Friday, September 30, 2011

Would You Ever Use Origin Energy?

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My power went out yesterday. With a big bang.

Everyone else in the complex had power. I checked the switch board for the safety switch. No, all good there. I phoned 'Origin', my electricity provider. No all good there....account is actually in credit.

Wandered around to see if any workmen might have accidentally cut something important while doing their stuff. Nope. Collected my mail.

"Your electricity has been disconnected today... right now, actually... go directly to jail.... and thanks for coming". What?

I phoned Energex....the people who cut my power off. They informed me that they received written advice from Origin, my provider, to do so. It was 3.30pm by now and they informed me that, no matter what, there would be no way that I would have power again by nightfall. Tears. I had just been grocery shopping and I had a fridge full of food for my hungry boys, frozen meals in the freezer made by caring friends and to break my heart further, my boys lizards have 15 eggs hatching under a electricity run heat lamp. Boys + lizards + no electricity = more crying.

I rang Origin back. "What, you're at number 45 street? Your account says number 36 street. Your account is for number 36. We have no account for number 45". Ok, so Origin, what meter have you been reading to calculate the bills I have been paying? There is no 36 in this street. Umm, errr.

On hold. On my mobile. For 1 hour by now.

I cried. As you do. When you're female. And sitting in a corridor with your mobile plugged into the power point that the cleaners use. And this is just the last thing you need. And you have baby lizards needing heat. And a fridge full of fresh (but soon not to be) food.

Went and retrieved 'cranky site manager who hates my boys' and he opened up the meter box... yep, there were all the meters... and mine?... fuses removed, padlocked and taped. He had opened it earlier for the Energex guy and happily stood there letting him cut off my power!!!!! I retrieved the meter number and informed Origin. "Yep, that's the meter number we have been reading".... well that's at number 45.... the place you say you have no account for. The physical place that your meter reader has been attending to read the meter in order for you to bill me.

On hold. Again.

Meanwhile back in my memory banks. Hang on, the notices I have been receiving from Origin since August.... "You are an unauthorized user of power and hot water at number 45. Please contact us"... my replies were unanswered. My faxes and emails, with copies of my paid bills - unanswered. Even the one I sent 2 days ago that unfortunately included the word 'moron' in it. What about those?

On hold. Again.

2 hours later. "Umm, errr, we don't know what has happened. We're sorry for the mix up. We will get Energex to reconnect your electricity TOMORROW somewhere between the hours of 1pm and 6pm. Sorry about your food. Sorry about your boy's pets. We will be starting your account again and back billing you from the date in February in which you moved in". What? I have been paying my bills. "Yes, but that was on number 36. This is 45. You have been using power at 45 and it has to be paid for".

So my mobile phone bill for 2 hours on hold? The entire rotten contents of my fridge? And the impending one year bill for electricity that I have used at number 45 for the past year? I have to pay for it all ??????? So where is my money for the bills I have been paying at your ficticious number 36? Where are the replies to all my correspondence that said, "there is someone living here... this is me.... here are my paid bills".


What an expensive mistake. All at my cost. I will be getting my electricity connected and then closing my account with them. Today. I am looking for another electricity provider.

As my boys would say, "Origin???..... EPIC FAIL".

I am typing from a bed, not in my apartment. My boys and I were kindly taken waifs.
I am heading back this morning to clear out all my rotten food and check on the lizard babies.

There, I feel better now. I am sending a link to this post ... to Origin.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dark And Stormy

Great first impression. Maximal impact. I mean really... it's not that much black... it just looks like it. It's all the stainless steel that creates the illusion of a 'dark and stormy' kitchen. They're actually grey walls and cabinets. I love how the white ceiling, lighting choices and rustic table and chairs soften the whole look.... and I love those bluestone pavers...super rustic.

I think I would have to lighten the walls... especially the one surrounding the window.....but that's just me and my fear of 'dark and stormy'. The stone benchtops are a great colour and would still look good with lighter walls. I'd still keep the grey cabinets. I'd just need that window wall lighter at least. What do you think? 'Dark and stormy' or 'lighter and brighter'?

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Renovation Fantasy


I love this place I run past each morning. It's old and lopsided and sort of 'spooky', as my little one would say....but it's got the whole 'bungalow thing' happening. 

