Thursday, August 4, 2011

Before And After

Now before you get all excited thinking this is a glamorous 'Interiors Before and After' post, I am warning you, this is a 'Neighbourhood Before and After' post..... as I am rather excited about our new ferry terminal ....James has got his income back, through selling 'The Big Issue' to ferry passengers....and I can hop on a boat again and go places. 

As you remember, our ferry terminal washed down the river with 'the flood' in January. It has been a sorry sight for way too long.

That's river sludge and other offensive material that was extremely fragrant.

A rather average 'Ta Da' picture of the new terminal...
... but it was really early in the morning and there was no light... well that's my excuse anyway.

Look who I found, hanging out in his new digs? James!..... and his friend Ed.
Ed was on his way to Uni (on the ferry, yay!... from the new terminal, yay!).

Lets do a 'before and after' of James.

'Summer James'

'Winter James'

Check out that gorgeous ferry terminal. 
It ain't goin' nowhere. It's all iron and concrete and the ceilings are like 20 feet high. 
Trying taking this one away Mr Flood.

Remember Karen's place (in my street)...
... where the disgustingly foul flood waters made it half way up the walls of her second floor?....

...well it's on stilts now... it's on it's way up!

And this has nothing to do with anything. I just love going past this place every day. 
This is the before and the after. It hasn't changed in decades I've been told.

Look at the early morning sun on it. Takes me back to another time.

Wow, Thursday already! Have a great day!
PS Oh, and I ate this!  The most delicious thing I have ever eaten. Big statement. But true.


  1. Hello A-M

    Well look at the new improved ferry terminal - it looks fantastic!
    And - James, bless his heart. That smile, he'd be feeling right back home again.

    The house you go past - the history involved with it must be enormous! I think it deserves an A-M knock on their door one day and the guided tour.

    Yum chocolate heaven! How divine. I had a lovely day and hope you did too.

    Have a great day - it's a busy one for me today too.


  2. Hi A-M. I was just reading about your friend Bill. Have you thought about auctioning one of his beautiful drawings on your blog? I can see you do a lot to help as it is, it was just an idea.
    That house is so beautiful. I love the stone work around the base and I love that it hasn't changed in years. What improvement could you make on that?

  3. What a fab post - I'm so glad to see that things are looking better in West End!

    ps might have to pop in to LeBon and get me one of those.....

  4. Looking good! How great that James has his posi back :)
    I agree with you, that home is a beauty!

  5. Lovely post this morning A-Me.
    A bit of this a bit of that and so wonderful to see James returning at the terminal.
    Was that chocolate treat as rich as it looks? Perfection.

  6. Great post, I love the before & afters! It is wonderful to see snap shots of west end & life is getting back to what it was like before the flood. Have a wonderful Thursday! KP

  7. Love that last house, just lovely. Great to see that the new terminal is up and running and doubly-great that James is back at his post. Good to see that things are returning to "normal". Yum that dish looks yummy!

  8. James by the seasons? I like it.

    And just looking at that LeBon Choix extravaganza makes me feel like I need to go to an RPM class. Stat!

    Hope you're well xx

  9. Dont worry A-M I can see it would have been early in the excuses needed. But may need an excuse for that treat...

  10. So proud of the city and people in Brisbane. You all came together rather rapidly in my eyes to clean up after the flood and get back down to business. It still remains the beautiful city I remember!


  11. Oh MY GOD - that kitchen down there a bit lower than this post - WOWee WOWee WOWee.


  12. Nice to see the west end starting to get back to normal & please don't tempt me with that cake it looks delicious :) x


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