Monday, August 22, 2011

Auction Night

Believe it or not, I haven't seen the final show yet as I was on a plane coming home when it aired last night. I sorta know how it all ends. It was slightly devastating when Katrina and Amie's house was passed in at auction. I cried. I did. It sold after auction for the reserve. I cried a bit that night. It was Josh and Jenna's fault. It all started when Josh proposed to Jenna before it all started. I'm a sucker for a good proposal. I met them later on that night. They are a gorgeous couple. 

Ok so more importantly, didn't the girls look beautiful!!! Oh they shone! I spent the night with Katrina and Amie's family and friends. We played up a bit. Especially during the bidding. Every bid, there was a whoop from all of us. Our raucous behaviour was not televised I have been told (funny that).... but we made sure that Katrina and Amie's auction bidding was the most exciting!

There was some very nice scenery! Sorry about the iphone blur.

Katrina's hubby looks happy doesn't he?! 
Sorry Mr Chambo, you're fair game now that you've been on the telly.
Treens, your hair looked gorgeous.

I tried to get a photo of the back of Shelley's 'do'..... it was lovely. ... but she moves so much! She has lots of energy! I had a special photo taken with her for my boys as they are big fans. 

See, she didn't stand still!

Speaking of 'dos'... loved Katrina's too.

... and didn't Polly look gorgeous. Loved her frock.

Where I was sitting. Name the celebrity head. Hint - judge.

My boys have informed me that they freeze-framed the whole show and found me via the big flower ring I was wearing. They said they could see me clapping with my hands in the air. I got very involved in the whole thing. It was all very emotional after Josh and Jenna's house got passed in. We were all on the edge of our seats the whole night.

Apart from the disappointing outcome, I did have a fabulous time. Thanks for inviting me Treens. Loved meeting your gorgeous friends from Wagga and Albury... hi guys!....and your lovely family. They're gonna kill me but here they are at the 'after do' in their jammies. Yes, immaculate movie star hair and makeup.... and pyjamas! I think that just about sums it all up!

Girls... good things..... good things are gonna happen for you two. Congratulations!



  1. Hi A-M,
    What on earth happened???? How disappointing to have three of the four houses passed in.
    On a positive note, the girls did look drop dead gorgeous. Why is there no photo of you and the girls posted????

    Kel x

  2. it was a rollercoaster last night- I couldn't believe the outcome and would be feeling pretty disappointed if I was someone other than Polly and Waz! however, the girls (and everyone else) handled it fabulously and I had a tear too when Josh proposed. The only happy people in the house last night were my 6yr old as he loved Polly and Waz and my husband as he now can have the tv back at 7pm every night! thanks for the photos and glad you had a lovely time. K xx

  3. Hello A-M

    Oh yes - what a disappointing outcome last night.

    I kept looking for you and found you at the endish :)
    You looked gorg!

    I know there will be greater things happen.

    They do have to remember whilst there wasn't any prize money for them now - there will be great things happen for them.

    One has to go through a lot of pain in journeys to get rewards.
    I remember the saying "a lot of rain has to fall to then enjoy the rainbow".

    I'm glad you had an amazing time.
    Even though the shows passing in's weren't what we wanted at all - The Block was a good show and entertaining.

    They all looked gorgeous last night.

    I know how stunning you would have looked too!.

    have a lovely day


  4. I felt for the girls, Amie seemed quite upset at the result.
    I strained to find you A-Me to no avail although I must have seen the back of your head because I remember the lady with the curly hair, oh well.
    Agree the girls looked smashing, the jammies pic is delightful.
    I wonder would they put themselves through it again??

  5. Have to say it was a terrible end to a fab show - the channel has done itself no favours for 2012 - who would sign up for next year after seeing such a hideously disappointing result. The reserves were too high and out of whack for the current market surely? i felt for them all and especially for the girls - after all they sacrificed and achieved - nada. Here's to good things coming their way!

  6. I think everyone watching the show was gobsmacked with the results & felt disapointed for them. I guess that is real life, not always a fairy tale ending. I hope some poitive opportunities come their way now it's all over. I enjoyed the show and will miss it.

  7. Ps. I agree with Jossie. When I heard the reserves my reaction was 'too steep' but not being current with Melbourne property values I thought heck.. what do I know.

  8. You are so right A-M...the girls have big things around the corner...Katrina's bright and positive outlook is inspiring and contagious, there can only be positive news around the corner.

  9. Hi A-M I didn't see you on the show:(. Although it was a crazy night here as the cat broke Mr18's computer just as the show started. So I was madly trying to fix the computer, console the child and watch The Block. Today I feel so flat. I cried for the girls too. I cried for all 3 couples. This is not the outcome anyone deserved. I just hope wonderful opportunities come out of this for all of them. And yes it has put off my interest in the show for next year too.
    I am glad you all had a lovely time. And everyone looked very swish:).

