Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wish I'd Seen This

... the 'Blog Cabin Giveaway' via the DIY Network, up in the 'other hemisphere'. What an amazing concept.....the viewers of the show designed the 1905 farmhouse renovation via internet voting on design features as the renovation progressed. Now it is up for grabs in a giveaway competition.

Check out the website for all the before and after photos.... of every room, every inch of the place.

That is renovator's heaven... and everything has a 'how to' attached to it. There are tutorials on almost everything.

Oh, the attention to detail!

Ridiculously gorgeous.

Check out the outdoor 'firepit'. See Katrina, it's all the rage, even in the Northern're ahead of your time!

Ok, someone please tell me this series is available in Australia and I have just been living under a rock?!!! ... or maybe just too engrossed in our own Block-y, Renovator-y, Top Design-y shows to notice.

They have a blog on the whole thing too HERE.

Link to site HERE.

Happy Wednesday! We have a public holiday here. We're going to play 'Hot Wheels' on the deck..... with lots of water....where the cars change colour, depending on the temperature of the water..... very scientific. See how exciting life can be when computer games are banned during the week (even on public holidays)! #cruelmother


  1. Hello A-M

    Well - aren't you a treasure trove of wonderful posts.

    This is a great find.

    The last 3 photos have had me at "hello".

    Can you imagine having that design - if ever I get the room - that will be stolen - I want all of it.
    The chairs, the lights, the fire, the sand, the BBQ area. It all ticks yes for me - I am sure there is more and I will pop over now and have a look at the rest of this beauty.

    have a great day mumma hot-wheels!



  2. Oh, how beautiful, the windows are to die for, and the position! Lets enter the giveaway, shall we ;) ? I can see myself spending a lot of time on that site today, the housework can wait! Enjoy hotwheels today, my boys are off to school today, no holiday here.

  3. Oh A-M! I don't know how you find these little gems but I'm so glad you do. This post just confirms that I/we live in the wrong hemisphere!!!!!!!!
    Beautiful house with an equally beautiful view.

    Kel x

  4. What a great find! Love those extra wide architraves. I'll be getting back into the painting today. ;-(

  5. This house looks like it's straight out of a storybook. I will delight in checking out the website later over a cuppa.

  6. Annie, I am still pouring over it! Coffee number 2!
    Yes the architraves Jenny... oh the detail!
    Kelly, I've said it for a while now... wrong hemisphere.
    Tanya, seriously considering it.
    Loulou, hi pet! A-M xx

  7. Simply beautiful. I could live there quite happily <3 Must go and search and see if I can watch online.

  8. O my gosh thanks for that A.M I am going to show my landscaper that fire pit today I want one !!! Tee Hee.

    And will book mark the info ready for my next build just finishing my 2nd learning all the time so no 3 can only be better (well hope so)

    Enjoy your time with the boys :)))

    Lainey x

  9. what a fabulous setting, but I think they made some unfortunate choices for the front exterior.
    Can you still enter to win? I can just see you and your boys around that firepit!!


  10. It's a big call, but.... This is my favorite post of yours since way back when you were building your house... THANKS for sharing....

  11. I wouldn't need anything else really, not even a car, as I'd never leave.

  12. There goes my housework! I'll park my butt here for a while and ooohhh and aaahhhh, how beautiful1

    V x

  13. Is that what heaven looks like?

  14. OMG, this house is so breathtakingly beautiful and perfect that it actually makes my heart ache. The photos made me gasp. I need to look away now.

  15. Hi AM, what a beautiful home and garden. It takes my breath away. Have a lovely weekend.

  16. What a shocker...they have completely ruined the integrity and historic beauty of this home. That original handrail is priceless and the replacement looks like a Bunnings special. People should not be able to destroy old homes like this!

  17. I so agree, Ani's House. It was such a beautiful old house before, and could've been really sympathetically restored. But now it's just another McMansion, designed by someone with an oar fixation... Sorry A-M, not with you on this one... I'll take the old house any day.


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