Saturday, August 20, 2011

Who Is Going To Win?

Well, I'm down in gorgeous Melbourne this weekend to attend 'The Block' auction! I am so nervous for 'the girls'... they must be beside themselves. What a ride it has been for them!..... megastars! Every time I turn on the telly, there's a snippet of their last interview or a promo for their next guest appearance on some game show! As I said in the beginning, "good things happen to good people". It has been so exciting following their journey and so wonderful to see all of 'bloggy and twitterland' get behind them. Who is going to win? I am sceptical about the betting odds as all it takes is just one person to give them a win.....someone who is desperately in love with their house... who will battle it out and win the auction... no matter what the price!!!! Hopefully I will catch up with Katrina before the auction. I come bearing gifts from some of her Queensland fans! Fingers crossed for Katrina and Amie.... go girls!

It's all happening here in Melbourne this weekend. The Mathilda's Market is on in the Hawthorn Town Hall on Sunday 21st August.... 360 Burwood Rd Hawthorn, from 9am to 1pm. I'm heading down there first thing so I hope I can meet up with some of you. Come and see what all the fuss is about and drool over beautiful high quality handmade and limited edition goodies made by some of your best local talent in art, craft and design. The coffee is good too!

Murphy's Law that I am in the most comfortable hotel bed in the world but awake at 5am. Too much going on!

Have a great weekend!.... GO GIRLS!!!!!
... and see you at the markets!


  1. I agree; betting odds mean zero. I honestly think the girls' house is the best of the bunch. Although each of the other houses has some beautiful features, theirs has a cohesive look, and seems the most liveable to me.

    I LOVE their back yard!

    Hmm, I wonder if I have time to visit the Boutique Markets tomorrow...?

  2. The markets AND the Block auction!!!!! You lucky duck!!!!
    Where ru staying? If it wasn't for a recent knee operation I'd have gotten u to stop in and pick me up on the way:-)
    Enjoy Melbourne, I miss my home state!

  3. Hello Anne Maree

    You are going to bring them such good luck - I know it.

    Katrina and Amie -- what ever will be, will be. If there is not a "win" of the block, you girls have won!

    You have won the hearts of our nation.
    You have won with those SMILES, that LAUGHTER, that SINGING, your DESIGN SKILLS, and as Dr Seuss would say, your YOU!

    AM - maybe we will hear your scream of joy from here in Queensland and we will know!

    Have fun at the markets - you know how I love a good market.

    Hugs to all


  4. Channel 9's transmission in these parts has been "off the air" for the past week so I have only been able to catch up with "the Block" via the internet. I rang WIN TV in desperation Monday to find out when transmission would resume - and they couldn't tell me!!! But guess what? It's arrived back last night - yah! I'll be absolutely glued to the TV Sunday night for the auction. What are you going to wear A-M? Might be able to spot you in the crowd. Have fun! ;)Sharyne

  5. I have just loved the block good luck everyone. Such a great job done by all under such pressure. I am jealous wish I could be at the auction I think it will be so exciting.

  6. Hi AM, so exciting!! What are we all going to do when the girls aren't on the tele. We will miss them sooo much. Fingers and toes crossed for them. There house is definetly my FAV. Have fun !!

  7. It's really exciting, isn't it! I can't wait to see how it goes. Each home has so many different and excellent aspects to it - I love elements of all of them.
    Fingers crossed for the girls :)

  8. I hope Katrina and Amie win!!!

    Have a fabulous time in Melbourne A-M!!!


  9. gee there is no way I'd bet on it, they are all awesome, I think they all have a real chance at winning - I so do hope the girls win, I think they put the most blood, sweat n tears into it!! surely that counts for something!

    I'll try to get down to the market in the morning as I would so much love to meet you, I don't know how I'll find you, I'll look for the blonde hair I guess!!!


  10. I hope you enjoyed the gorgeous weather we turned on today. Try and squeeze in Magnolia Square market in Ivanhoe Sunday. Magnificent and truly worth tracking down.

  11. Go the girls!!!!!!! Fingers and toes crossed for them. Report back on whats fab at the markets!!!!! I always go in Sydney - love them and Magnolia Square!!!!!

  12. Oh you lucky girl A.M have a fab time will be tuning in Good luck to Amie & Katrina :) x

  13. It was lovely meeting you today at Mathilda's market! Thanks for all your positive feedback :)

  14. You must be in a Westin heavenly bed!
    I also love the Magnolia Square markets in Melbourne.
    Go Katrina & Amie!


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