I love it's roof line and the fact that it's low to the ground. It's got a beautiful big, L-shaped, closed-in verandah around to the left.... that runs down the whole left hand side.... that is screaming to be opened up for our summery climate. 

I like the entrance. I'd turn those steps into some solid random stone steps to anchor the whole house and get the whole 'bungalow thing' happening. I'd rip out the iron bars (I know why they are there though... 'interesting' street), change the skillion roofline a bit and open out the verandah, whack on a new colourbond roof, do the picket fence thing complete with the prettiest gate, stone the path to the steps and do lavender hedging along the path. I'd add some pretty, double-hung 4 x 4's in the bay window too, trim the tree, grow some lawn in the shade and put in a pretty garden seat......

...stop me now! Stop me. 

It's lovely isn't it? Would love to see inside. I bet it's all very original.... archways, sleepouts... maybe even the original kitchen with an old stove recess ....or some groovy 1950's kitchen. The heritage colours on the bay window suggest even maybe a 1980's touch up? Those colours were all the rage in the 80's.... heritage green, mustard yellow and maroon. There could even be a funky 1980's, canary yellow kitchen inside??!!

What would you do? What colours would you use? Would you keep the entrance as it is or take it back to the verandah and start from there?

I want to do a low house next time. No steps. Bungalow-ish. Next time.

Happy Wednesday! 
My boys are off for a play date so I have the whole day to work.... uninterrupted. Delicious.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Feeding Offspring

I don't know about you... but having 2 growing, active boys home on school holidays.... I seem to spend my life in the kitchen feeding them....especially the big one. 

I'm going to try this....spend the time I usually spend making school lunches in the morning making a 'snack box' for the day. Hungry son? Sort yourself out.... head to the 'snack box'.

My 'snack box' might have to be bigger than this though. That's the size of my almost 14 year old's school lunch. He takes an esky to school! He's already up to the 6 weetbix for breakfast.

Any tips? How do you cope with the school holiday feeding frenzies?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Still Stuck On Grey

Cruising my favourite design blogs again, while the boys are on school holidays and I am spending hours by the pool supervising their fights play.

I am such a grey addict. I love grey. Doesn't this hallway just pop with the grey walls and crisp white wainscoting?! Don't know if I like that bit of dowling between the floors and the wainscot though. What's the story there? 

I've never had floors that clean by the way. 

I have a house full of 'play dates' this morning. Lots of girls for my boys to play with. My boys are going to be up early this morning I think!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Garden Thoughts

I need a 'greenery' post, a garden of some sort, on this blog today. Something with water ... as it's getting very hot here in Brisbane (someone stole our Spring). How about this beautiful pool by Paul Bangay?... with a bit of shade for us fair skinned, some sun for some sparkle .....and greenery... oh I miss having a garden. So do the boys. "It's not forever", I tell them.

We have been discussing the concept of 'Impermanence' in life, us three..... the one thing that we can count on in life... that everything is always changing, and there is nothing we can do to change this. I am learning myself that the less you fight change, the more you accept impermanence, the more secure you feel. The more you fight it, the harsher it feels. We want things to be certain and last... but they aren't and they don't....but this is good.... because recognising this makes us more open to the beauty of each moment, each task, knowing that it will come and go... and that's ok.

Rather deep? Relevant to this little family at the moment. More changes....but it is all good.
Helps to contemplate it all being surrounded by greenery... even if it is a Paul Bangay garden on a computer screen!

Happy Sunday!
I'm scoffing cake and coffee on my deck. Some Dietitian. Well that was ages ago....and that's my excuse!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Always My Baby

Someone had a birthday this week. In my bed! All I have heard all week is the sound of Matchbox cars smashing! I can't believe my baby is nine. He is still so teeny tiny.

Happy weekend!
We're playing cars and Nintendo and origami and soccer.

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Lighting Idea

Look at this great idea! 

It's a row of pretty little lights in a new eatery near my local supermarket.... well actually the supermarket I drive over the bridge to now the addicts sniffing the cleaning products in the cleaning aisle in my real local one frightened my boys.... real life lessons hey... I digress....

Anyway, they were still building the place so I stalked the workers and finally found the designer out the back pouring over plans. He told me the lights are made from old glass lamp bases. These are the bases the lamp used to sit on. The rest of the lamp was turfed. They must have gotten their hands on a heap of them.

