Monday, July 25, 2011

A Visit To The Block

Had to get a photo of 'The Cushion'. 
"Throw yourself on the bed 'Treens'.... that'll be the room reveal photo tomorrow on my blog!"
 And so it is.

Well I didn't receive any photos of the room reveal from Channel 9 last night so I guess I will just have to use my own! The lovely Julie-Ann (from the Decorating Forum, who I excitedly met for the first time yesterday) and I popped around to catch up with Katrina yesterday on The Block. She was busy working away, tidying up for the first open house that is scheduled soon.

Katrina and Amie's main bedroom is spectacular in real life. The wallpaper just 'pops'. It's all very striking with the black and white theme. Since the show was filmed they have installed some groovy louvres on the windows which create a sense of privacy and filter the light beautifully in the room.

I was fortunate enough to also visit Katrina and Amie on The Block during filming just after the main bedroom and ensuite had been completed. I took some shots of their white ensuite bathroom tiles when I was there. I was so enamoured with them.

I was seriously in love with Katrina and Amie's front door. 
I wonder if they got to keep it for a souvenir? 
I forgot to ask.

So yesterday I got to swan around the study when it wasn't full of building junk like it was on my first visit. I love all their vignettes. It's a fabulous room..... and I also stand by their decision to do a study and not a bedroom. The ceilings are gobsmackingly high but the room is much narrower than it appears on TV. It was crying out to be a study. A bed would have looked stupid. A bedroom would not have worked. The cabinetry actually gives it all a feeling of space and height. Yep, they repainted the silver doors white. Looks good (even though I liked the silver). It's a beautiful room. If it was my place, it would be the room I lived in permanently.

We had a chuckle over the judges comments about the books being turned around the 'wrong way'.
Since Katrina's last visit, someone had turned them around again so she set about turning them back the 'right way' with the spines in. Thank you very much mystery stylists.

I took a great photo of 'Mr Chambo' on his hands and knees, cleaning paint splashes off the floor but I can't publish it as I just realised it would have been a 'spoiler' photo as you can see the hall, the front and the floors in it. I will embarrass him when the show is finished. It's a deal.

Look there's The Decorating Forum's Julie-Ann. Yes she's real, she does exist! 
And Katrina has mastered the most fabulous TV smile. She's getting lots of practice!

So we wandered down to a groovy little Melbourne-ish coffee shop for some brunch and nattered about important things like.... our boys, the best deodorant for teenage boys, blogging and bloggy friends... and life after The Block. Thanks for a lovely time girls. The planets aligned and we were all in the same city at the same time! Perth + Brisbane + Wagga = Melbourne. Who'd have thought!

Back to the school week. Rumour has it that my boys spent the whole weekend in a tree and only came down briefly to eat. .... and they have the scratches and insect bites to prove it!

Happy Monday!
PS. Katrina has just put up some great photos of the main bed and ensuite HERE


  1. Lucky you! What fun that would have been. I really liked the wallpaper too, not to mention the beautiful cocky cushion!

  2. Hello AM

    I am typing this in so much happiness for all 3 of you :)

    Though I may turn a little green with envy every now and then. (Hi Julie and Hi Katrina) - the wish I was there too kind of green!

    I think the room (again) looked wonderful ( I must admit so did the others too) but Katrina and Amie's was very now but not too over the top either to date to quickly.

    It is such a lovely post you have done and shows us great behind the scenes moments that the cameras are not giving us.

    Your boys will have missed you so much I can imagine but the offset sounds like they became naturalists and wildlife wanderers in the absence.

    have a lovely day



  3. Lucky you to catch up with Katrina at The Block. From what we have seen I tv I love it and am amazed that they haven't won money for one of their rooms

  4. That would've been such a fun time catching up with your bloggy mates!! So envious that you've seen house #3 up close and personal too! What a thrill. I'm totally addicted to The Block and so are my boys. xx

  5. Great post A-M! I too was lucky enough to visit Katrina at the block and had a wonderful day. I just loved what they had done and am seriously considering snaffling the same dining table they used as I loved it!
    ps. pity there isnt a photo of the three of you together!!

  6. You lucky girl..those girls rock..want them to win!

  7. After seeing so much negativity about Katrina and Amie on facebook (I have unliked The Block) your post has been a breath of fresh air!!! What a wonderful thing that you could get together and chat and share like that. I'm sure it was a great encouragement for Katrina at this time.

  8. Alicia, there is a photo of the 3 of us but it is a 'spoiler' in front of the finished house. Later! A-M xx

  9. What a happy cheery post A-Me, I'm so glad you enjoyed Melbourne and catching up with bloggy pals.
    Love the bedroom know b & w stops my heart. Also I'd like to know who made those groovy external louvres?
    Enjoy your day
    A-Mi xxx

  10. Tell me A-M, did you peek at the other houses too? I wouldn't have been able to resist that.

    Now I'm curious, so what is the best deodorant for teenage boys???

    Love that you three got together in Melbourne when geography normally gets in your way.

  11. A-Mi, Catch up his week. Compulsory. A-Me xx

  12. I am enjoying this series of The Block so much and a big part is Katrina & Aimie's enthusiasm and commitment. It's also been a huge treat for my eldest two to stay up and watch most episodes. Also curious about the best deodorant for teenage boys here!

  13. What a fabulous weekend A-M, I would love to have a stroll thru the houses & meet you all. Love watching the block & learn so much from the decorating forum. You must be buzzing with enthusiasm right now!!!

  14. A-M and A-Mi - meeeee toooo!
    come down here to coolangatta!!!!
    pleeeeaaaasssseeeeee, so over male only company, need big girly fix!

  15. Fantastic to get the behind the scenes stuff!

  16. Lol so much interest in deodorant:). The brand that is perfect for teenage boys that play a lot of sport is Rexona Clinical Protection. It comes in a box.
    It's a funny subject to chat about - but I guess as passionate as the 3 of us are about decorating and social media - we are the most passionate about our lovely boys:).
    It was great to meet both A-M and Katrina - they are even lovelier in real life:).
    And I loved Katrina and Amie's house. The design and execution were stunning. As is the dining table - yet to be revealed:)

  17. Another reason I lived in Melbourne! The girls are rocking its so hard to watch The Block each night knowing it's already finished I can't wait to see the final rooms. Thanks for the sneak (almost!) peek!

  18. Oh how much fun, i do love those tiles & thought their bedroom was amazing. I did a double take on the shutters, i love them, great addition. I do wonder if they can change/ add/ update things after the room reveal, love the inside story. Yay, they are by far my favourite duo on The Block, love Posie

  19. oh yes, can't wait till there is opens at the houses, I must get down there for a geeza!!!

  20. Ooh thanks for the inside pictures so glad the girls got picked for the block & so glad you keep us all up to date with it all. :))


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