Friday, August 5, 2011

Beauty At Home

My living room side table

Gotta love that iPhone 'Instagram' ap. I find it encourages me to capture the simple beauty in the things I live with.

My messy dresser.

My bedside

Gorgeous trinket box from Jessie Lauren..... 'instagrammed'.. to enhance the 'crackle'

The box that my Jessie Lauren goodies came in. I kid you not. 
Jess, I'm using it as furniture, it's so beautiful!

My bed. Cushion from Target.

... and one of the most beautiful things I live with.... an 'instagrammed, sleeping angel'.

Happy Friday! 
Boy, this week went fast.


  1. I love these pics - Instagram is really fun and handy! :-)

  2. Hello AM

    Yes Friday!

    I have this iphone app but haven't used it - must get to it and give it a try.

    Love your "messy" dresser - some people call that an arrangement or art!

    I love the sleeping angel - you can't ever replace one of those. That is the best possession you could own.

    have a great day - It will be monday and school lunches before you know it.



  3. Contrary to some opinion technology can make us slow down and connect at a deeper level with our world.
    This post is proof positive of that A-M and I love the treasures that you've shared.

    Happy weekend!

    xx Felicity

  4. Hipstamatic allows you to do gorgeous shots on your phone too. I got some lovely B&W's of my kids last weekend which I hope to frame for my new home. Loving technology:)

  5. Here was I attempting the minimalist look on my dresser but after seeing this pic of a jewellery laden one then 'jewels' are about to be liberated!

    I used to sit by my children while they slumbered and marvel at the wonderfulness of it all.
    Beautiful photo A-Me and one to be cherished.

  6. Nice pics A-M. Are you serious that beautiful silver box was a box box? Now that is packaging!
    I just love instragram. I would be playing with it today, but it is grey and rainy with zero sunshine. Perfect for footy tomorrow!

  7. Hi A-M,

    Loving your bling!

    Everynight I look at my sleeping angels and they are so peaceful and beautiful. How lucky are we to have them with us :)

    Kel x

  8. A-M:

    I love clicking on your blog everyday and seeing all the pretties. And Instagram is addictive!

  9. I'm off to Check out that Instgram thingy-Thx for sharing have a restful weekend

  10. instagram??? I need to read your post again!

  11. Lovely pics. That box makes a gorgeous side table. Wish my deliveries came in something that pretty. But I love the sleeping angels best of all. I love going into my boys' room before turning in for the night, and watching them sleep. A lullaby for the soul of any parent.

  12. I photograph my children while they sleep, they tell me it's creepy, never, it's a mother's right to hold onto the memory. Love Posie

  13. Hi My name is alipoppa and I am an Instragram addict!

    Seriously, great app! Love your blog

    Alison from the Butchart Gardens

  14. I love these captures and now I want an iPhone!

    Kat :)

  15. The blue and white trinket box is gorgeous!

  16. Totally agree with Posie I do that too have some beauty's :)

    I love the i phone picks I so regret not getting one last year when I had to change my phone got scared as my dog knocked my nieces phone & I had to pay $300. to get the glass fixed, my phone is rubbish once that contract has run out I don't care getting an i phone & will just make a case for it to keep away from my pooch hee x


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