Wednesday, August 10, 2011

After A Long Wait

The ships are comin' in! These gorgeous things have just arrived at Cape Cod Designs
I have 4 left out of my shipment... and not enough room to store them in 'my lighting cave' ('the shed').... with hundreds of my Hampton's lights due any day now. Each one of these beauties takes up a pallet! The next shipment is not until next year. Who wants one? Email me at:
More info HERE.


  1. Hi Light Lady! (AKA Miss A-M)

    cant fit it in (*sob - unfortunately!)

    But will shout about it for you - lets get this party moving!

    You've got some new ones a commin right behind these guys!



  2. Hooray! Wish I could purchase from "the lighting cave" but I am still redoing reno plans...again... aghhhh!!
    Clare x

  3. OMG, I am in love with that light what a statement....I don't know how you don't have one of everything hanging in your home
    A-M, regardless of getting a sore kneck because you would be looking up all day long.;-)

  4. I just love it I need higher celling's for that beauty x

  5. Oh - I LOVE LOVE LOVE that light!! I WANT/NEED them for my new kitchen but will have to get them past the treasurer....

  6. Oh that is gorgeous!! Maybe next shipment, too many renos to complete first!

  7. So glad your lights are all finally arriving. I know waiting has been driving you crazy.


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