Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So How Do I keep This Alive?

Yep, the little water colour in the background is St Ives in Cornwall
I love that place.

On the weekend, I bought some pretty lavender to brighten up my kitchen. I was inspired by the post on potted colour that Leigh did, over at Brabourne Farm (see Leigh I did go out and get some!).

Ok, so how do I keep it alive and perpetually beautiful? Will it stay alive?.... in a pot? Would love some advice please. Nope, can't plant it as I have no garden. Does it need full sun? How often do I water it? It did not come with instructions as it was a 'roadside deal'. If keeping it in a pot is bad news all round, I can cope. Hit me with it!


  1. Hi Miss A-M

    Well - good question!

    I would like to know too. As I desperately want one and I can't believe you are asking the question I would.
    I only thought the other day - I want a big flowering pot of lavender!

    So I will be checking back in with the answers to find out for myself as well.

    I know that we've got to be careful with some hybrids of lavender in Brisbane with the humidity - a lot of species of the lavender isn't cut out for the humidity.

    have a lovely day (I just want to squash one of those flowers in my fingers to release the best essential oil scent in the world)

    (PS when you feel tense, down sad, blue, a little frazzled or just want to smell the lovely fragrance, rub your fingers on one of the flowers and rub it on your temples and corners of your nostrils -
    Van Gogh didn't paint those magnificent pictures out of no-where, he liked to paint sitting in lavender fields best).


  2. Oh how lovely LouLou. Yes I will use it medicinally! A-M xx

  3. Never doubted you for a moment A-M! Yes it needs a lot of sunshine, preferably a breeze and very little water - only water when the soil is dry and water it from the bottom. Good luck! Leigh

  4. Lavender's pretty hardy A-M.
    Water it occasionally from the bottom. Put the water in the little saucer you have it in...trim/prune it hard when the flowers dry up and look ratty. It'll live a long time if you don't neglect it or kill it with kindness. I think it looks like French lavender. I've found it doesn't last as long as the other kind, but it's still pretty good. Just think the lavender fields of France.

  5. I have no idea either A-M, but it looks beautiful. But it has wonderful healing powers. I have Lavender cream and I rub it on my head some nights before I go to bed just to relax me so I can sleep. Mimi xx

  6. It is pretty inside, but will need sunshine, water but good drainage. A good potting mix that is a little bit sandy and coarse in a pot with good big drainage and full sun and it might be ok on a verandah. Def full sun though. It is such a pretty flower isn't it.

  7. loulou has me addicted to your blog :)) i'm so following you... unfortunately I don't have a green finger to save my life... I hope your flowers stay abloom!! xx

  8. Pop it in a biggish pot with a mix of sand and potting mix (or really cheap potting mix which isn't too rich). Water it but not so often it is soggy. Put it in the sun and it should be fine. Lavenders (particularly in pots) don't seem to like fertiliser so resist the temptation to feed it.

    You can sort of tip prune it when it has finished flowering. Don't prune back past the green bits though.

    Good luck - they are so gorgeous and super tough.

  9. Lavender likes to bake darl. Would be best to have it outside for the best part of the day in full sun. WAter only when it is really dry and let it drain thoroughly, don't sit it in a saucer. Best to wat with a can at the base of the pot, not a hose over head as it can rot. xxx

  10. For all lovers of lavender and all things pretty and gorgeous check out the blog Dreamy Whites - the most divine post of a shoot in a lavender farm. The styling is beyond gorgeous. So inspiring. xxx

  11. A-M.
    I've been hiding in a cave, but I have been reading your blog religiously.
    Wordpress stopped my comments - but is not back working.

    I couldn't believe the outcome f the Block Auctions - they did not read the market did they/ do you think the company that purchased the houses, then put those high valuations on them were greedy?

    I can't work out why so many people went to the auction with no intention of bidding. i know you were invited, but gosh there were a lot who indicated they were there to purchase.


  12. Lovely, lovely lavender. I'd say it should be fine, especially if you keep it in the biggest pot you can cope with.

  13. The other great thing is that it is easy to propagate A-M - just pull off a twig about a finger long, strip about two centimetres of the leaves off and push it into the same sort of potting mix. Just enough water (like its mummy plant) but less sun, and you'll have started a whole new generation!

  14. I adore lavender and have managed through some persistence to keep a few varieties going in Queensland. The one that you have is probably not the easiest but don't get disheartened if it appears to be dying - it can usually be revived.
    It likes lots of sun and not too much water. If you prune back when the flowers have started to turn, you should be fine. I usually cut mine back quite a bit, especially if it's in a pot as it keeps the shape of the plant nice and neat. As it develops you might find that you need to re-pot it into something bigger. A few of mine survived this with no bother.
    Good luck.

  15. I don't know if it will still flower for ling inside A-M. They need full sun and not a lot of water. I would only water when the soil is dry. Although it depends on the variety. The English lavender won't need as much sun as the italian lavender. Either way it will last longer than a bunch of flowers and it looks gorgeous.

    JA xxx

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  17. As with some of the other comments Lavender keeps nicely indoors only for a short time. It needs full sun pretty much all of the day time. It is a drought tolerant plant. You would normally hack it back to a 1/3 of its size after the flowers have died off. I grow Italian lavender and French Lavender, and can tell you that yours is the Italian variety. Not as much perfume as the French but I like them better coz they look like little butterflies landed on the very tops.
    Best to keep it out on a deck area through the other times of non flowering and enjoy it indoors when it flowers. It's tough as old boots so just don't water it too much.
    I just picked some yesterday and have it in a trough under my loungeroom mirror. Looks fab!

  18. All of the above and also not near the gas stove.

    Love my Spanish lavender, alas, it is indeed outside in the ground.

    XO T

  19. Ahhh that little painting is fabulous! I love St Ives too, and you have reminded me that I have a couple of gorgeous framed tiny etchings from there that really need to be hung :)

  20. Ahhh that little painting is fabulous! I love St Ives too, and you have reminded me that I have a couple of gorgeous framed tiny etchings from there that really need to be hung :)

  21. I think it's all been said above. Just think where it grows naturally - in full sun in the dry and often starved soils of the southern Med etc. Water sparingly therefore, place in a sunny spot, no food needed. Trim back once a year, once flowering has finished. Enjoy your plant. :)

  22. Thank you everyone! I have no excuse but to keep it alive now! It's still breathing so... so far so good! A-M xx


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