Friday, August 12, 2011


Ok, so lets all focus on this beautiful room by Sarah Richardson to take our minds off my boy being on camp.

.... and breathe out. Gorgeous, isn't it!

Happy Friday!



  1. Aww, is he on camp! You know I sympathize - I hope these pics worked well as distraction! :-)

  2. Hello A-M

    These are spot on!
    Spot on for me to drool, wish, hope.... That I have a view just like that one day.

    With the light from above - I wonder if they would ever light the candles or keep that as "just for looks"?

    I am a sucker always for blue and white, cane, raw timbers and an ocean.

    have a lovely day

    (one less sleep till little one home)


  3. What a truly glorious distraction indeed, thinking of your happy reunion this afternoon A-M may be another.

    xx Felicity

  4. The train track on the coffee table, for me finishes off the room. Those of us with young children know that they do not want to play, somewhere else, they want to be with the grown-ups. Making space for the kids like that kind of makes that room a true family space.

  5. Sarah Richardson is a wonderful distraction. I just love her style. Have a great weekend. ;-)

  6. Sarah does provide the most beautiful distractions, doesn't she? Your little fella is probably knee-deep in bugs, lizards and all of those things boys find irresistible....maybe a bag check is in order when he gets home? Stay strong A-M, we're all with you :) K xx

  7. and this was her holiday home, on her own remote island!! talk about dream...

  8. Aww! That must be my house. Exactly where I always pictured myself sitting, snuggled up in a chair, with a good book and a fabulous view. Can someone tell me where I live?!?
    Have a good weekend !
    Anette :-)

  9. Oh my gosh this is a fabulous room. Look at all those windows and the view is so peaceful. I love blue and white. I would be so comfortable in this room, not afraid to put my feet up. Thanks for sharing A-M.
    Your little guy is have the time of his life. Definitely up to his knees in bugs and lizards like Kerri said.
    Sending you hugs.

  10. Oh yes, I watched this series too. I devoured ever single episode and I don't think there was a single thing I didn't like! What a bummer to have to spend your holidays living like this!

  11. I actually have that first picture as my desktop picture-something nice to greet me when I turn computer on! No news is good news A-M.... I'm sure he's having a great time. Enjoy your weekend

  12. What is it about blue and white and a water view that instantly calms? Love these photos, A-M. Hang in there, not long to go now.

    Jennifer xx

  13. Beautiful interiors! Blue is always a favorite of mine!

  14. Sarah's television show is hilarious and engaging and she is a truly nice lady in person. I love her flair for design.

    Thanks for showcasing a great Canadian lady.

    XO, Andrea

  15. omg Omg OMG!!!! I love it breath taking

    Lainey x

  16. Hi A-M, definently a very gorgeous room! I really adore the fabric on the footstools... fabrics always get me!! Hope things are good with you and you cope okay without your boy!! They grow up so fast, dont they? I am terrified of the day that they eventually move out of home! But its good to remind myself of it every now and then (that it will one day happen) and makes you appreciate them , even when they are being a bit cheeky!!
    Hugs to you!
    Laura xx

  17. Hi A-M, what a classic colour combination..loving it!

  18. Such a gorgeous space - there is just something so relaxing and comfortable about blue and white! Happy weekend! T xx

  19. Thanks A-M, feeling much better now x

  20. Hello A-M, I really love that room.
    so of course I have no idea who Sarah Richardson is, but I really love those subdued colours for a beachside setting. I'm thinking of copying those colours down here at Rainbow Bay.
    So peaceful.
    (Been overdoing it this week - a lesson learned).

  21. Too gorgeous A.M. and just the sort of distraction you need. I applaud how incredibly brave you are to entrust others to take care of your precious boy.. Yes there are some fabulous teachers out there who treasure their charges as if they were their own..hugs XOX

  22. Lovely I like Sarahs design ..classic and elegant..


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