Friday, August 26, 2011

Something Pretty To End The Week

For the prettiest dose of 'pretty', head over to 'A Country Farmhouse' to check out Trina's new patio table and chairs. They are perfection. Big statement. But true. And once you recover from the beauty that is her patio scroll down a bit to feast your eyes over her 'garden shed' and read all about it's transformation.

I'm sorry but does it get any prettier? It has 2 rooms... big enough... I could so live there!

Another week gone. It's been a good one. I've been tired though. Why do a couple of really late, fun nights take so long to get over once you hit your forties? 

I have been trying to 'run' through my tiredness. I am REALLY getting into my running. I sat and googled 'why I love running so much' last night and found a few kindred spirits. We all enjoy that runner's high and the sense of achievement completing a run. It's hard work. You feel invincible when you get to the end. I am always challenging myself too. I sprint up hills and then not allow myself to walk to fill my screaming lungs... I have to keep moving, even if it is a shuffle. It's a great way to clear your mind too. Why is that? Is it because you are so focussed on the physical task at hand? I'm like a reformed smoker. I will never go back to 'non running' (unless my knees fall apart... they don't sound too good... I am ignoring them). So I am off for my last run for the week now. I rest on the weekends. I am getting stronger though. It's a great feeling. 

Speaking of great things... my Givit Charity is clearing out my shed this weekend. I am looking forward to the biggest declutter of my life. Everything is going.. as I don't need it. I am only keeping what I need..... simplifying my life. As the great Faux Fuchsia says, "clutter is the devils work". So I am now using my clutter for good, not evil.

Have a great weekend. I am looking forward to my bacon and egg burger at the soccer. Season is ending soon. How will I cope without the weekly burger treats?!

Oh and don't forget the Boutique Markets in Sydney and Hobart this weekend!


  1. Hello AM

    I knooooowwwwwww

    I saw this "shed" and commented I could move in myself.

    It is just a gorgeous mini house - look at the light and the trellis at the front of it - And with a proper glass panelled door :)

    De-cluttering is a constant battle of mine - I'd love to live with half the stuff I have but with little ones for now - it has to stay.
    but I do give to charity very (very) regularly.

    have a great weekend ahead miss bacon & egg burger lady - I still say the poor mr bbq man shudders when he sees all of you running towards him :)


  2. Thanks for your lovely posts this week A-M.... Have a great weekend..... I think Monday's post may very well be a picture of an emptystorage shed!!!

  3. Gorgeous shed! My girls would want it to play in. You've given me a great idea!

  4. Happy Friday A-M!

    Thank you for the introduction to Trina's space, it's truly sumptuous and I can imagine I'll be spending quite a bit of virtual time exploring.

    Here's to a wonderful weekend ahead,

    xx Felicity

  5. Absolutely Beautiful. Deep sigh.

  6. Trina's place is so to die for AND she lives in one of my favourite places in the world.
    A-M have you had your thyroid levels checked? I am an advocate for educating people on this. If you can't get over your tiredness easily it could be your thyroid! May not be, but just thought I'd throw my 20 cents worth of advice in!

  7. ooh I am loving that shed well it looks like a little cottage I could live in :) will be off to have a look at Trina's place now have a lovely weekend :)


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