Saturday, September 24, 2011

Always My Baby

Someone had a birthday this week. In my bed! All I have heard all week is the sound of Matchbox cars smashing! I can't believe my baby is nine. He is still so teeny tiny.

Happy weekend!
We're playing cars and Nintendo and origami and soccer.


  1. Yay, gift pictures as I had asked! Thank you A-M for sharing your lovely 9 year old's birthday with us. Wow, has it already been three years since I last saw you all? Time definitely flies! What an epic birthday for him :)


  2. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous little man! Those matchbox tracks look like fun, (can't wait till Will is old enough to have them too - I think I'd enjoy them the most). Have a lovely weekend with your boys A-M.

  3. Hello A-M

    Thank you so much for sharing

    Look at boy heaven! That is special.
    It is a forever photo that one.

    Happy Birthday mr big 9 year old.
    And what a better way to open present heaven - in mummy's bed!

    Have a great weekend.
    and ear plugs could be good - enjoy the noise of cars continually going around and around :)



  4. Happy Birthday wishes! Wow, double figures next year. Have a fun weekend. ;-)

  5. The birthday boy's smile is priceless!

  6. WOW!! Cute pic, happy birthday!!
    My son turns 9 next month it really is a lovely age. Have a great weekend!!

  7. AAwwww, there is a great picture somewhere, maybe pinterest, where the Ikea magnetic bar used for kitchen used to hold all matchbox cars when not in use. Very clever idea, my son is done with his cars.

  8. Oh I wish my Sammy and Alexander was nine, I just loved watching the boys playing cars and putting Lego together. Mimi xx

  9. My boys would be right at home in that bed too!

    Happy Happy Birthday to your little fella xxx xxx xxx

  10. 9 Already? Happy birthday little guy....don't you wish they could stay teeny tiny for ever AM? ; ) x

  11. My son is 9 too. They grow up way too fast! Love the pic, we have a 'present opening in our bed' tradition too! Although now with 5 adults and my son all vying for space it's not really as snuggly as it once was! LOL!
    Happy Birthday and happy ninth year little one!
    x KL

  12. Happy Birthday little one!
    I remember those days.. Now my son is 13 and the collection of cars and trains are all in a box! Enjoy him and his childhood A-M.

  13. Happy Birthday, what a fab looking birthday, love that bedroom.x

  14. Happy birthday to your youngest. He certainly looks pleased with his gifts. The Matchbox cars bring back so many memories for me. My now 21 year old son was obsessed with playing "roads" as he called it. Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

  15. Gorgeous pic. Happy birthday weekend little guy - who looks as if he is in car heaven. Love the contrast of the brightly packaged cars against the serene bedroom backdrop - two worlds collide!!!! Vroom vroooooom xxxxx

  16. oh how cute, and the funny thing is I can see a bigger version of my 4yo sitting on your bed, as my 4yo got Hot Wheels, Nitajo etc etc for his b;day a few weeks back. So I guess what you are saying is I've years yet to enjoy these wonderful wonderful!! games... hmmm. I'll be glad when he can put his own Lego together, that's for sure!

  17. Thanks girls. Re Nerf: we have too many. New Nerf are now banned. Annie@A View, my almost 14 year old is still playing with all this stuff.... you have ages!!! A-M xx

  18. It's been birthday central around here as well. Saeger got a microscope and caught every bug around the house to examine. Quite scary, the little roly poly pill bugs are. A whole day with his best friend and a trip to the pizza place, which has bumper cars. I just cannot believe he is 9 either. Thank goodness they still let us hug and kiss them. Happy belated birthday, Kristian. Love, Heidi

  19. Your boys are the sweestest little men, A-M! They will know one day that they were your life savers and kept you buoyed!

    Pass these along to them from me, XOXOXOXO!


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