Friday, July 8, 2011

To Market, To Market

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I am heading off to Melbourne this weekend, to take in the magic that is the 'Boutique Markets' (at Hawthorn Town Hall on Sunday at 9am). 

I love Melbourne. I love the cold. I love sitting in the outdoor cafes, under toasty warm heaters, watching all the gorgeous fashions walk by. I think I'll do a bit of that when I am down there. I hear the snow is good this year too. Deep sigh! 

Tell me about Melbourne, people. I seem to be heading there quite a bit with work these days and I have promised the boys a trip next school holidays. What's the goss? What to do? Where to go?

Happy Weekend all. 

See you at the markets, you Melbourne folk!



  1. Hi lovely lady

    Wishing you a great trip ahead, take lots of piccy's for us.

    I wonder how many cafe latte's you will have over the weekend and how many wines? :)

    The markets sound to be fabbo - I'm trying to get myself together to have a stall up at the brisbane boutique markets......

    See you soon with lots of news and a blog about it



  2. AM, I used to live in Brisbane, only for about a year and absolutely loved the place. But when I got the chance to come back home I jumped at it.

    There are a lot of things to do here, as there are in every city, it really all depends on what takes your fancy. If your boys love the Zoo, then entry for children is free here now. There are the bayside beaches which are safe for kids, Healesville Sanctuary, the Free Range zoo at Werribee...all depends on what the boys are interested in and what time of year you decide to be here.
    While here this weekend, (if you have the time) head to Malvern Road or High St Armadale.
    Chapel Street's good, but for me, Brunswick Street Fitzroy is my fav as it's wonderful for food, boutiques and coffee.
    Have a great time at Hawthorn Town Hall. Glenferrie Road is a pretty good place to shop as well.


  3. Hello A-M!

    Gees its been a long time I have left a comment on your blog but still read every post. I am going down to the market as well...if I see you, I will come and say hello, just hope I recognise you from your photos hehe and not go around saying hello to a lot of strangers.

    Mrs B x

  4. Hey A.M,

    Melbourne is magic. From what I know of your boys through this blog I would say science works in Spotswood is a must.The Museaum is also full of wonderful treasures for kids. As for yourself, well Melbourne is the place to shop and although al the trendy city streets are great for this a trip out to Chadstone shopping centre would delight, it's HUGE!!!

    Enjoy Melbourne this weekend, wish I was going to the markets but the kids busy social lives seems to take over our weekends these days and they are only 2 and 5 years old!!!

  5. Good morning A-M!
    Hope you have a great weekend. My favourite place to go for a lovely afternoon tea in Melbourne is the Hotel Windsor. They do a lovely high tea, which my family have all done, the boys as well as my daughter. My daughter and eldest son will be in your neck of the woods for the next week at a Rugby and netball tour, so if you see any children dressed in blue black and gold their my guys from Bathurst. Thanks for your blog everyday. My day never starts until I have my coffee and A-M. My husband thinks your blog should come with a warning note attached that says that this blog is highly addictive!!!!

  6. I love Melbourne. Lived here all my life, and couldn't imagine living anywhere else! I love the culture, the cafes, the shopping and the's always changing and unpredictable! The summers are not too hot (although 46C was a tad too much...), but the humidity is a lot less than Sydney or Brisbane. Snow is close by, as are the beaches. The Yarra Valley is beautiful, and you must take a trip through The Dandenongs. Personally, I can't go past the Southern Mornington Peninsula. Beautiful food, shops, wineries, beaches, villages and rolling hills.

    I'll look out for you on Sunday (and you too, Mrs B!)...I'll be wearing jeans and a black jacket and scarf....just like everyone else!! LOL! xo

  7. PS: I should also add, since you're in Hawthorn, a trip to 'The Works' should be in order. It's a huge warehouse for Bed Bath N Table, that stocks more than the average suburban store, including a cafe. Not sure if it's open on Sunday, though.... Then there's Provincial Home Living which is just Victorian based (although I see there is one in Canberra!). You should also take a trip to Church Street Richmond and check out Koko Lane (opposite French and English)...then of course, you can always drop past Cameron st and see 'The Block' houses!

  8. Can't wait to meet you Stormy and Mrs B!!! Long time coming!... years!!!! Thanks for all your tips girls. A-M xx

  9. Hi A-M,

    Ta, looking forward to another lunch too.
    Cyclone was 3rd February would you believe.
    There are no builders available here in Townsville.
    Can't believe people from down south don't want to come up and work.

    Can I just say how well informed you are about The Block.
    You are doing a wonderful job of keeping us posted.
    I'm still amazed that they scored Katrina and Amy below the winners. The only thing they criticised in their finish was a bit of dust/paint on the bricks. What about the winners dodgy finish on the floor that wasn't level - and Scott's help getting it fixed. Hurrrummmppphhh - i say!

    Have a ball at the Designers' Markets. I wish I could give you a list of things to buy for me -tee hee.


  10. Aaah, Melbourne! I've only lived here since Sept '10 after moving from the UK, but we wouldn't live anywhere else. I'm myself jotting down some of the places people have mentioned. Melbourne for me has everything - beaches, wine farms, mountains, snow, vibrant city, little islands - what more do you need? One of my favourite places? Sassafras! Beautiful shops and village living at the foot of the mountains.

