Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So Then Kirsten Wrote In.... share her house! Isn't it divine! 

Kirsten writes, " I read your blog this morning and couldn't help but feel Kathryn's front steps are so similar to mine. When we bought our house, it was basically a tea tree out the front and dirt/grass. Our house was also peach/green/maroon. Ick! The hedge is lily pily, planted just over a year ago, and the small garden in front of the steps is rosemary and lavender. It works really well in a Brisbane climate. We did roses along the path and some ornamental cherry blossoms on either side, which should flower soon. Anyway, maybe you could pass this on to Kathryn, it might help!"

Look! Everything that we have been suggesting! A garden path, plantings, colours, lattice doors, wire gate at front! It's almost as if Kathryn is looking at the 'after 'of her house after applying all the advice she received yesterday..... ta...da!!!

.. and look at this glorious verandah. What a great spot! Ooh love the lanterns too!

This is Kirsten's 'Before'..... what a transformation!

Thank you Kirsten, for sharing your beautiful home. It's wonderful to be able to inspire others by generously sharing what has worked for you. I think Kathryn now has some great advice to sift through. 

Well I'm off to my little one's sports carnival this morning. That's if it isn't raining. I haven't even looked out the window yet. 

Speaking of carnivals, those of you in Sydney and Hobart.... the wonderful 'Boutique Markets' are coming your way this weekend... for the first time! 

Here are the details so you can pencil them in your diary:

The lovely Ness, from Marley and Lockyer, is trading at the Hobart Markets. That's reason enough to go for a start! I mentioned this to a group of girls at the Melbourne Market last weekend.. and we all had a giggle as every one of us has something from Marley and Lockyer in our homes! Ness, you're viral!

If I could be there I would..... but I have been galavanting around the country way too much and need to stay put for a while!


  1. I cant believe it - that house is a perfect example for the other house makeover - exactly what i would have done and oh isnt that deck wonderful..made me have a little pang for our old house ! Mel xx

  2. Hello A-M

    Look! You suggested those lattice doors at the top of the stairs and that is what Kirsten has!.

    Doesn't some mature garden make a huge difference - I think it goes from house to home.

    I do love the lattice on the veranda if you needed too - but I hate feeling 'trapped' in or in 'jail' of permanence.
    - I think still considering the roll down screening a great option - as I mentioned yesterday - there are some beautiful options out their now.

    Wishing little one all the very best at sports day - they are so much fun aren't they!
    I'll yell go from here :)

    have a lovely day


  3. Oh my. What another beautiful, beautiful home. The perfect template for the home you showcased yesterday. xx

  4. Love that diamond patterned front path and the circular section. The garden looks perfect. As does that little front gate. I agree with LouLou about the lattice though. It does look a little closed in but may not feel that way in real life. What a wonderful place it has created though. At least air can get through which you mightn't get with the roll down blinds depending on what they were made from.

  5. Perfect and timely post, doesn't it look lovely. I hope we get to see some after shots of how the first house ends up. Great inspiration! ;-)

  6. What a gorgeous home!! I fancy sitting on the verandah with a cool g and t. Later in the day though!!
    Thanks for letting us know about the market. I'd love to meet Ness!

  7. What a devine house, I cant wait for mine to get the same makeover xx

  8. Kirsten's "before" house is like how our first home was like. Someone, in their confused wisdom, had ripped out the front stair rails & had replaced them with metal ones ... eek! Maybe A-M you should start a "Before & After" tab on your blog? I'd particularly like to see homes like Kathryn's & Kirsten's since I'm in the double staircase/what to do with front yard landscaping quandry at the moment.

  9. I want that veranda. Seriously stunning.

  10. Ohhhh! Thank you for sharing, Kirsten. Your home is beautiful, and a great inspiration. Lovely, lovely, lovely. It's just a shame our yard is on such a slope (that was the only 'box that didn't get ticked').

    And, yes, I will keep you all updated on our progress!

  11. Wow perfect example, it's exactly what I pictured in my head for Kathryn's house! I love everything about her house (I wish we had beautiful Qld'er houses in Sydney, they are so my style). Thanks for the posts A-M, thoroughly enjoyed them!

  12. Oh I love that yard and those paving stones leading from gate to eye-catching. Talk about taking something boring and making it really stand out. What a lovely home!

  13. Wow! I do love before and afters. I also adore the side verandah, it has a cool, cloistered vibe to it.

  14. Oh my, that verandah is fabulous. Have a lovely week.

  15. Saw Kathryn post about the garden hope she can find some Inspiration from Kristens garden that was so nice of her to do that :)) lovely home :)

  16. That was so kind of Kirsten to share her garden hope it gives Kathryn some inspiration! :)


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