I went back when the place had opened. Unfortunately the trusty ol' iphone camera didn't pick up the detail in them all. I should have asked them to turn them all off so I could take a decent photo. They were not all the same which made the row of them even more exquisite.

I am now obsessed and searching for old glass lamps!

Happy Friday.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So my boys are searching for crabs with their friends.....

... while I am 'mentally building' the most spectacular beach house on this 'charming cottage'? site across the road.

Have a guess the listed price.

$1.69 million. For a knockdown on a tiny 589 sqm. On a river that floods. Often. And that's a price reduction, the agent informs me. And there's lots of interest. Yeah, yeah.

How expensive is our real estate? Most expensive in the world. I fear for the world my adult boys will be living in. 

Nice distraction. Thinking of houses.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Messages From The Universe

Look what was graffitied on the road outside my apartment the other morning! Just what I needed. 

It was a perfect morning in every sense.

... even 'duck' had a glow about him.

Does life send you little messages? Or am I the only one out there looking for meaning in everything?!! 
I suppose as I'm getting older, and my boys are growing up way too fast, I am just really trying to stop and smell the roses every day. Isn't that what they say?.... gratitude = happiness. 

My boys and I have been invited to a friend's beach house for a couple of days.
I'll blog to you from there :)

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 19, 2011

My Brothers

Spent yesterday with my brothers and their families. All the kids were discussing what they wanted to be when they grew up.... Doctors, Horse Vets, Gymnasts. My little nephew piped up and said, "I want to be a Daddy like my Daddy". What greater testament to being a great father than having your little son want to be you as a profession when he grows up. My brothers are beautiful men.... compassionate, honest, loving, principled.... great role models for my boys. My sister in laws are lucky girls! I see a lot of my brothers in my boys as they are growing up.

We finished the day with a cracking family soccer match.  Brutal at times. Lots of tears as little girls were knocked over and knees were skinned!

It was good. Being with my family. I love them.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sunset Boys

......and duck.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Time Out

Just taking a few days off from the bloggy. 
Will be back next week.
Miss you already xx

Image Via Pinterest

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Neighbourhood Patrol

Remember this, from a few days ago?

Err, why? Someone tell me why? Why was this necessary?
I almost burst into tears, when I came across it.

Remember this?....looking like it had to be preserved under some sort of weird demolition rule?

Good news. 
It has been replaced by something that is somewhat colonial in appearance.
Must have only been required to keep a token stud wall to comply with the demolition code thingy.

Don't know about the back bit though.

I don't understand why developers comply with the code at the front and then build some modern, "not of like terms" (my son's favourite maths speak...."not like terms and therefore cannot be simplified any further"... he loves his maths) contraption out the back. It's like a naughty school boy, "ok, I'll do what I've been told out the front but I'm gonna do what I want out the back".
Just imagine if the back units were of a colonial aesthetic too. Would have actually looked good. Consistent. Just sayin'.

And in other news:

There is a giant duck floating outside my place.

My friend 'LouLou' made me some chicken soup. She made me 'instagram it' so it didn't look too disgusting (her words). It was the most divinely, tasty, nutritious meal I have had in over a week! My boys 'hoovered' it down. I love it when people leave me tupperware. Means I have to visit them to give it back.

My neighbour, Mary, gave me the most beautiful roses in the whole wide world.
Big statement, but true. 
She has 4 girls... which pleases my boys no end.

And in a brazen act of defiance against our cranky site manager, I have said my boy can 'jump rocks'.
Go son, be a little boy!

I'll get back to you about the duck.

Happy Tuesday.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Proud As Punch

Yes, I know this is supposed to be a bloggy about all things beautiful, pretty and design-ish but I just have to say that the most beautiful thing in the world for me today is this:

2011 Soccer Grand Final Winner. He's all mine and I am so proud of him. He played up a year, for his age, as he is so damn good. And he won the 'Goal Of The Finals Award' from his club too. Bursting. With. Pride. There, got it all off my chest. Love him.

His brother does too.

Thanks for all your bloggy love. xx

Happy Monday.

Friday, September 9, 2011


I want to be honest with you. I have been doing it tough behind the scenes. Some days are harder than others. Yesterday was hard. There... I've told you. I feel relieved. I share so many things with you, I just need to let you know that I'm like everyone else and sometimes things are tough. BUT, I look around and I am so grateful for everything in my life.... my boys, my family, my friends, my work. There are so many so much worse off than me. But in my little world I have been struggling.

