Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Sat

Isn't this place gorgeous? It's up in the main street. It's a business... but every morning when I run past I imagine myself sitting and sipping coffee on the front verandah. I am obsessed with cottages at the moment and whip out the trusty phone camera whenever I find a beauty. I think the obsession has to do with living under apartment rules. I am sort of sick of being told what to do and how high my boys cannot jump.

That said, we did have a spectacular sunset last night from our apartment and I sat on our deck and pondered life for way longer than I should have. "Mum, is dinner soon?".... "yep, any minute now"... having not prepared a thing. 

Yesterday it just felt so right to sit for ages. It's so beautiful as the sun sets and the river changes colour. It goes all metallic and sparkly just as the sun dips and then all the runners become little bobbing silhouettes. But only very briefly. The silhouettes go as soon as the street lights come on. It's nice to take the time to embrace the little nuances of dusk. 

I lit candles when it got dark and just sat. I think these days, with all our technology, gadgets and the need to always be connected, maybe we don't take enough time away from them all, to sit and just let time pass. I know myself, when I remove all distractions and just sit and look at something beautiful, I can really clear my mind out and even solve little niggling problems (all except really overdue Hamptons lights, bobbing out in the sea somewhere).

Now aren't I good. I wasn't going to post this morning. I am needing a break from technology... which is a bit hard when your livelihood is based on being online....but I rose to the challenge as I know a few of you join me for coffee each morning and I didn't want to let you down.

I have a client coming to me this morning so we are going to leisurely ponder house plans and furniture catalogues over coffee and cake. A nice slow start this morning. 

Happy Tuesday!


  1. A-M thanks for bogging today, (even when you are feeling like a technology break), because I do join you for coffee each morning! I am a Brissy girl, living in Melbourne for the past 7 years and your writing and photos help to keep me in touch with the city I grew up in and love!It's like visiting home when I read your blog. Thank-you!

  2. Oh A-M

    The mysteries that goes on in our mind.

    I love the thought of a cosy cottage - though living in a smaller house I suppose I am dreaming bigger than a cottage as my next move. (not too big - just lots of storage and maybe 2 more rooms)

    I love your lantern *snap sister!
    I have the same though haven't put a 'burning' candle in it as yet (sorry to sound dumb - but I didn't know if i could actually use it or just show it).

    I think chicken nuggets might have been the go with a view like that to sit and ponder life. (that is so funny - I can hear children saying that "is dinner ready yet").

    have a great day with your house plans and client - sound like a creative morning ahead



  3. Hey A-M. So you glad you posted this morning! Thankyou for reminding us to just sit and take in the moment,even if it means dinner is 20 minutes late!;) We should do it more often! xo

  4. You are my daily read A-M but I won't begrudge you from having time off from technology:-) my husband and i created a garden nook down the side of our house for 'dates' we don't have family up here(we're from Vic) or a babysitter so we find moments for a cuppa down the side of the house in our garden nook where the chn can't find us!
    What did you end up having for dinner??

  5. Ha, yes dinner! I didn't want to leave my little candled nook so I cooked up some honey and soy chicken on the BBQ on the deck... wine in hand. The boys made a salad and I used my mini rice cooker for the last time for some basmati rice.... there is this strange electrical smell every time we fire it up (getting worse each time we use it) so I chucked it in the bin after it made us some rice! A-M xx

  6. Thanks for posting this beautiful Cottage, it looks like a great place to sit and watch the world go by.
    Really enjoying your blog each morning while having a morning coffee before i start work.
    Have a great day, wish the sun was out here in Sydney!

    Peaches & Candy

  7. I know exactly how you feel, I live in a condominium and the rules and regs, OMG! Sometimes you just have to do your own thing and take whatever time you need!


    Art by Karena

  8. Thanks for the lovely pictures! We live in Alaska right now, I am an Army wife, and it is a joy to see sunshine and blue skies. Thank you, thank you!

  9. Ha! Your post made me feel so relaxed I almost couldn't comment. It sure sounds like you whipped up a pretty decent dinner from that standing start too.

  10. That place looks divine, I love it and would love a house like that! :-)

  11. Glad you had a good morning A M & I'm loving the lantern :)

  12. Sitting is so important - especially when you know that one day, you will move, and the view will change. Soak it up!

    I have often thought how real our relationships with houses are.


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