Monday, August 15, 2011

The Party Pit

Images Courtesy Channel 9

Ok, so we still don't know who won the 'Exterior Reveal' on The Block last night but at least we got to see the finished product! As the clock was ticking down, I was thinking to myself, "you better not make us wait until tomorrow night, not after we have seen snippets of these outdoor areas all night". Phew! 

I knew the girls would 'go out with a bang'! Everyone else created the trusty deck, deck with spa, deck with BBQ, deck with a bit of lawn... but the girls?..... 'The Party Pit'.... fabulous!

Doesn't it flow perfectly from inside to outside. I think Katrina and Amie absolutely nailed it. Love the fence concept surrounding the outdoor lounge. Love the bamboo too!

Wow, it's all finished. What a ride. As my boys said last night. "what are we going to do when it's all finished Mum?"..... hmm, lets start with your homework lads.... and then we could move on to guitar and piano practice.

Katrina has invited me down to the filming of The Block Auction in Melbourne this weekend.
I had visions of live tweeting and serious behind the scenes 'sharing of goss' with my bloggy readers but it's not live. The auction is on Saturday and I have to keep my trap shut until after the show on Sunday night. Just as well it is registered bidding too. Wouldn't want to scratch my nose and come home the proud owner of a 'Party Pit' and associated house.

Hope you all had a great weekend.
Happy Monday!


  1. Hi AM I agree they did brilliantly and so original. And not from Melbourne and yet they found so much great stuff like that Tuckey table. Who needs a deck anyway? I don't. xo

  2. I thought they done a great job! Stand alone compaired to the other ones.

  3. Hello A-M

    Isn't it lovely - what a lovely place to open those doors and look out to.

    It all flows fabulously.

    The whole colouring scheme is beautiful.

    I think what a lot of people have forgotten is it appears to be a very low maintenance house. the kind of house one would want to buy if living inner city Melbourne. Busy working, long hours and then they can come home to this!
    Who wouldn't want to come home to this?

    You fortunate lady! the Auction Day - Wow!

    Are you secretly going to register?

    Can't wait till next Sunday night. Go girls - you've got that something special - you are talented and you deserve to do so very well.

    Have a lovely day


  4. Oh I missed it last night, will have to go and catch up. Love the concept of the fire pit. ;-)

  5. You know, I loved all of the back yards last night. I know that sounds like I'm being a bit Switzerland-ish but it is true. I just couldn't pick. I loved the girls' Asian feel and the fact that their garden was so different. I loved J and J's orange trees cause they looked so homely. I loved P and W's fern hanging structure. And of course I wanted to jump in R and T's spa. Actually, I think I need all 4 couples to come and rescue my very very sad back yard....or Jamie durie, but that little fantasy might worry my husband! Lol!

  6. I love this living space and the more I see of that dining table, the more I want it!

  7. The girls are truly inspiring with their creative designs and styling and of all the contestants on the show I believe that they are truly targeting their market.

    I hope that someone savvy has their eye on snapping them up because they are brilliant!

    Happy day!

    xx Felicity

  8. have always wanted a fire pit so I squealed with delight when I saw they'd built one - go girls!!!!!
    Our family too can return to the 'no tv after dinner' policy now that the block draws to a close!!!

  9. I tweeted the same thing yesterday, what am I going to do without the Block?? have become a total Blockhead.
    Have fun at the Auction, wish the girls luck :)

  10. Have a great time! I'm free if you'd like a travelling companion..

  11. Oh isn't it just the best they have to win this one!!!! Ohh lucky you going to Melbourne how exciting you will just have to keep away from your computer can you manage it hee have fun will be watching Sunday x :)

  12. Yes, it looks fab and I bet it's hard to keep stum until the weekend!! Jane @ the girl in the brick house

  13. Love the party pit! The girls definitely got top marks for originality. The combined living, kitchen and outdoor space they've created is just brilliant - and perfect for their target market. Go girls!

  14. Hiya A-M
    No winner announced tonight as well.
    What a bummer!
    With one arm

  15. I thought the PP was a great idea too, and I bet whoever buys the house will use it heaps (in the good weather of course!~!!!)

  16. I don't know this programme at all and I've enjoyed what I've seen so far but speaking as an outside observer, (and someone into landscape design), I don't like it. At all. The vertical lines make the outside space look very much smaller than it probably is and the flooring is nasty. As *interior* designers they seem great. This really let them down. (in my opinion)

  17. Oh yes, Rod and Tania won, by the skin of their teeth! A-M xx


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