Monday, August 8, 2011

One Point

That's all that was in it last night, for the kitchen/dining room reveal on 'The Block', one point.
Katrina and Amie came in second but impressed the judges with their "wow factor". I tell you it was those lights that did it.

I love the whole industrial 'kick' they gave their beautiful, modern, streamlined kitchen.
The rustic accents soften the whole look and take it a step back from contemporary.

Doesn't the table work well with the floors and these fabulous lights!

Fantastic use of space. I am so glad you didn't try to squeeze in an island bench girls.
 You got it soooo right!

Happy Monday!


  1. Hello A-M

    Sob, sad!

    Theirs is so wonderful.

    The use of the space and colouring was brilliant.

    Love that timber colour they have used - anything can go with it!

    One lousy little point!

    Bring on Auction Day.

    You have a lovely day today



  2. It was definitely my favourite. The huge table can easily double as extra work space, so I think they came up with the best solution to the tight space.

    Can't wait to see how it all flows to the outdoors.

  3. yeah I think they did a gorgeous finish, they have such wonderful taste and style. I personally think the designer of the renovation let the project down somewhat here and there. I think this kind of kitchen is more suitable for a 2bedder, I think a 3 bedder in this area needs a larger kitchen, more bench space. It's just me, but I'm sure many people will agree. That's not down to any of the "block"er's, it was the original designer who has probably made some obvious mistakes in their layour proportions. I would never buy a house like this in Richmond with that kitchen layout. I guess it is a one-living area home, which most are in Richmond, and that too is a bit of a turn-off. I mean you are probably going to pay around the $1M mark for this home, and if you don't mind a small kitchen, this is a fabulous house! They all are really. So many homes in Richmond (great location) crap house. These houses certainly don't have that problem!! GO GIRLS!!

  4. Good Morning A-M,
    They did a great job and IMHO thought they really should have won - just saying. Really good use of the limited space and yes, those lights, gorgeous.
    Cheers Robyn

  5. I was blown away when I saw it! They did such a great job and used the space so wisely. The fact that the table is on wheels and the use of the mirrored splash back negate the need for an island bench. And they can wheel the table out to their alfresco - so clever! I thought they should have won but I think it will all show on auction day that they have made the most clever decisions.
    I'm going to miss the block and watching K&A when it's over :(

  6. Yay for them! Sounds like they are doing a great job. love the lights too!

    happy week A-M!

  7. I thought they used the space really well - some of the other rooms were a bit squishy.
    I just loved the table too and am still hooked on the coffee table!

  8. i loved this reveal - and the lights really are amazing.
    very nice.
    cheryl xox.

  9. Hello Miss A-M,
    I really like that nice kitchen, and the ladies who made that kitchen are my favourites.
    That kitchen is perfect for a Chihuahua or two don't you think?
    Arnie B says that he could help to "soften" those light fittings.
    Lots of love
    Siggi B
    (the red half of Lou's Dodgy Brothers)

  10. By far my favourite last night too. Awesome lights and table - gutsy and stylish.
    The Block has become somewhat of a ritual for me that I'll be lost for a while when it's over. I set the TV to record and when everyone is in bed I have a cuppa in hand and indulge. It sounds like Katrina has a few things going on so we may see a bit more of her on the screen.
    Have a great week.

  11. Those lights are really growing on me. Suits the space to a T.
    Best of luck girls.

  12. Hi A-M,

    I think Josh and Jenna had such a huge advantage this week having so much space to work with. Katrina and Amie really used their small space perfectly. I loved their industrial table on wheels.
    I have my fingers crossed for Katrina and Amie. Go Girls!!!!!
    Kel x

  13. Hi A-M, I can't see why the judges didn't think that the table was a whole lot more working space for the kitchen. Unlike those great big island benches the others put in that can't be moved and aren't very versatile the old kitchen table concept is easily used as an island or a dining table and so is the most adaptable kitchen unit.

  14. I loved, loved, loved what the girls did with their room. xx

  15. The Girls are staying so true to their style throughout and i really loved this space. Good point about the table being a mobile workbench too. Other solutions fell short when they tried to put a fixed island in such a small space.

    I also thought the faux wood look in the winning kitchen was nasty.

  16. Loved the girls' room, and I really wanted to visit on the weekend, but that crowd - just couldn't do it! Have my fingers crossed that their hard work pays off on auction day, because they so deserve it :) K xx

  17. oooh I love it! and thanks for the update (i'm missing my oz shows over here) - Im sure the block will turn up here eventually, a bit like masterchef.... except a whole year behind (kind of takes the fun out of it when you know who wins!) x

  18. The girls did very well. I just don't think you can live without a dining space and theirs is gorgeous. Rachaelx

  19. Hi there,
    Salvation Jane here. I love you blog, and have been meaning to comment for ages! I'm a big K and A fan...I know a fair bit about TV and we need more good aussie, honest personalities like them, on it!Can't believe that 'Belle' editor (expert) had not seen the Mark Tuckey lights before...they are EVERYWHERE (In a good way)and designed by Louella, his wife, herself a leading designer/stylist/retailer. Harumph. Those girls are making some great decisions and the block is MUCH better looking because of it.
    Cheers, and many thanks X


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