Yesterday, this beautiful gift (above) came to me just at the right time to totally brighten my day and give me some strength to tend to my day.

I had been searching for Bill for a while. He has not been in his usual spot. That generally means that he has been troubled. I drove up and down the streets near his 'spot' yesterday, just after I'd dropped the boys off at school, determined to find him. I was worried. It had been weeks. I found him wandering along with his trolley. He was in a bad way. It was distressing for me to see him suffering.

I sat down with him and held his hand. He was very quiet so I shared my heart. I think that helped him to know that he is not alone and that everyone feels pain in some way. I also handed over the backlog! of art materials that have been waiting for him, that you have so kindly sent in. I will email you individually to let you know he received your things.

As he unwrapped one box, as well as a card for Bill, we also found a card for me!!! from the lovely Sharyne from the blog, 'All My Love'. Sharyne wrote the most beautiful words to me. They brought tears to my eyes. And she painted me this gorgeous painting. My heart stopped when I saw it. Painted for me with love. It made my day and came just at the right time for me. It's so bright, and colourful and happy. I have it right in front of me now, on my desk, reminding me that there is sunshine in every day and that the world is full of beautiful people. Thank you Sharyne. Please visit Sharyne's lovely blog HERE.

And this blog of mine, it's what makes me bounce out of bed in the morning... oh and of course my beautiful boys. Even just writing a few words of waffle to you each day makes me feel connected to you all. Thanks for your friendship everyone. You give so much back to me. You reach out to me, write to me, email me, leave me comments, text me, call me and I am just so grateful.. for you.
PS. I feel a bit guilty that I have not been visiting you back and commenting on your blogs. To be honest, I just can't manage it at the moment. I am so appreciative of all your comments. Thank you. xxx

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life Is Too Short...

... to not use the good cutlery... every day, I say.

Now that the weather is warmer, I have moved our little kitchen table out onto the deck. I sit there and work during the day and we are eating all our meals out there too. "C'mon boys, rug up, it's dinner time". So we throw on our cold weather gear, light the good candles, use the good place mats and the good cutlery and savour our new dining environment.

Our nightly ritual also includes sharing all those things that we were grateful for in that day... before we eat our meal. Little one sits there and progressively and painstakingly lists everything from when he woke up, during his school day, right down to the meal sitting getting cold in front of all of us. We end up peppering our meal and nibbling on our beans by the end of his list. At least he's grateful!

Happy Thursday!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Self Gifting

Popped in to see Daryl, in his gorgeous shop ' Du Monde' last week, and 'self gifted' myself this gorgeous Glasshouse scented stick thingy. It's divine. The fragrance is Monet's Garden. Sigh. Very tuberose-ish. I placed it on the little table near my piano near the entrance to our apartment. Very fitting that Daryl did a post on "What Makes A Good Entrance Foyer" over on his bloggy yesterday. I don't have a foyer as such but when you do enter my abode, wham, you are hit with the fragrance of a French Garden.... it's a good start!

I love Daryl's aesthetic. It's classical and elegant, timeless and classy. If I had to hire an interior designer.... or do a TV show challenge (Block/Renovators/Top Design style), I'd pick him. His 'judgements of sentiment and taste' I can really relate to. We wouldn't fight either... he's too nice! 

Check out this beautiful sofa he has just gotten in. The old iphone doesn't capture the beautiful blue it really is. Let's just say, it stopped me in my tracks. I had a bounce all over it. It is as comfy as. 

And look, there's even a chair to match. Sigh.

Daryl also has some beautiful Restoration Hardware pieces too. Seriously gorgeous. Daryl's lovely shop is at 1/169 Latrobe Tce, Paddington, Brisbane. Say hi from me. He also has a bloggy HERE

Finding it hard to get started this Monday morning. I thought a change of environment would be a start so I am digging into a ham and cheese croissant and a 'bucket' of coffee at my 'local' coffee shop. Sometimes it is easier to get motivated around noise and people and general conversations.... which I must stop... if I am going to get any work done and reply to my emails. If you are waiting on an email reply from me, I'm getting there!

Have a Happy Monday my friends,