Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Green Stuff

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Isn't this a lovely idea for apartment dwellers... like myself. If I had this set up I could almost convince myself that I was shacked up somewhere fabulous in France. 

I do miss the green stuff associated with living in a house....grass, a garden, trees, birds (well they're not always green but you get my drift). We have a teeny, tiny little grassed area near our complex's pool. My boys gravitate towards it almost every day. The unit manager is always stalking my boys and growling at them if their soccer ball ends up in the garden, or if they leave their jackets out overnight.... or if they sit and quietly giggle in the BBQ area, discussing their favourite Pokemon characters, on a Sunday morning at 11am.... "shhh, people are trying to sleep".... what at 11am on a Sunday?.. well, why are the pool hours from 6am then? "He hates our guts Mum". "Yep, I think he does, son".

So here they are being very resourceful, very creative... playing without that 'evil' ball of theirs.... a game called 'No Arms'... where they have to wrestle each other to the ground, without using their arms. It's hilarious to watch. Yes, and 'he' was watching them from afar, ready to pounce on them if they made a peep. I was hiding nearby to stick up for them if he did pounce. 

Don't you love my little one's shirt! That's his brother's school shirt that he accidentally wore to school yesterday. I didn't notice it as we walked out the door as it was tucked into his shorts and he was covered in school bags... but when he untucked it after school... "whaaat??? did I not notice that this morning?"....preoccupied Mother! 

Terrible photos... but you get the idea.

I'm off to consume some French themed calories this morning with a lovely bloggy friend of mine....another wonderful online friendship that has spilled over into real life. Will be sure to photograph what I consume. An 'I Ate Brisbane' blog post is long overdue I think.

I am going for a run first though... to minimize the damage... might see James again.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I had to smile when I read about your boys. When my two were that age (even though they had 2 acres to play in!) they used to persist in playing their cricket matches on the patch of grass right outside their Nanny's fernery. You guessed it - every ball they hit inevitably ended up in one of her prized ferns (much to her displeasure!) Hence the reason they ended up perfecting the art of the "cover drive" (cricket term for straight shot straight down the wicket!) Who knows - your boys could end up perfecting the art of arms free wrestling! ;)Sharyne
    PS Haven't forgotten Bill - will post off my little parcel tomorrow (and will include a cap - a backup for his little straw number!) ;)S

  2. Hello AM

    I so want a whole load of those salad boxes.

    I am very room starved and would be a buyer if anyone wants to start a business off delivering salad gardens in a box (already 1/3rd grown). We are salad hounds in our house.

    What a grouch the man is - maybe he just wants (or needs) to join in! I do think that sounds a hilarious no arm game!

    Have a lovely time consuming your French Fair - Yum. Friendships are wonderful aren't they, It wonderful when you find a certain someone you feel you click with and are comfortable with to share chatter - I am about to blog about friendships again today.

    I will have to start my walking again next week - been a bit too busy this week.

    Hugs - Have a lovely day - and I loved the update on Bill yesterday too.



  3. Some people don't think children are people! Good thing you have your fierce ready (or maybe it's your charm - whatever works!)

  4. The shirt story is hilarious and the voluminous amount of fabric that would have been stuffed into his shorts! How did K achieve that?

    Poor manager man. I'd say he just likes to lord it over residents and kids are an easy target. Kill him with kindness and he will loose his footing.
    No problems today with your blog A-Me. Have installed two new browsers and using Google Chrome this morning which appears to work a treat.

    Enjoy the calorie laden yumminess this morning.

  5. For God's sake they are lovely kids having armless fun!

    Good for you stalking the crazy maintenance guy. What a creep.

    I was laughing out loud at the big shirt incident. That is something I would do!!!

  6. i think "he" is probably a sad, lonely man, who watches your boys with longing in his heart for that same carefree, happy, loving brotherliness. The gruffness on the exterior is quite possibly a cover up for a desperate desire to be having that same fun himself! Either that or he just needs to stop being such a grump!! Have a lovely long lunch, Beck xx

  7. Oh that rotten man! Perhaps u could trip him up A-M and send him a basket of muffins with a note thanking him for being patient with ur boys who just need s place to play until u move out to a home of ur own. Reverse psychology?
    I have a sin and they really do need a yard with space to get that testosterone out!

  8. Grrr to that nasty man! I thought it was wonderful to see your boys playing outside and playing so happily together. The pictures brought a smile to my face. I hope my little girls will be as good friends as your boys are as they continue to grow.

    I also LOVE those garden boxes, they're lovely. I have a huge block, but unfortunately it's kind of a cliff, so we can barely use any of it. This is a great alternative to pots on the balcony.

  9. lol - love that game they play, can't wait to see my kids do that one day!!

    and there's that word "run" again!

  10. Hope you and Loulou had a lovely time devouring pastries and catching up. Wish I could be a fly on the wall in your conversation!

  11. as a mother of 2 boys (and 1 tomboy girl) I am laughing myself silly at the boys'game of wrestling! good to see inventive minds in the face of a challenge!
    I hope that you enjoyed the French treats. My girlfriends and I are off to the Matilda's Markets at Eagle Farm this Saturday and I'm looking forward to it. K x

  12. Your boys funny game reminded me so much of my own boys strange games! I am surprised that they don't kick the soccer ball from one side of the pool to the other! My boys are good at doing that from one side of the street to the other. I don't condone it as I am just waiting for a distressed motorist to knock on my door and complain. Lack of suitable green space can be very frustrating for boys.

  13. Oh for goodness sake! Kids are kids...what did he think would happen when you moved in! Silly man.

    I love those boxes, I wonder where one could get boxes like that?

    Enjoy the french treats and come back and make us jealous!

  14. I was thinking about doing a veggie patch what a great easy version :)

    As for the boys go play & have fun, does this guy forget getting to being a man he had to be a child first, but then he is no mad if he stops kids having fun he's a bully sorry but I had to have a rant!!


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