search of beautiful things and people and places and inspiration. 

Today I'm off through the Paris Apartment. I follow her links and I always end up somewhere totally magical.

Where do you go for inspiration? Where do you 'escape' to? 
PS Can't you tell I have an in-tray beckoning. That's when I find the best places to escape to.
Happy Friday!


  1. Hello Lovley lady

    Look at all those windows.
    Look at all those quarter glass pieces.

    As I was cursing cleaning all my French Door glass pieces yesterday - this photo brings me in appreciation of them.

    I escape to blog land too. I love serene blogs (ie: nothing that screams in my face with all the advertising and links etc.)

    I lose myself in inspiring pieces, simplicity, colour attraction and design.

    I think most of all I love your blog AM - that's why I'm here and you have the talent to keep me (and thousands) coming back day after day.

    Your words as your photos are always thought provoking and make me stop and smell the roses.

    have a lovely day ahead


  2. Oh A-M, thank you for the gifts of these new spaces to visit - both truly glorious!

    Happy day!

    xx Felicity

  3. Just wanted to say thanks again for the info A-M. And yes I do have those days as well when I really have so much to do ,but I am enticed by what may be around the next corner in blogland!!

  4. Pinterest. C'est une source de grande inspiration ! Découvert il y a 2 semaines seulement...

    Pinterest. This is a source a good inspiration (DIY / HOME / Good ideas). Discovered only 2 weeks ago !

  5. yes yes , almost every day I like to escape as much as I can my dear....

  6. I come here.

  7. HI A-M,
    I was trying to figure out why the blue and white toy hiding in the hospital room was making you squeamish??? Till I figured you'd read the previous post.
    That's because I was enmeshed in Paris Apartment's latest post of the 1926 Decorative Arts Display. Gosh, what wonderful images, so timeless and inspiring.

    You really do find the most amazing places for us to go.

    I am wowing them here in the hospital - brag brag. Definitely winning the walking, healing, cleanest wound, best X-ray competition. Trouble is non of the other patients know there is a competition going on in my head. Sigh.


  8. I also feel that some days I want to escape and be alone for a while..But I also feel if I travel i want my kids to come along.


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