Saturday, August 13, 2011


Finally found Bill again. I had taken to stalking the streets a few days this week, as I thought he'd gone walkabout. I delivered some more gifts from you. He was happy to see me as he had "run out of crayons"! Great to know I am of use to someone! Here he is reading your note, 'Helen from Hobart'.

He was very excited about the beautiful case of pencils he received from Helen and how professional it looked!

And Alison, from Sydney, I think you have started something with the canvas sheets and paints you gave to Bill. He kept stroking the canvas pages muttering about how he had always wanted to get into paint media. He was very impressed that he would be using paints that some "great artist has been using"! The crayons were pounced on too!

I gave him a nice large 'artists' bag to put all his goodies in. These photos were staged by Bill's friend James, who was also passing by. It was hilarious. James arranged everything just so... so you could see some of Bill's work, his new goodies and his daily flowers.

Thank you girls for sending such treasures. If anyone still wants to contribute to Bill's art, he is always in need of crayons.... goodness, he goes through them. I am heading back next week to choose something for Lauren who has purchased one of Bill's pictures. Bill is bringing his portfolio out for me next week. Bill also wanted me to say thank you to Denise, who actually visited him and brought him some flowers from her garden! Girls, look how he is using the plastic sleeves you gave him, to protect his work! He's all sorted now!

It was a flying visit as I had to rush off to 'the shed' to meet a customer who is a new follower of my blog. Hi Hayley! So lovely to me you. That 'Orb Chandelier' is going to look gorgeous over your dining table. Hayley is building a home at present. We swapped horror stories. And we did come to the conclusion....a similar conclusion to what Katrina came to many times during her time on 'The Block'.... that being female is a disadvantage on a building site... at times. We'll leave it at that, just in case any nice tradies (who respect females on building sites) are reading this. There are some out there. I have met them.

I picked up little one from camp. He was so tired, he was still in his pyjamas from the night before. He wore them all day. Look at all the sleeping bodies around him. The teacher was one of them! Oh dear. He made it to 6pm before he crashed. Now I get to do all the washing! Late soccer matches today so first I am firing up that Nespresso machine.

The sun's just coming up. Looks like a beautiful day. 
Happy Saturday!


  1. This was a beautiful story! Thank you for bringing this out.

  2. I just think Bill is fabulous and so happy that he is being given supplies for the artwork he so very much loves to do. Thanks for this post as well as the others about Bill. :-)

  3. Hello AM

    I will ask you now how are you as I think by Sunday you're going to be pooped!

    Lovely catching up with Bill and let me know when he needs supplies.

    Oh little one, what a great photo. Well he survived - did he have fun, I'm sure he had a ball. He might even help with the washing this weekend. i'm sure there is a new appreciation for all the small joys around him at home.

    Have a great day at Soccer - Lookout Bacon & Egg Burger man - here they come! (If you're reading mr BBQ man - get extra going today, they might need it!)

    have a lovely day



  4. Have a lovely weekend A-M. Your daily stories warm my heart. Thinking of you and the boys from across the miles!


  5. I am glad he made it home safely - my little allergic boy made it through his first camp too ! Tears of relief when he got off the bus and a big bunch of flowers for his teacher who texted me after every meal!Check that one off the list.

  6. You are a good soul! Enjoy your weekend. ;-)

  7. Next time I'm passing crayons I'll grab some more for Bill. He will be having the time of his life with those materials, it's noticable in his work.
    Little one will be mighty exhausted this weekend (as will his teacher!). So glad there were no food incidents A-Me.

  8. Stumbled across a blog I think u should check out called the enchanted home. Now THAT is a house!!! Good lord!!! Glad son no 2 made it home okay and that the camp stories don't make u want to march up to that school office!

  9. Beautiful post A-M! I love that Bill!
    You are an angel, always helping whoever out there!
    Your little guy looks like he needs his mommy! So cute! Give him a hug for me.
    Take care dear.
    PS: About being a woman on construction site... Hummm... I will need to write a post about that. Only had good experiences so far. I thought the guys really are intimidated by a woman doing a man's job. They like me here.

  10. This camping is hard work for everyone! He made it!!! Such relief.

    Thanks for the great stories about Bill, he looks thrilled to bits with his stuff. He sure has chosen a great pastime and he must love using those quality materials. Makes such a difference to your product!

  11. AM

    Just a PS comment on tradespeople

    I wanted to say my husband is a Tradesperson and we have our own business.

    Other than sub-contracting for his builders (whom are men)
    When he deals with the general public for maintenance, renovation or new building he deals with women mostly (and I mean about 90 > 95% of the time.
    He is also Brisbane's service agent for a particular company and has to deal with many repairs of these devices in the large city buildings - almost always dealing with female office workers.

    He has never encountered any problems with ladies (oh sorry there was one but that is another story :)
    - he respects them and doesn't think they are less than him, dumb, or anything bad for that matter.
    He knows that they are also the best source to his marketing (talking at mothers groups, blogs, school yard chatter and morning teas).

    I think the worst points of note that I hear from my girlfriends about their stories are:

    A tradesperson not turning up
    A tradesperson turning not turning up on time and not calling to say they will be late.
    A tradesperson not removing their shoes.
    A tradesperson not cleaning up after themselves.

    Thankfully we are ok in those criteria's as dear husband has had a good business coach :)



  12. It's lovely to see Bill looking so pleased with his supplies. Also great to see your little one back from camp safe and sound.

  13. So glad your little boy is home bless him he looks absolutely shattered, I bet he slept well :)
    Glad Bill is enjoying all his goodies will e-mail you in the week for your address so I can post my little gift for him have a lovely Sunday A.M. :)

  14. Your little man does look tired. At my children's school, they actually start going to camp in prep. The prep one is only a night at the local science works with their sleeping bag to get them ready. Some are in huts and later ones in tents. Yes, could stay in luxury accommodation for cooking their own food in the cold and sleeping a tent! One thing I did thing was good was the headmaster came along to one camp to talk to them about table etiquette. Something of a dying art these days. Hope he was okay with his allery to nuts. Petah

  15. Hi A-M
    Now all those people (FF included) who suffer insomnia, know what to do when they can't sleep -take a big bunch of little boys off on a camping trip.
    Instant sleep.
    I'm behind on the Bill supplies, but it looks like you have lots for him anyway.
    let me know if there's anything i can get him.
    i will finally go home to Townsville next Saturday.


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