  11. ps. a shame your boys aren't with you this weekend - there is a FANTASTIC Lego expo at Federation Square!

  12. Enjoy your trip A-M. Melbourne is my favourite city too. Pity we won't be there at the same time. Maybe we can meet up another time:)

  13. Mate i am off to melbourne wednesday. I love it there too. I only have 3 words for you. Ko ko black. My all time favourite chocolate shop in melbourne xx

  14. Luna Park, St Kilda. The boys will love it and there are fabulous coffe, eats and celebrity sitings a plenty. Everyone will be happy!

  15. Definitely Scienceworks at Spotswood...the boys will love it! Robx

  16. hi AM - I can't see my way to the market this time, geesh! bumma If that situation changes I'm not sure how I'd find you anyway! But in melb, our fav restaurant is Monroe's in St Kilda (Fitzroy St) - really great for us & kids, nice but not snobby, check out people from all walks of life from the window! Def Scienceworks, but being school holidays it might be very busy. Remember St Kilda has Luna Park, beach, cafe's, great cake shops (and the pier) fish n chips etc. If you head down Armadale way you will find the crem de la crem of cake shops & provincial stores like Provincial Home and Town & Country outlet.

    Shopping centres are quite busy atm because it's winter and school holidays. BTW, st kilda is about 15mins from hawthorn - if that helps! HAVE AN AWESOME BREAK - don't fly Tiger!

  17. and at the end of the day go to the Melbourne Supper Club (upstairs at 161 Spring St) for a vino. A perfect way to end a winter's day in Melbourne! Enjoy...K x

  18. Hi A-M,
    I am a Brissie girl who now lives in Melbourne. In fact I live just up the road from the market and I didn't even know about it until I read your blog!!! I, of course, will be attending and shall look out for you. I refuse to succumb to Melb's 'fashion' of grey on black or black on grey with either red shoes or red accessories- you wait- you'll see what I am talking about on Sunday!!! Brisbane women have better fashion sense than those down here!!!!

    There is a great cafe 2 min walk from the town hall called 'Axil' on burwood road. As you walk out of the townhall, turn left, cross the intersection, and it is a 1 min walk down. After a caffeine hit, warm up by continuing down to the left until you hit Bunnings- and across the road is 'the works' as mentioned by another reader.

    Check out the Vic markets for pides; 'market imports' near Armadale train station (behind the High st); CAmberwell markets on Sunday morning (go early for the good stuff, pre-hawthorn mkts) and the shops in Coventry st in south Melbourne and Albert park (Sambag is down there- as well as in high st, prahran- they should still have sale stock!)

    Have a great time- bring a scarf and good walking shoes!

  19. Hi A-M,
    Beinga Victorian living in NSW I'm fiercely patriotic and miss victoria greatly. Melbourne is the greatest city - my family is AFL mad so I'd have to say a tour at the great MCG is a must - how come you Victorians out there didn't mention that to her knowing her sports-mad sons??
    It has a sporting museum there too. Just to go into the 'arena' and see the size of it will amaze the boys.
    Happy shopping!

  20. Hey A-M,

    You should definitely, definitely go to the Camberwell Market, it's on every Sunday and has heaps of really good bargains on clothing, furniture, books, music, everything. If you're nearby Box Hill you should definitely go to the Red Cup Cafe on Whitehorse Rd. I get coffee from there daily and the food is delicious. You should definitely take your boys to Scienceworks in Spotswood. And while you're that side of the world I'd recommend going to the Williamstown craft market, it's lovely. Also you should go to the fish and chips store along the main road of Williamstown by the roundabout, it's (in my opinion) the best fish and chips store in Melbourne. If you're in the city, Degraves St has a number of lovely cafes and restaurants.

    Hope you have a wonderful time while you're down here. XO

  21. Degraves Street and Graffiti Lane are cute little lunch hangouts (take a cupcake home for the boys from the little cupcake shop), but I can't go to Melbourne and not visit Laurent on Little Collins Street - fabulous coffee. You'd think you were in Paris. Divine!

  22. PS. I'm looking for Brisbane suggestions, A-M!

  23. It is few years since I was in Melborne but I bet your boys would love the old jail and all is ghoulish history. My husband and I found the death masks fascinating but I am pretty sure my boys would love it now that are a bit older and be absolutely fascinated especially by the story of Ned Kelly. It is a little bit different than the razamataz of Brisbane and a history lesson as well.

    I have to say I love Melborne, it reminds me of home (NZ)where people in the streets actually strike up a conversation with you.

  24. Hi am, wish i could help with knowing where to go, I have only been to melbourne once and i think i didnt find any of the better places, maybe one day i will get back there and you can tell us the best places!! have lots of fun and enjoy the markets!
    Laura xx

  25. Oh A-M, I am jealous, I grew up in Melbourne and whenever my husband and I go back it is like being back at home. It is quite and unusual feeling, my family just loves it we plan a trip every year and head done for a month, there is so much to see and door for you and the boys. Let me know when you are next visiting and I will tell you some of the things to see and do. Mimi xx

  26. Good suggestions above, particularly Mr and Mrs C's. I went to the market this morning, then to The Works (aka my second home) for brunch (axil seemed to have a queue out the front which is just not on when it's so freeeezing). The market was ok but a lot smaller than I expected and more kids stuff than homewares. Hopefully it continues to grow and has a bit more variety.


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