Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Night

Does anyone else out there rely on their 'Mother's Chicken Soup Casserole recipe' as a weekly staple like I do? .... browned floured chicken thigh fillets, browned onion, Campbell's Cream of Chicken soup, dash of wine, tin of champignons, breadcrumbs and 'random' herbs. My boys think I am a kitchen goddess when I serve it up (weekly... without fail).

Big son was home sick today. I smothered him with love and he kept thanking me. "You don't have to thank me my love, I'm ya Mum!"

My current shipment of lights is very late. I am biting my fingernails.... so are my customers. They are floating in a container somewhere out to sea. My lights that is, not my customers. Sigh. What can I do? Keep biting my nails I suppose.... and continue to apologise.

'Brian' says hello.

I'm off early in the morning.....so 'Happy Wednesday'!


  1. Ha! Yes...lol...we learnt to cook that in Home Econonics (Corpus Christi Nundah girl...) It gets dragged out every winter...lol Mine is slightly different in that we used some bacon and fresh mushies. Good stuff though...comforting...

  2. Sounds like it's up there with my fave slow cooker apricot chicken: chicken pieces, tin of apricots, sachet of French onion soup, chopped onions and water thrown in slow cooker as I'm racing out the door for work. Come home and throw rice in rice cooker and everyone is happy at dinner that night!

  3. Look at you masterchef A-M!

    Well there are some staples in our house, BBQ chicken is one, but I think yours is a bit more flash and professional looking than mine.

    I think my favourite staple is salmon patties

    We make fish burgers out of them
    We have salad and salmon patties
    I freeze them.
    I often have one for a quickie lunch too.

    I make mine gluten free and I use:

    2 large cans salmon (drained exceptionally well)
    400gms mashed potato (mash well but not too much liquid)
    finely chop 1 red onion or spring onion
    1 bunch coriander finely chopped
    splash gluten free tamari or soy
    splash of tomato paste
    seasoning salt
    good handful rice crumbs - add as much as you need to help bind
    mould together in large balls
    roll in mix of rice flour and rice crumbs
    flatten down slightly as you rest them on a plate waiting to cook in fry pan.

    Hope that one works out ok for you too.

    These can freeze in their "uncooked" state or cook them and freeze any leftover.

    Re Brian: I need to to love him via the photos - I am not sure I am as brave as your sons loving him the way they do :))

    have a lovely Wednesday



  4. My mother has never made it, nor I! When I lived out west it was a staple dish, and I can bet my husband had it many of times as a child. Maybe I shall give it a try?

  5. I've never tried a chicken soup casserole recipe - where have I been?! It sounds like it would please all of my tribe so I will give it a go later this week.
    Don't stress about the lights - they will be worth the wait!
    Clare x

  6. There is nothing like a Mum's love when your not well and a Mum's famous dish to make the soul better.
    Hope you are well. Blogger is allowing me out again ;0)
    Ness xx

  7. My staple is the chicken pie. The boys LOVE it but it's so simple!

    Hope B1 is feeling much better soon x

  8. Oh, I have not made chicken soup casserole for ages! Thanks for the inspiration for tomorrow night's dinner, A-M!! I hope your big boy is feeling better. Lovely to see Brian:) Hope you have a fabulous week ~ Txx

  9. Oh when my high schooler is home with me (normally for respite from exhuastion) she thanks me constantly, ahhh, they 'get it' we live for them, then appreciate it!! Hope he's well soon, i bet that chicken casserole fixed him right up, love Posie

  10. Will have to try that but does it freeze?! I am just an old fashioned apricot chicken girl...actually I think that might be dinner tomorrow night!!!

  11. I feel for you with your late shipment. I am having the same problem with my latest shipment of linen fabric. My suppliers drive me crazy with various delays. At least yours are on the way.

  12. Oh A-M your chicken dish looks and sounds lovely. Is there any chance in your hectic schedule that you could let all your followers see the receipe?

    My children think Brian looks adorable.

    Thank you
    x Colleen

  13. Ooohh - I love a recipe with tinned soup. Just made it for the family tonight and they all ate it. It's about to be on high rotation in my kitchen.

    I thought I should share the tinned soup love.

    Here is my favourite mega slack dinner option


    Take care.


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