Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ridiculously Gorgeous

Found this over at Kelly's lovely design blog: 'Jax Does Design' (say hi from me!).

First I was hyperventilating over the beautiful blue ceiling (the shape, the colour, the detail... look at the cornice detail in the corner of the ceiling!), then the moldings..... that clock! But look at that magnificent stove and range-hood (love the brass accents) and the sink in the beautiful island bench..... and all the marble.... oh goodness and then there's that window... and the greenery beyond. And are those white floors? Oh and look at the little spice nook near the stove. Love those old kitchen chairs too. It's a feast for the eyes! Love images like this. I could study it for ages. 

Happy Tuesday! I'm off to do the early morning Guitar Ensemble run. Better wake him up!


  1. Hello A-M

    the early bird catches the worm indeed!

    Isn't this a picture (as you have described so well), with so much detail.

    those windows are beautiful and I could imagine the view is a killer!

    Look at the size of the sink by the window too.

    the marble on the island bench is so character driven (can you imagine having to try to shift it).

    Have a lovely day ahead



  2. Love your blog A-M..but I have to admit, it causes me hassles every time I venture in. It slows down my computer and sometimes even shuts it down. Not sure why but maybe there's a gadget on your blog that my puter doesn't like
    Darn shame! This is my fourth attempt at commenting...

  3. Thanks for the shout-out :-)

    The blue ceiling caught my eye first, and then the amazing windows and the clock. There are so many great details in this kitchen - I have a feeling it's going to end up on lots of Pinterest boards!

  4. ...and the lights A-M, the lights! OTT gorgeousness.

  5. Probably one of the prettiest I've ever seen...who needs to ever design anything else, it's perfect!
    xo J~

  6. The high ceiling is what made everything possible! The amount of details feel good here because there is room to breath!
    Beautiful kitchen! Thanks for sharing A-M!

  7. I'm sorry, did you say "run", you are off to your "run"!! my god woman you are amazing!!! And I love your compassion to other people, specially strangers, something I hope to do sooner than later myself! That's it, it's official, you're my hero.


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