  10. OMG, BEYOND cool that you were at the auction! It was so disappointing that only Polly & Waz's house sold. Happy for them because they were one of my favourite teams (also love Rod & Tania), but such a bummer for the other teams to not make any money on their houses after all that hard work. Hope they all enjoyed the overall experience, though, and I'm sure they came out of it with lots of good memories (the skull and the mankini were hilarious!) and new friendships.

  11. Thanks for that A M you just made me cry what a lovely post you have done you are a lovely person glad you did the whoo whoo's & why not hee hee I would have done that to hee.
    Shame the house never sold I cannot believe it but as you say there will be great things for the girls I just know it!! Hope you have a great week Lainey :) x

  12. Very disappointing :(
    I thought the reserves sounded too steep and I thought it was weird that T&R's reserve was lower than K&A's. I felt so bad for them all but esp the girls - being away from your kids for so long and the sacrifice of the whole family, they def had it the hardest so to sell at reserve just doesn't seem fair. I like P&W as a couple but their house was the least fav of mine so it was weird that they won. Oh well as you say only good things can happen out of it. I think Katrina and Amie should have their own TV show that's what I think :)
    So glad you had a fun time A-M!

  13. What a disaster!!! All that sacrifice and not a cent! My husband and I felt the reserves were too high, what a shame!

  14. I understand that I´m not understanding this fully since I don´t live in Australia - but it seems like something didn´t turn out as you hoped. Too bad - but everyone looked gorgeous!

    Have a great day! :-)

  15. What a bizarre finale after all the hype. It is reality I suppose (which doesn't always make good TV!) but I felt so disappointed for the couples that looked to make nothing after all that torture. The silver lining will be around the corner I'm sure.

  16. Glad you enjoyed yourself A-M but yes, such a disppointing outcome of the night. I thought the girls looked stunning, especially Katrina whose hair colour, style, outfit, everything was amazing!!

  17. Living in Melbourne myself I have a little insight into what happened. All the estate agents are now being investigated for a type of frauding the vendors. It is when they keep the reserves down and then try to push the public into believing they will get a bargain. From reading business newspapers and knowing a real estate agent personally, it would appear that the public on the day were nervous about bidding. Also the area is not as flash as the houses look now. The surrounding area is pretty average looking and not up market at all, so that also keeps the pricing down.
    I think Channel 9 made a mistake in choosing that area to reno. Knowing the high standards all the previous contestants have achieved and the houses/apratments suited their area, this time round I think they boo-booed big time. I reckon Katrina and Amie's place was brilliant. Not my choice personally but they did a fantastic job with all their hardships and still came out smiling. Anyway, there is a bit of insight for you to understand the flop of the night.

  18. How exciting that you got to be a part of the night A-M, for some reason when i was watching i thought that you might be there!! What a let down but think the girls will go from strength to strength xx

  19. The girls looked amazing, how cute is Polly & yes, the proposal had me in tears too, i was thinking, oh wow, they could not look more gorgeous & boy Josh has guts (to propose in public & to Jenna, bless her demanding heart).
    Katrina & Amie were my favourites, they looked amazingly gorgeous, giggles at Mr Katrina with Natalie, she is so damn stunning that lady. Shelley looks like a bundle of laughs & energy, just like her on air persona.
    So glad you had a ball, love Posie

  20. Maria, as much as I would love to say that you have a point, you don't. The real estate agents are not being investigated for anything to do with the reserve price - they are in fact being investigated for under quoting, which means that they supposed had set the price guide for potential buyers too low. This is not a fraud against the vendors, it is in fact to get people into the place believing that they can afford it, then get excited and bid past their limits at auction - the investigation is actually there to protect the buyer, not the vendor. In saying this, that now doesn't matter, because all the places got passed in within the range of the buyers' guide, meaning that they were pretty much on the money. With clearances of auctions being 13% down on last year and only at 60% and less, that is what caused the downfall. The reserve itself is set by the vendor, in this case, Channel 9 (as they are actually the ones who own the places), and they got them valued for this purpose - I still question the reserve as I do think that it was high. I am very sad for the girls, they worked so hard, they might not have got $$$ but I am sure that all good things will come from this, sooner or later.

  21. Sounds like you had a fabulous time. I will miss the block. This is the first block series I have watched all the way through thanks to 'the sisters'.

  22. I cried on the night for all of them and almost cried again reading that you cried! Hopeless.
    Disappointing end, but onward and upward for the girls, I hope :)

  23. I.Want.Katrina's.Shoes.

    That is all.....

  24. I so wish I were living in Australia so I could've been on the edge of my seat watching the final show. I just know I would've been addicted to The Block.

    Lovely photos, thank you for sharing all the behind the scenes stuff and your personal commentary A-M. It made it that much more interesting and entertaining!


  25. Hi A-M, thought I would leave a comment and say "hello" as you now know we all (even my husband) read your blog. It was great hanging out with you on Saturday night.. one I'm sure we won't ever forget. I am only just getting over the whole experience of emotions from the event from anxious, nervous, excitement, panic, sadness to all the laughing we did by the end of the night. I think I need a quite weekend this week. And yes good things are going to happen! XX


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