Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Could It Get Any Better?

Remember Sandie's place? ... from back HERE? Well my heart beat faster when these photos arrived in my inbox. "Straight to the blog", I said, "I have to share these". Isn't it gorgeous!!! Sandie you have excelled yourself. 

Sandie did this. She planned, schemed, sourced and supervised everything.  Everytime I ran into her (or even when I didn't, and just ran into someone who knew her) I got an update on this amazing project. 

Dear 'Magazine Editor' who has accidentally stumbled across this here post, you need to get your camera crew there pronto. Sandie's builder would never have to advertise again. And rumour has it, he was wonderful to work with. Quick tie him up and don't let him go. He even built her a little cupola for her roof.... because she asked..... and he could. I have cupola envy (I won't even start about my fight for a cupola. Don't look back A-M!).

This is the back. Gorgeous enough to be the front I reckon. Pool is going in at the moment.

Gotta love a good construction photo. This pool is going to be a beauty.

Sigh.... windows..... stonework.

Ooh and I spy a Butler's Pantry.. sigh. So excited that you chose my lights for your kitchen Sandie! They look great. I will now be inundated with enquiries as to where you got your big light bulbs from. I know my readers.

Aren't we lucky to see the photos of it all coming together! There's more to come of the interior soon! Thank you Sandie. You have made my blog look really pretty this morning! Keep 'em coming.

Happy Tuesday!
ADDENDUM: Notes from Sandie re your questions on her house. Thank you Sandie, you are so generous to share all your information!

ROOF - "asphalt shingle, quick to install, not super expensive, looks so neat with clean lines and so quiet".

LIGHT GLOBES IN A-M's lights - Phillips Energy Saver, "they come in a couple of shapes, I got the largest in the round shape from Bunnings"

EXTERIOR PAINT COLOUR - "it was a Berger colour which I chose from an apparently old colour book at Dulux. It only has a code, not a name but there is one almost identical from Bristol called 'Quicksilver'"

EXTERIOR STONE - Howqua, purchased through Eco Stone in Nunawading and Richmond.

And most importantly!!!!!...... Sandie's BUILDER!

Primoconstruct P/L
Contact: Peter Celotti
Ph: 0415 352 778

Pete, I reckon you're gonna be busy! 

Thankyou again Sandie, you have inspired so many!


  1. hi A-M

    Sandie's house is absolutely beautiful.

    I have size envy, roofline envy, garage envy, kitchen envy or maybe just envy!

    The back of the house is gorgeous - you know there is a view and an outlook involved with a design like that.

    Love your lights once again AM - great styling!

    have a peaceful day?

    PS how is little one now after the camp? Does he want to do it again?



  2. What a beautiful home, you can see that a lot of thought and consideration went into getting it just right. I am about to embark on a building project - on a much smaller scale - and if I can get it to look half as good as Sandies, then I shall be a happy gal.

  3. Yes, lets just agree on blanket 'envy'! Little one was cranky and overtired for days. He didn't particularly rave about the experience. He was mortified with the state of the bed he had to sleep on and reckons there were things in it that made him itch. I submerged him in a Dettol bath as soon as I got my hands on him again. A-M xx

  4. I was wondering about this house just the other day - thanks for posting more photos. It is just lovely and I can't wait to see more. ;-)

  5. Ok - officially.in.love. Would you be a sweetheart and ask Sandy if you could pass on her builder's name? My lovely builder is sadly unavailable due to illness, so any recommendation would be gratefully received. Great job Sandy, can't wait to see the rest! And thanks for sharing this with your fellow house addicts A-M :) K xx

  6. Everything about that home is glorious!

  7. Hi A-M,
    I want to know who won the garden on the block - they did not tell us last night the rotters!

  8. Thanks so much for those gorgeous pics, can't wait to see more - it's just stunning!

  9. What an incredible house, and in Australia! It's always wonderful to hear of local builders that really understand their clients and are willing to try something different :)

  10. wow she's a beauty I love it all & I so agree I want a house that can have a cupola thanks for sharing :)

  11. Yes, warrants a magazine shoot for sure!! Lovely! I'm ogling the garage :), that door is pretty cool.

  12. Totally gorgeous. I am trying very hard to just be happy for Sandie and not totally envious, but am failing miserably! Wonder if her builder is good at Qld'er renos too? Or maybe I should just find myself a block of land and build one of these too....
    Keep those photos coming please, Sandie.
    Clare x

  13. oh my my, this house is gorgeous!!! inside & out!!

  14. Sure is a credit to you Sandie (and the builder of course). Maybe he needs bottling.
    Beautiful! Enjoy your magnificent home.

  15. OMG !!
    If I ever win the Lotto,...........

  16. wow. It's almost to good to be true! love love loving the 'back view' - and your lights, well of course just stunning xxxx

    the mags will be crawling all over themselves to cover this place. good luck to them and I can't wait to see it again in glossy print!

  17. This house really stands out from the pack. Roof shingles, stone work, excellent roof line, divine paint selection, great window choices, divine balcony on the second level, everything in proportion... I could go on but I won't, I'll add it to my 'amazing houses' file instead. Amber PS. I'd love to know the colour of the exterior paint.

  18. Gorgeous!! Move me in!!! You are always thinking of us A-M loading such lovely house candy

  19. So delightful. My Husband and I are right in the thick of trying to decide on exterior colours... I love this combo. Do you know or can you find out the exterior colour scheme for me please pretty please with sugar on top?

  20. Wow - that really is absolutely stunning. What a spectacular home she has built, love every detail. Clever girl. Can't wait to see more of it. The asphalt shingles are gorgeous, and her colours, well everything really.

  21. I can't tell you how excited I was to see this on here.....I live around the corner from this house and have been following the build from the start. Sandie if you are reading, yes it is I that sits out the front of your house with drool dripping from my chin ;).....well one of your many local stalkers anyway.

    I would love to know the details of you landscaper/designer as we are building at the moment too and our house sits below road height like yours and we are having mixed ideas as to what to do with the landscaping...I love what you have done.

    Also, I hate to pry but what colour did you use internally....it looks fantastic!

    Anyway, I could only ever dream of owning a house as amazing as this but feel very fortunate to have it to drool over just around the corner.


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