Monday, August 1, 2011

They Won!

Images Courtesy Channel 9

Yay, Katrina and Amie won best room for their living room and hallway, last night on 'The Block'.

Love the cabinetry, flooring and furnishings... they just ooze 'inner city Richmond'. Has anyone else noticed that Katrina and Amie are the only contestants designing with their target market in mind?.... inner city professionals. I think they are 'nailing it' frankly. I can't help myself.... but wait until you see the kitchen/dining at the end of this week. Be still heart. Nailing it.

Now I have to say, I think it was a bit rough that the retailer refused to help Katrina and Keith lug that huge, heavy log coffee table out of his store. They asked for help and he said 'no'... on national television! Didn't he know his shop was going to be on telly? Epic fail. It was tragic seeing Katrina and Keith struggle, dragging that thing all through 'Mr Retailer's' showroom! It would have cost a pretty penny, that piece. Surely a bit of 'lugging' could have been included in the price!?

And isn't she a beauty.

Sort of looks like Janet Leigh.

Memories of where they started. Great idea.

Just look at those 'TV smiles'. I can see relief in those smiles. 
C'mon Channel 9, you've gotta give them their own show.

Did you see the news last night, with Katrina unmissable in canary yellow? They had the first public open for inspection of The Block. 25,000 people! Queues for 2 km through Richmond. I am sure Katrina is going to fill you in on her crazy day yesterday over on her bloggy HERE.

Well done girls!



  1. It IS handsome - spare but finished. Shame I can't see the show from here - you are making me want to!

  2. Wasn't it exciting?! I'm so glad they won. It was very deserved. Yes, what's with that shop assistant? Not a good advertisement!
    I hope they had portaloos for all those people waiting to look through the open homes. That's a very long wait!!

  3. Hello lovely AM

    Yes an absolute brilliant show last night.
    Finally the Judges got their opinions correct.

    I loved all about their room and it carries the essence of them in each way.

    I agree with you re the Mr 'ignorant' retailer.
    I hope that comes back to haunt him - I am sure he didn't think that he might want Katrina and Amie to come back to him one day - he might love them to give him a bit of publicity and I hope they won't -
    Very Poor Form!

    Can't wait for the next week - can't wait for the kitchen to be revealed

    I love built in cabinetry so much - I have this 'think' about cupboards and cabinets

    have a lovely day AM


  4. PS

    Silly Misspelling monday!

    meant to say "I have this THING for cupboards and cabinets" - not 'think', sorry.

  5. Hoorah Hoorah, I was so excited that they won. I am in love with that painting!


  6. I love this room! Jude and I were jumping around clapping when they won. He had no idea what we were cheering about but I sure did!

    I would love that living room, it's just perfection.

  7. Yay! P.s. If that bloke not going to assist to lug out big coffee table then at least display such a heavy item by the front door of ur shop!!!

  8. I was so pleased they won last night! Such great rooms! And that dude in the shop was hopeless - you'd have to make more of an effort if you're on TV, surely?

  9. I let out an almighty 'YAY the girls won' squeel when Scotty turned that board around! So exciting! I can't wait to see the rest.

  10. Hi A-M,
    I missed the show last night [ssshhh don't tell the girls]
    and have been trying to catch up on the net.

    Am SO pleased that they have won a room and I agree totally with your sentiments about them totally working their designs for their target market.

    Loving everything about this space and you now have me in great anticipation for this time next week when we get to see the kitchen reveal.

    Happy day Lovely You!

  11. Congrats girls!
    Very sensible to design for the market. Success will follow.
    Love the before framed pics...nice touch.

  12. I loved their rooms and a big congrats to the girls! That painting was a show-stopper. Well played. It looks like it is hung a little higher than we saw last night. Looks great!

    Ironic isn't it that in order to blow the judges away, you need to go way over budget. Where's the sense in that? They seem to be on really crippling budgets anyway.

  13. I loved their room - it was the BEST by far of all the offerings. so well done.
    I love your updates and detailed photos. thank you for posting about them.
    cheryl xox.

  14. I was one of the nutters at the open yesterday. So glad we got there nice and early and avoided the mayhem! Have to say the girls house is exceptional! In fact my daughter and hubby hadn't been fans but they changed their tune yesterday. We were won over at the entry and that gorgeous artwork is simply stunning. Walking back down the stairs towards it is an experience in itself. Divine. Much like Katrina in yellow, bright and beautiful!

  15. Oh my thoughts exactly re that shop assistant. Let's hope that's who is was and not the actual owner. Epic, epic fail on his behalf.
    I'd kill for that painting. Absolutely STUNNING.
    Well done girls!

  16. Yayyyyy!!! I too loved their room. Well done girls!!!


  17. Great room, design and execution!! Well done girls, keep it going to the final!!

  18. It was clearly the better room - some smart decorating choices. The picture in the hall was a stunning choice for its placement.

    All the houses seemed to have the same heater; presumably a product placement. Not a good choice for the style of a few of the rooms. Katrina and Amie's was crying out for a stylish gas flame or bio fuel (methylated spirits) heater.

  19. The coffee table was from Mark Tuckey. If you can afford his stuff, they assume you have hired help.

    So pleased the girls got a win last night. Well deserved. Hopefully kitchen week is as kind to them.

  20. I LOVE their lounge!!! I also LOVE that they won the cooking challenge tonight - go the chowder!! I want to know what timber they have used on their floors - stunning! (I agree - they need their own show...)

  21. oh yeah, finally! Now they're crusin it in, winning everything! I've loved all their rooms really.

    As for the coffee table, not my cup of tea, I really didn't like it at all. I'm glad the judges did tho, because that's who'se op really matters atm.

    interior design, so subjective! It's opinion.

  22. Oh, A-M, I was hooting in Hobart, too. I totally agree with you about their proper targeting of the market. No shagpile in theirs! J x

  23. Ooh they are so talented its great what they have done so pleased they won i have missed a few need to catch up on the net :)


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